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Episode #383 – Heart Impact

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Heart Impact
6 April 2014
Episode #383

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Jennifer Wentzel, Carole Nelson and Jacquelyn Nawrocki

(J)  Parables and stories impact the heart, not the head.  They’re not giving you a one, two, three methodology.  They’re not giving you a set of tasks to do.  Stories impact the heart, and love is a message of the heart.  And so, it was absolutely amazing and imperative, really, that it was delivered with stories, with testimony, with life, with living examples, with epistles, the living epistles, literally Christ’s life lived through His vessels and His saints and His children.  So, it’s cool that the message is kind of entwined in the testimony.  You were even mentioning that.
(Jennifer)  I actually was thinking of that specifically, especially when Gaby was talking.  And that, I think…  You know, Martha, all of  Martha’s writings and her audio series in other conferences, you were never without using illustrations from your own life.  That is part and parcel of who you are.  You are never just giving some theological lesson with you.  You are always giving the encouragement that says, “Not only is this possible, it has been done.  It can be done.  It will be done.  It’s not just for one person.”  Ok?  It’s not just something that only one believer in all of time is going to do.  Ok?  And I think this conference, more than any you had, I think it was the depth of heart that He asked both you and John to reveal that really sets this conference apart from any of the others.  It’s not merely the presence of you testimonies, because you’ve both testified.  You’ve both shared in previous conferences.  But He, He really asked a boon of both of you to open up the deeper recesses of your heart.  And no, and I can’t even…  It was humbling and it felt…  I think I can just stick with the word humbling.  I remember thinking at the time, what an enormous gift each of you was asked to give, and to some people who may not even realize what a gift they’ve been given.
(J)  Because neither she nor I have, spoke some parts of our testimony, ever.
(Jennifer)  No.
(J)  I mean, that was the first time.
(Jennifer)  That was the first time.  And I can, I can tell anyone who is listening, and I do want to say that.  That in the run-up, both of them, the Holy Spirit prepared both of them.  It wasn’t like they got up behind a podium and the Holy Spirit was like, ok now, deep we go, you know?  He doesn’t do that.  He doesn’t, you know, violate us.  There was preparation that the Spirit did in both of you.  And I saw both of you have to be willing and surrender that very private, very precious part of your life, and it is a huge surrender, I would think, to take that and put that out in front of people, some of whom may appreciate it and some who may scorn it.  And not knowing and having your bare heart just sitting out there for someone else to pick over and, you know.  And it was, I felt like in so many ways what I witnessed was two people who were vessels for Christ’s courage in doing that.  And each time that none of us would, you know, choose to do that.  It’s not a party favor.  It’s not something like that, but I saw two people who had done the work of surrender and had said yes.  And it was Christ’s own courage that stood there in front of a hundred people and bared it.  And I can tell anyone listening that it was priceless.  It was priceless as Gaby was saying.  It was priceless to have two people talk about just something so real and so deep.  So many of the things that we don’t dare to talk about to each other because we think there’s a chance I may be the only person who’s had these thoughts.  There’s a chance I’m the only person who has been hurt this way, called this way, pulled this way, pushed this way.  And it was humbling.  There’s no other word for me to give in that.  You both humbled me with what you were willing to do.  It was beautiful.
(M)  John shared about his frustration in wanting God, wanting to experience God, the very thing I was calling people to.  And after the conference one dear friend said to him she had had the identical experience that she was so encouraged by what he shared because she had had the same experience, and the same feelings too.  So, it was church.  We always want that meeting to be church.  And I did feel enormous focus and concentration.  You said a laser?  It was wonderful because there was such intensity in the faces that it pulled it out of me what He wanted to say.  So, it was a great joy for me.
(Jacquelyn)  I looked at that table in the back of the room where all the books and the CD’s and the booklets, and I realized that that was the result of your repentance.  That was your life back there lived out with Christ, and the price you paid and the joy and the love.  And I felt like both of ya’ll gave directions for ‘this is how you do it.’  And John, I felt like you gave, almost gave a release or a permission to the men when you spoke.  And more than ever one of the, several of the scriptures that the Lord gave us for the conference had the word, experience.  And more than ever I see how when God gives repentance, you experience His love.  When He gives chastisement and correction, more than ever, I see the experience of His love.  He loves us that much to do whatever He sees needs to be done to get us into His arms.
(Carole)  I think as I’ve been sitting and just trying to take in the overall of the conference, because I’m like you, John, I just, I will have to go back and dive into the pool and swim. But I am overwhelmed at His preparation, going all the way back to starting with the Daniel Fast.  And I’m sure it went before there, but the scriptures, a proclamation that He gave, the prayers that He gave, and He answered all of those prayers.  He gave Martha the unction, the message, the passion, everything that we prayed and proclaimed, God did.  He gave; the theme song ended up being ‘Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord,’ Open the eyes of my heart, that I may see You, high and lifted up.  Ummm, with Your power and Your love, and He did that!  He answered that song and that prayer.  He prepared the way.  He gave everything.  He gave the prayers.  He gave the proclamation.  He gave the message.

Heart Impact – Episode #383 – Shulamite Podcast

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