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Episode #381 – Indwelling Life Lived Out

Man surrendered

Indwelling Life Lived Out
22 March 2014
Episode #381

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Jennifer Wentzel and Carole Nelson

(J) Christ in you the hope of glory, the exchanged life, very few teach about the actual exchanged life, where Christ is your life, and so I’m standing still for a book. I want a book about that subject; I’m begging for it.
(Jennifer) And there are even fewer that talk about the exchanged life and bring in the love affair, the relationship, with it. And what the exchanged life… Martha you are constantly talking about seeing Him as He is, in you, knowing that it’s not you, and that is yet another and perhaps the most intimate way you could know someone is to see them perform the tasks that have been assigned to you in your life, you know, with Him. And it’s, it’s not just about He is the power that, that you know, touch all my life and does my life, no, it’s this amazing relationship. And the adventure is getting to meet Him in me. And you know I, I’ve read some amazing, I mean Major Ian Thomas, is an amazing book, The Indwelling Life Of Christ, it’s absolutely wonderful. But even he doesn’t capture that it is the quintessential love affair that you’re witnessing; that this is the love affair, that this is you. It doesn’t get anymore up close and personal than experiencing in every possible way, in every, with every sense, with every everything, a full Body experience of the life of Christ in you, which is a completely unique and individual; and that’s just it, it’s utterly unique to me how I meet Him in me. And you are, you so bring that to life and you, you have introduced me to that in a way that I, I’ve never met anywhere else. And it, I can’t tell you what it does to, to impart to me that, uhm, that He is mine as I am His. It is; it is the love affair, that’s what I see.
(Carole) I just feel like the reality of the message is, it is the love affair with Christ, it is Him living His Life, but the price to have that manifested only comes one way, and that’s through the cross. And it’s very simple; it’s not necessarily easy, but the cross is the price to enjoying and living the life of, letting Him live His Life really.
(M) Ok. To prove that it is not me, I had no idea all that you’ve said. I don’t really even remember all those messages. But that’s the proof of the very thing, that He did it, His book and He gave it, He revealed it, and I’m astonished that if I could’ve, if I could’ve written out what I want to say, without having known I did say it, it would be what you said Jennifer; to go higher and higher in letting Him be known as within. And ah, He said to me once many years ago and I didn’t realize how eternal what He said was, I said, I want to be really close to You, intimate, He said, “You can’t be more intimate than for two people to occupy one body.” And that is the intimacy, He knows me from within, and I know Him from within. And ah, thank you, I never dreamed that that’s what He has accomplished, and it’s beyond me, more than I can say it’s beyond me. And I’m amazed at Him, that He was able to, do what He promised. What He called me to, He promised to perform. And you’ve just shown me that He’s done it.
(J) Jennifer has the unique ability to, as a third party, to be able to view in, where when you and I are traveling, I’m in it, you’re in it, we’re not really seeing it. We’re experiencing it, but we’re not seeing it. And then when I come back and I’m having to, you know, edit the messages, there’s a process when you’re editing a message, you’re having to focus so much on intricate little details that have nothing to do with the message. Clearing your throat, double wording, stuttering, ‘uhm’s’, it’s stuff like that (John laughs.) When you’re removing all these little nuances out of it to make it smooth and still keep it natural, it’s difficult to keep the heart in it, you know. When you’re having to ‘nit-pick’ something, and dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’, when you’re doing that it’s difficult to be able to really hear the heart. Not that I don’t have, I have to hear it several times in doing it. And I’m being impacted by it, especially when it’s initially given. But Jennifer basically you have the opportunity to get the cleaned up, polished file, and you don’t have to experience all the nuances of, of the people that were there during the time, or this or that. You basically are put into a little bubble and a shell where you can enjoy it and drink it, just as it is. And so the reason why I asked you to do this is because you have the unique ability to be able to have a, a clear perspective, because you’re looking at it at a different vantage point than I or Martha or anyone that was at the conference. So I’m really grateful for that, and I’m really grateful that you shared about these messages. We don’t often do this. And maybe we should, maybe we should tell about them. Because sometimes you know they come and go, and nobody says ‘boo’ about em, you know what I mean?
(Jennifer) Well I really felt like we had to talk about these, because right now, I’ll be honest, the Holy Spirit in Martha is just kind of a roaring spigot, and ah, and He doesn’t show any signs of stopping. And so if you’re not in the loop, you know, you’re gonna you know, wake up two years from now and say, oh there were eight new booklets and ten new series, and it’s not out of the loop at all. I mean I look at what He’s pouring out, even with things getting busier on every level for the ministry, it is phenomenal to me what He is pouring through and the sheer output. And I don’t want anybody to miss it. And these three especially, you know, they were very small conferences in terms of size. They were located in different places, I mean literally it was a zigzag all over the country. And I, you know, I, I was getting impatient for John to do the editing of these series, because I wasn’t there. You know, I didn’t go to these conferences. And I wanted them. And you know, life gets busy and people are listening to podcasts and following along with the devotionals, and these are all fantastic ways, and doing CD of the Month, and, and staying on top of it. And so like for me, I can’t say that I go to Shulamite.com or LivingChristianBooks.com every week to look specifically for new things by Martha. And so you know, we talked about the Kingdom booklets, “Kingdom Safety” and “Kingdom Children”, and uhm, I don’t want these to be lost. You know “Kingdom Safety” and “Kingdom Children” also came out in 2013; like I said, spigot, flowing. Ah it’s moving really fast and I don’t want anyone to lose out on what He’s, He’s pouring, because it is phenomenal.
(J) Well I appreciate you valuing it, and I appreciate you hungering for it, and for Him to reveal Himself, and thanks for being someone sharing on the sides. Because you know, actually going and doing it and preparing for it and traveling with it and doing all that stuff, you know sometimes its, it’s work, you know. But, but I just really appreciate you, you know.“Go Billy, go!”
(Jennifer) Well I also talk to people, so I know I’m not alone; because there were other people that were waiting for this, and they let me know. And so this is just a ‘shout out’ to the broader group who I may not have talked to on the phone, and who may in fact want to know about that. There’s just no way to go wrong with any of these, so, ‘feast away’.
(M) Whenever I get, ah, discouraged or disheartened, one of the main things I do is look at the people that God has given to help me. That I would never have had anything, I would still be just speaking in a home, and now and then. And I know that it’s not a support of Martha, it’s a support of what He’s poured into me to give to His sheep. And uhm, someone a long time ago gave me this scripture that I quoted recently. Hebrews 6:7 “For ground that drinks the rain that often falls upon it”, and rain, rain speaks of in Isaiah the Word, and the Word is water and rain, and so it means to people who hear and let it, let it be that that refreshing Word. “For ground that drinks the rain that often falls on it and brings forth vegetation, useful for to those for whose sake it is also tilled, receives a blessing from God.” And He gave me that through a friend years and years ago. Because He said to me, “I’m not telling you these things for you, do not think that this revelation or this insight is for you. You are simple the channel through which I want to send it to My people.” And so you in this room, that, and those who fasted and prayed for me in the last months, you are being plowed an tilled, you are being sown with the rain, and all that’s going to come forth from this is my joy that not only do you get it, but you will get the entire reward of the fruit for Christ. It will be given as much to you as to me, equally. And that is my joy, that you who, this is scripture I think in one of David’s psalms, ‘those who sit at home with the baggage will share in the spoil’. And it’s my joy to think of, that you in the background, you in the, I’ll call it the ‘grunt work’ that John has described, just this tedious monitoring of ah, and ah, editing of the writing from Jennifer, never had such an editor as Jennifer. I’ve always prayed for an editor like Jennifer. And John does the editing of the audio. All of those things in the background that go on are the same, we are one in this message, we’re one in this work, that you hear it, that you value it, that you interpret it to me in a way that I don’t even see. I’m merely giving what I’m given. It has no, for me, ah, clarity as to an overall picture. I don’t know what it seems like, I don’t know how it appears to you, I don’t know what it does to you; all I know is what He gives me to give, and I’m not aware of the wonder of it, or the depth of it necessarily; sometimes I am. But it’s, it’s not about me, but it is what God has poured into me that God the Father values of His Son in us… But when I get, when I feel like I’m not accomplishing everything that I know is in me; I’ve got much, much to write, I look at you all, you people, and I understand that God values what He has put among us, what you’ve allowed me to sow into your life for years. It just tells me how much our testimony means to the Father, and then I have tremendous encouragement and excitement, and really had a, how to describe it, a crushing wonder and amazement at what God has done with us. And we will not know in this life how far it goes or what it does or what we are being formed into. We have no, no real idea. And so when you tell me these things Jennifer and John, and Carole, I’m like, oh my goodness, that is too wonderful, can it be, can it really be that, yeah, that’s what He can do.

Indwelling Life Lived Out – Episode #381 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. lori says:

    May i say i listened today to this and the two previous podcasts back to back. My spirit too, was so alive, as you all have noted, and so communicative , demonstrative – but not with words …i suppose it was simply to Him (Ps. 45:1 NASB). I struggle even with these words; however, the song that came like gangbusters afterward was this one (sans commercial )… and in plain English : ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzDVaKRApcg And oh, that Spigot, that Holy Volcano … that River that flows from the throne and from the Lamb – He is Love! So Very Love. And that Love, like lava, reigns and covers everything coming through. And i am so deeply thankful, grateful – to Him and to each of you … for purposing to know nothing among us but Christ Jesus and Him crucified. Oh yes – i was also overcome with no words when a Living Christian Books pingback email asked for a rating on the To Hear the Voice of God CD series … ‘are you kidding? ‘, i thought – it is untouchable, at least by me- and at this typing i think of Isaiah’s cry at his unclean lips … for His eyes had seen the King, the Lamb upon the throne. And He reigns. High and lifted up and so holy, holy, holy.

    1. Sam says:

      Thank you Lori!

  2. Tina says:

    There is something happening that is much deeper in me than the term “exchanged life” conveys. That wording though true doesn’t quite capture it …isn’t it about the Bride being birthed, coming into her purpose, maturing, living in reality? A new sound, a new voice, genuine fruit that is life, words that say the same but an experience that is altogether new, alive…a moving from darkness to light, fear to love, that which was dead being resurrected…all things becoming new.
    I don’t know…just expressing something from deep within….

    1. Sam says:

      I find Martha (and the other Shulamites too) struggling so many times with words (PRAISE GOD!). I laughed (CHUCKLED) at this situation (the lack of words to express the artistic and incredible Mind of the Spirit) at one moment in the last conference I could attend. It was (so) funny to me! (THE SPEAKER ALSO LAUGHED AT IT, ALTHOUGH MAYBE it was not so funny after all to her, I don’t know (just guessing here…!)

      Human words and human language and reason are too constrained and little and “puff” to express the Reality of the Son and the Father in the Spirit. The human mind is too little for the Spirit. It is really an inadequate tool and instrument. Look at Paul, who (unlike Peter, for instance) was the *greatest mind* ever to express the Mystery of Christ, and look what the (natural) mind has done to those words 2000 years after! It is all a mess… and Christ knew it would be, and the very apostles knew what the future would be: A total war between the natural and spiritual mind!

      In fact, the human mind and human language are NOT the instrument adequate to know God. They are means of expression, but I would say no much more than that.

      It is like you try to get the ocean in your bucket, or trying to convey a beautiful sunset through your TV monitor. In this body, we are now living in a total weakness and deprivation. But there is a reason for this, and He gives testimony of His will in this feeble condition of us. There is a reason for this weakness of us.

      Thanks to God, that Day human words will be rendered powerless., and we rejoice in the Spirit waiting the things that are coming through in the otherness of the Spirit, in Whom all things will be reunited unto Christ.


      1. Tina says:

        Yes Sam tis true. As with many concepts, doctrines, words and teachings they have become common. Exchanged life is one of those terms that has been used and yet the meaning cannot be grasped with mere words. I believe this is true of all truth. It can be known in the mind but to know in the spirit is another thing altogether. One is still death and one is life.

      2. Jennifer says:

        And I, brethren, when I came to you, did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.
        1 Cor. 2:1-5

        1. Tina says:

          Yes, perfect!

        2. Sam says:

          Bufff… an amazing word altogether.

  3. Pauline says:

    Please, Jennifer and John — keep ‘advertising!’ I also don’t visit the website every day or week but when you spoke about “To Hear the Voice of God,” I couldn’t wait to get it. And it came so promptly (thank you, thank you!). Stephen and I were going to start listening to it together Sunday, after church, but I couldn’t wait; so in one sitting, I listened to all 5 CDs — oh, I know there are only 4, but after your description of the last CD, I listened to that one first and made my way back to the first disc and ended with the last one again. (Mainers are very strange creatures.) Such a blessing, and right in line with what the Lord has had in front of me for many months: absolule surrender. Even though I know I will fall many times, I am more determined, by His grace, to follow the Lamb. And Carole, how precious that you almost always introduce the Cross in every message! Martha: much gratitude for allowing Him to pour you out. Isa. 62: 4, “Hephzibah,” is for you — “My delight is in you!” So amazed that He knew each one of us and STILL called us, chose us, loved us!
    Just a little branch on THE Vine. Pauline

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