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Episode #379 – New and Deeper

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New and Deeper
8 March 2014
Episode #379

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guest: Jennifer Wentzel

(J) Jennifer we have recently come out with three new series that have, basically the messages were all done in 2013, is that correct? And they actually build on one another, and I’d like to hear your synopsis. You basically do the back cover for all the series now, and you, you know, basically get a synopsis of what it is that the series is about, and how it will impact us. And so I’d like to hear about this . . .
(Jennifer) Well what’s so interesting to me about these three series is in fact how beautifully they build on each other. How the revelation that the Holy Spirit has, expands and deepens. And it’s such a fascinating through line when you listen to them in the order that they were delivered, which you know, actually, is not how I did it, but (she laughs.) But I noticed it by the end anyway, I said, well this works perfectly, exactly where it was, ah, in the beginning. And the very first one was a message that Martha delivered at a conference in Palm Coast, Florida and it’s entitled, “Knowing Christ”. And this series I love, because it is such a foundation of relationship and Person of Jesus Christ. And how, well I said it earlier, how infinitely available He is, uhm, to make Himself known to us, to be found by us, to answer us. And I love this series because it explores what that is and what that looks like, and really how a deep and loving relationship can develop in the first place. And, I don’t know, there’s something in that that is just so basic, and for me it gave me such hope, because I don’t often think about all the ways that Jesus is, but it’s actually, we were oh well this is perfectly place. In Psalm 73 ah, starting in 21, verse 21, “When I became embittered, and my innermost being was wounded, I was a fool and didn’t understand, I was an unthinking animal toward You. Yet I am always with You; You hold my right hand. You guide me with Your council and afterwards You will take me up in glory.” And when we were on this verse earlier today and I, I, that was before the section we were talking about, but I read that and thought, well that is exactly, that is the essence of what that series does. It was the Holy Spirit basically giving all these examples of where Christ can be found in our lives. And it’s just there’s no place we can go that He’s not available to be found, to be known, to connect with us, to be intimate with us, to have a relationship with us. And it’s such an encouragement, I just… It was such an encouragement to me in my relationship with Him, and it just kind of reminded me, because sometimes day in and day out, uhm, I take for granted a lot of things, and I forget a lot of things, and it reminded me exactly Who it is I’m being pursued by, honestly. And that makes me want to pursue Him right back. So it’s just a precious… “Knowing Christ” is the series and it’s six CD’s I think, six or seven, and they are just phenomenal. And then the next messages that Martha delivered were to a small church in Oregon, and this one is shorter, it’s four CD’s, but they are the richest four CD’s that I’ve experienced since the last four CD series that I listened to by Martha. And it’s called “To Hear The Voice Of God”. And there’s something in the foundation of the relationship is that, that is established and called for, and encouraged in “Knowing Christ”, to then move in, “To Hear The Voice Of God”, to me, well that is the next thing. Once you’re in a relationship with someone it’s completely about connecting with them, communicating with them, hearing them, talking to them. Relationship without communication, an actual exchange between two people is not relationship. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s weird. So of course, of course it would be about knowing the voice of God, hearing the voice of God, and obeying the voice of God and what that means for that relationship, what that does in the relationship with Christ, and coming to know the Father in all His splendor and everything that He has for us. It’s just, uhm, well it just made me hungry; it made me so hungry and it reminded me, strangely enough, of how excited I get when I am absolutely positively sure that I have heard the voice of God in some way. Whether it’s in a scripture I’m reading, if it’s in a book and He leaps out, and those are the moments what I have just that wonderful gift from Him that comes against the doubts that are ever chasing me; I don’t know about anybody else, but are ever chasing me and says did I really hear Him, was that really Him? Am I hallucinating, am I in delusion, you know, I’m plagued by a lot of those things. And He is so faithful and merciful to deal with me personally, as a person, and to come to me as I need Him to come to me, because He’s connecting with me the individual, and uhm, that is so humbling and awesome. And so this series is talking about God speaking to us, not generally, but individually, personally, relationally, emotionally, uhm, and that is what the relationship with God of course it would look like. And uhm, the fourth CD of that series of course to me, is probably one of the most powerful messages I’ve ever heard Martha give, and it’s, it’s on the Lamb; it’s on following the Lamb, what that means. And it is astonishing, ah, terrifying, and ultimately beautiful in a way that I really don’t have words for. The Holy Spirit is so ‘on’ that last message, and so illuminates what this life looks like when, when you’re willing to surrender and when you open your arms and receive everything He has for you, because that’s, that’s part of it too I realize. And so that, that whole series, it just leveled me. But again, it reminded me of Who He is, and how well He knows me and has every intention of faithfully bringing me where He wants me to be.
(J) Well about the “Hearing The Voice Of God”, the message titles are, “The Voice Is Life”, “Hearing And Obeying”, “Living In The Yes Of God”, and “The Lamb”. And I agree with you, these, these messages are just amazing. This is kind of Shulamite West Coast, Shulamite Ministries West Coast is where this was given in a home church in ah, in Oregon. And I have edited every single one of Martha’s messages, all the podcasts, that’s me, if it’s audio it’s been done by me, and I can clearly say that the, the fourth CD in this series, “The Lamb”, was absolutely the highest message I’ve ever heard her give. It was, and I watched it transpire, I watched the process that God was working to, to bring that message. And when we closed out on Saturday night, she said, “I have nothing, I have a…” And I know that it’s always, (he laughs) a little insulting, we always say ‘good’, you have nothing, that’s wonderful, that means Christ is going to come. And so she comes and she sits on Sunday morning and she says, “I have absolutely nothing.” And she closed it in a different way than she’s ever closed the meetings, it was just ok, well we’re done, bye, and it was over, it was done on Saturday. And ah, so when we came on Sunday to meet we had no idea what was gonna happen. Martha said I have nothing and I’m not going to manufacture anything here, I’m not, you know, giving you a message just to give you a message. And I watched the Spirit move in on her while she was praying, and then I realized, Ouuuu. Martha, I know that you weren’t involved with me at all during that time, but how did you, how did you perceive my reaction to it?
(M) Ah most of the time I had my eyes closed and I could hear sobbing, not just, just sobbing. You were sitting next to me and out of the corner of my eye I could see your body heaving, and Helen said later that you were.
(J) I’ve never had a message more hit me like that message. It literally was a visceral reaction to it, and it thumped me. And the only thing I can compare it to is when I saw “The Passion Of The Christ”, and literally during that movie I was weeping so hard, literally I started pulling my knees into my body in the theater. I was in the theater doing this. But you know something, nobody was aware of anybody else in the theater. You could just occasionally hear sniffles. I literally, I started balling up at that movie, because of the fact that I was just so undone at the, at the, just the atrocity of it, and I was just like please, kill Him, just get it over with. Please don’t make this go on any longer. And ah, now I didn’t have the same reaction to that, but I, but it’s very interesting that I had a reaction like that to the same thing, because He was being a Lamb slaughtered in that movie; and you were describing the Lamb, you didn’t go into…
(M) It was the cost of following the Lamb wherever He goes.
(J) And it was, it hit me, it just hit me in the center of my spirit and my body. And I was, I was weeping and wailing. And the anointing was so strong, and I know it was so Him that was giving that message and I just looked at you afterwards and I was just wiped out. But I am so grateful for that message; I’m so grateful that you were able to give that message. And I do, I feel like it’s the highest. Now granted, I believe that off of these three messages, these three series, your launching off into the “Love Reigns” conference in March, and I believe we’re going to have a very similar anointing. I believe something’s happened; I think spiritually something’s happened. You’ve been launched somewhere that these messages have a different power than even the other messages. Not negating any of them, but there’s something happening. So anyway, I’ll give it back to Jennifer, but I just, that, I just had to say that message, and that series, and I would have to think that everybody at that meeting that day would respond exactly the same way.
(Jennifer) It was also deeply personal, the whole entire series, so for it to culminate in that message was perfectly prepared in the three previous ones. This is, this is some of, uhm, this feels like one of the most personal I’ve ever heard from you Martha. It really does, in terms of what you share and what He asked you to share.

New and Deeper – Episode #379  – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. Sam says:

    (Messages ordered!)

    I also had the same feeling watching in the theater “The Passion of the Christ.” It was too difficult to bear at times. I think you can convey the message of the Cross with no need to make the spectator suffer such violence.

    I also said, “oh, please, kill Him at once.”

  2. Sandy says:

    And would you ship them overseas too?

    1. John Enslow says:


  3. rosemarie snider says:

    How do I order these CD’s of Martha Kilpatrick in Knowing Christ and Hearing the Voice of God series? I would like to order them. Thank you, Rose

    1. John Enslow says:

      Here are the 3 series we are speaking about in the podcasts.
      Knowing Christ: http://livingchristianbooks.com/knowing-christ/
      To Hear the Voice of God: http://livingchristianbooks.com/to-hear-the-voice-of-god/
      Christ My All: http://livingchristianbooks.com/christ-my-all/

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