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Episode #380 – Christ My All

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Christ My All
15 March 2014
Episode #380

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Jennifer Wentzel and Carole Nelson

(Jennifer) So I feel like when you leave that series, you’re on a completely different level. And then a few months later you delivered Christ My All, at a women’s retreat in New Mexico. And Christ My All, the title might sound similar to “Knowing Christ”, and while they are, as I’ve said before, extremely complimentary, there is not overlap. Whereas “Knowing Christ”, is literally in the title, “Knowing Christ”, it’s literally about the establishment of a relationship, the building of a relationship, the growing of a relationship, so it, I would recommend that to new believer’s, to old believer’s, to anyone who has a relationship to Christ, because somehow the Holy Spirit in it covers the gamut from new to well-worn, if you will. Uhm, “Christ My All” is the clearest thus far I think I’ve heard you on what it means to live an exchanged life, a life that is no longer my own. It is the essence of the gospel, the absolute essence of the true gospel, which is Christ in me, my hope of glory. I’m gonna paraphrase. The indwelling Life of Christ, the fact that it’s not me, that it’s Him, His Life, His everything. There is a brilliant analogy that the Holy Spirit gave Martha to illustrate Christ’s Life and our lives. And I don’t really want to give it away here, but it is, (she laughs) it just so clarified things for me, and it was a perfect jumping off point. But I think what I love is, even within that is the flow that the Holy Spirit had, and He came kind of with an overview you know, saying everything in Christ, you know, so here’s basically what you’re gonna get. And then He moved through as He always does, knowing exactly who He’s dealing with, which is, ah, first humans, and second children (she laughs), sheep. And you know He, He starts out with ah, kind of what’s in it for us, and blessings and rewards and then moves into the deeper, the deeper waters of this life, of what it means, and what He will do in us, what we will get to witness, the adventure of Who He is going to be and all He is going to me. And uhm, I can’t say enough, amazing about this message, but maybe Carole can add something since Carole was there.
(Carole) The response of the women at this retreat, to me, was amazing. There was a hunger and receptivity that I believe we experienced at this conference that was new. There was receptivity and I heard people’s comments, one, uhm, a pastor’s wife, said to me, “My husband and I have been to so many conferences, on this, but this has changed my life, I will never be the same.” Because it was such an incredible impartation of the reality of Christ in you, the hope of glory, with as Jennifer says, clear visuals, not just one, but clear visuals of what that meant so that you had something very tangible to take home; to take home and live and look at and meditate on and want. We saw the fruit of prayer and fasting, there were women there that were praying and fasting, and I believe we experienced, and the proclamation was just amazing. God would, the Lord would give us scriptures throughout the conference to proclaim, and I just know that I know that those proclamations being God’s Word from Him, from His mouth, that went forth and changed the atmosphere of that place. And the receptivity, the hearts, I believe that those proclamations, the prayer and the fasting were absolutely vital. And we saw the answer; we saw the fruit of those.
(Jennifer) Well I wasn’t there, so all I can tell you is that my experience when the series was imparted to me, was that it felt like somehow… I always think to myself when I listen to Martha’s series, ok, so let’s start there. “Well, I mean, could there ever possible be anything more that you could say about this?” “Could there be any better way to say it?” And, uhm, in terms of knowing Christ, that’s, that’s a through-line, Martha like Andrew Murray, covers, you know, ten thousand miles per message in terms of just sheer ground that the Holy Spirit moves over, with different emphasis every single time. But it’s amazing to me that we now have, I don’t know, eight, nine, maybe ten audio series that are specifically about the exchanged life, about the indwelling life of Christ, about the centrality that is Jesus Christ to this life. And yet there is no repetition. The Holy Spirit not only does not repeat Himself, He lives to astonish. (Jennifer laughs in joy.) Because it’s familiar ground, yes, but it’s always breaking new ground, and His anointing is always new. And as Carole says, the visual, the visual’s are new, the analogies, the parables, I gonna call them that because that’s really what they are, the parables, the fables, the way that He weaves that we can receive it readily is always new, always fresh, always surprising, and always so accessible to me. Not as a concept, but in my life with Him. Your series, and I say this as someone, yeah, I’m, I’m barely three years in right now, so honestly, I’m pretty sure that I still listen largely selfishly, uhm, to things for me for my life. That’s just where I am. And every single thing, even when it calls me higher, it is grounded in something that feeds me where I am in my relationship with Him. It calls me higher, yes, it calls me higher, but I am not left in a lurch, I am not left sitting there saying, ‘what’? I don’t, what? I, I come out of it with a new picture of Who He is. I come out of it having seen Him in a whole new way. And not just generally, but I begin to glimpse Him at work in different parts of my life that I hadn’t noticed before. And I don’t know what else could possible matter when you’re getting a series; that is literally the impartation of Life, and the growing of my relationship with Him. Which is all I really have at the end of the day. So I am always grateful and always excited. And “Christ My All” is, it is somehow the quintessential on the exchanged life and our relationship with Him; how I get to meet Him in that exchanged life.
(Carole) Well I was there, and I sat there and listened to it, but when I came home and listened to the series again, it was like it was brand new. And I thought to myself where was I, because it was so fresh and so powerful even the second time. And I need to listen even more, because there’s, there’s just, there’s just so much there. But it was an impartation of Jesus Christ. I really believe that. It was an impartation and the increase of His government, that’s what it was.
(J) Well if you even go back to the different series about the exchanged life, the, ah, “Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory” was one, and “The Way” was one. And I would have said that “Christ In You The Hope Of Glory” was the highest to that point. And then “The Way”, which you did in California in Anaheim, that was utterly, at that point at Judahfest, uhm, it was a, a black church that was just, they were so on fire and they were so precious. And I came away from that one saying this is it, this is the highest message. But you know something, from early 2000, if not ah, late 90’s, I’ve always been praying that you would be doing a book about the exchanged life. I’ve always said, “Please do a book about the exchanged life. Please do a book about….” You have this revelation. Now you’ve got, are you saying seven series? And I’ve been; I’ve been praying that you would do a book about it. I’ve just been saying, you know, you have this; you have this message, it is, it just radiates out of you. And this is, you know, a centrality of your message, and so I’ve saying to you, please, please do a book. And so now you’ve got, you’ve got a, a wealth and a reservoir of deep impacting teaching, and I hope that you’ll go swimming and come out of it with a book. Because it is the message; it’s unheard by most, Christ in you the hope of glory, the exchanged life. There’s bastardizations of it, but there’s not really, very few teach about the actual exchanged life, where Christ is your life. And so I’m standing still for a book; I want a book about that subject; I’m begging for it.

Christ My All – Episode #380 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. Sam says:

    Wow, lads. If our sister ever writes about that theme, she will really have to get out of the way… :) It is the very best subject to practice getting yourself out of the way (and she is well trained in that!)

    I am so eager to have it in my hands as you all. And as always, a message so much treaded and spoken of will be Fresh and Anew. It is ALWAYS so with Him.

    Love to you today and to the Shulamite in the USA and the Shulamite tribe all around the world.

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