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Episode #382 – Love Reigned

Love Reigns Conference After Glow

Love Reigned
30 March 2014
Episode #382

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Jennifer Wentzel and Gabriela Schubert

(M)  We are meeting here in Carole’s lovely living room and sort of recounting about the conference.  John’s working on the tapes right now, and he had an experience with the first tape.  Wonder if you’d tell us, John?
(J) Well, as I was doing the messages, the very first message, you know, we had basically asked for a number of people to pray with us that the typical kind of warfare and the opposition that you have to push through in the first message.  That’s typical.  I mean, it’s just, you know, people are getting there.  They’re trying to figure out who everybody is, where they, you know, fit in the grand scheme of things.  It’s just kind of human sheepy kind of things.  But I begged, I begged.  I said I really don’t want to waste this message on frivolity, of just trying to, you know, push a message though so that we could do an ice breaker message, and then get into the real message.  I wanted to go immediately into this message because it was so important.  And so, as I’ve been editing this message this morning, I’m just kind of floored at the love that was coming off of it, the anointing of love.  I mean, it was a tangible radiance coming off of the message, and it’s really your testimony.  The very first message you would give a testimony, not only of Don, but of your life.  And Jennifer speaks.  And so, this entire message encompasses life, a testimony.  And I was thinking earlier about the fact that the power is in the blood and in the testimony in the life that He lives through us and puts in us.  And I could literally feel that life and that love radiating off of just the message that I was editing.  And I know that this message, I’ve been told by a number of people that this message was so high.  And we had even some people say that they thought it was the highest message that you’d delivered.  And love is just so crucial and love is so important.  And in this message you do this first CD, you do ask everybody to write down the definition of love.  And I’m not going to spoil that for everybody, but it’s just why it’s so crucial.  And so, as I’m going through these messages, I’m really excited to be able to give a first hand, second hand witness.  You know what I mean? That this my second go round on it, and I get to experience the message, the anointing and the power of God that He is wanting to deliver through it.  And so, Jennifer, as you were sitting in the back, back there and you were contacting a lot of the people and talking with a lot of the people, what kind of feedback were you getting from the message?
(Jennifer)  It was, it was interesting to be back there and to interact with people and to see them move around after Martha finished up each message, because there was, I don’t know really how to explain what I experienced, and I sit towards the back, so I kind of am watching the whole room along with Martha at these conferences.  And at this conference there was such an undercurrent of peace and excitement at the same time.  But usually when you have around a hundred people in the room, there’s going to be ripples because people are just people.  You know?  But there was such peace at this conference and there was such unity, I think, even above the last conferences.  It seemed to me from my perspective, and this may have been different from somebody somewhere else, but I’ve not seen such laser-like focus on Martha as she was speaking as this time.  And people basic…  We also had a higher number of people who came who were at the conference who came back and said ok, I’m going to go ahead and pre-order this.  I have to have it.  There was more than any time before.  And I think that was because even as we are in the middle of this conference and listening to this message, I knew I wasn’t, it wasn’t possible to take in everything that the Spirit was giving Martha to talk about.  It just, it just is impossible.  I’m going to have to listen to some of these CD’s a couple of times to take the full message.  And that was what I heard a lot from people when they ordered that message was I have to because I know I’m not taking it all, and this is so rich.
(J) I told Vicki, when she was saying basically the same thing.  She said this message was just, I was trying to…  Who said it?  Who said it was like drinking out of a fire hose?  Who said it?  Was it Hannah?
(Jacquelyn)  That was Hannah.
(J) Hannah said that.  So it was like drinking out of a fire hose, and it’s really what it was and Vicki came up to me and she was saying good grief, you know, there was just so much and I was trying to write it and I just finally just said, whew, I can’t even write it this fast.  And what I said to her is, when I ever come to a conference, a Martha conference, I basically know that my first, initial listening is kind of like a circling of the runway, that I’m just buzzing the runway, surmising what’s there, and I’m gonna land later.  I’m not landing now.  I’m buzzing the runway to see what the overall is, and then when I hear the message again, and I edit the message, that’s when I start, you know, doing the descent and coming in and start landing.  And so, I totally get that.  I totally get that.
(Gaby)  I felt the same as you said in the beginning, John.  It was simply live.  It was alive.  I’ve never been to a conference like this.  It’s simply not having some theory or teaching but definitely partaking in the story of Jesus in a person’s life.  And it was thrilling, and it was overwhelming as I thought it was, yah, you saw, literally could see what could happen, what is possible if you take Him serious and simply obey and go His way.  What the outcome is, what the riches are, what th, yah.  Wow! (Gaby giggles) So, I think we all sat there really stunned and like “Wow let’s stretch out for that, let’s stretch out for that!” That’s what I thought.  I want that in my life.  I want to see that authority. You had enormous authority, Martha, there, enormous authority simply because of having lived it all.  You spoke about things you were through.  You spoke about things He had done in your life, you had let Him do in your life, and there’s enormous authority coming in that.  This is more than convincing.  It’s simply, yah, it levels you.  You can’t do anything against that as it is truth.  There’s no, ‘I know’ about it, and it could be like that if you do it.  But it simple had happened and will happen again if you simply let it happen. And the… What I was most impressed about was really the extent to what we could watch the Lord having you, the weakness you literally had at some parts of the conference or before.  The completely ‘I can’t do anything now,’ and then seeing you dance in Him and seeing this was all no physical thing on my I don’t know, heart attack or something. It was definitely the Spirit and you, you’re courageous enough to let Him have you that way.  And it was simply, yah, leveling me. It was great.  It was life.
(J) You didn’t specifically use this word, but you implied this, that you’re like a prototype, that you were saying, and you didn’t say it like this.  This is how I’m describing it.  You said I’m a veteran.  I’ve walked this.  I’m a veteran.  Again, you didn’t say these words, but this is how I translated it.  You know, you’re a veteran.  You’ve walked this and that there was a pattern set, and I think that the pattern was set in order to inspire hunger among the sheep.  When someone, you know, you always talk about the godly jealousy that you see something in someone else and you say I want mine of that.  I want you to impart that to me.  I want my whatever it is that they have, and that He inspires us and He makes us hungry and He makes alive our spirits to desire more because we see something in someone else they are walking out that we really want.  And so, that’s what I’ve been amazed that you’ve said.  But I also, I want you to comment what I just said if that’s what you’re gonna do, but I also would like you to tell everybody who this new voice was.
(M) I think we’ve talked about Gaby when we visited her at, the gift of Don.  And we met Gaby, and the Lord created church there among us.  And so, she came to the conference and is here with us and I couldn’t get to her for all the people who fell in love with her at the conference.  She’s just precious woman of God, and really is an intercessor in Vienna among many other things.  So, that’s who that precious voice was.  I had never seen quite what I saw for this conference that the Lord was showing me every story is a specific message of Him and revelation of Him.  It’s kind of like in Revelation.  He said, “I am the Morningstar. I am the Light.”  And in my testimony of His work in me, and I think it was ‘I am bliss. I am joy,’ and out of great, deep despair and repentance.  So He’s often asked me to tell the bits and pieces of it, but I’ve never told the whole story, nor my passion that came from my experience for every believer to experience the height of knowing God, which is joy unspeakable, and bliss and other words.  So, I didn’t use that word, John, but it’s what the Lord showed me.  My life was a proto-type.  And my message became, because of the way He took me through such wrenching repentance, that when it came to His conclusion, it was the love of God, and that so powerfully that I have been desperate for 40 years that other believers would experience all there is available.
(J) Well, the fruit of the testimony; I gave my testimony and you gave your testimony.  And the wonderful thing of this message is: God gave me a little insight when I was giving my testimony about why He does it in stories, why He gives parables, and He basically showed me that the reason why He spoke in parables is because parables and stories impact the heart, not the head.  They’re not giving you a one, two, three methodology.  They’re not giving you a set of tasks to do.  Stories impact the heart, and love is a message of the heart.  And so it was absolutely amazing and imperative, really.  Isn’t that the word, imperative?  That it was delivered with stories, with testimony, with life, with living examples, with epistles, living epistles, literally Christ’s life lived through His vessels and His saints and His children.  And so, it’s cool that the messages kind of entwined in the testimony.

Love Reigned – Episode #382 – Shulamite Podcast

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