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Episode #378 – Authority is Deeply Personal

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Authority is Deeply Personal
1 March 2014
Episode #378

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Carole Nelson and Jacquelyn Nawrocki

(M) Two things we think, we think there’s good in us, we think we can do good, and then we think we can know without God.
(Carole) And so it’s really, being in the flesh is being absolutely presumptuous. We presume that we know something, or someone, that we don’t. “I presume on my goodness, my own goodness, and speak out of that.” If I have, if I have judged it good, then I speak out of that, and not out of my relationship of submission, absolute surrender to the Lord and His authority.
(M) And His authority and His power come through His Voice. That’s what amazes me. I used to say why did You have this verse about the Word after you say “into the Rest”, what does the Rest have to do with the Voice? But you come to rest, more the soul is exposed, renounced, put in the grave where it belongs, the more the Word identifies you and finds you, the more you are spiritual, you’re free. It takes a long time. There’s a book Nee has, and I’ve been thinking about it the last couple of days. It’s called “The Release Of The Spirit,” and it’s about, if I remember right, and I think I do because it so impacted me. The cross comes to release the spirit from the soul. That’s probably my word. But the soul dominates the spirit, even after you’re born again, and there becomes a great war within, whether the soul is going to be the leader or the spirit is the leader. So this is what this means, the word of God is, if we could hear Him enough, hear Him personally enough, the soul would be divided from the spirit and we would know, ‘well that was me’, or that was Christ. I do know the difference between me and Christ. And ah, the word would do the work for us if we could hear that significantly.
(Jacquelyn) Carole mentioned authority. And that authority is His Voice personally, but is also His Voice coming down through the person that He’s put in authority over you. And I, I can’t thinking about what John says, “Not another method, but a living impartation.” Ok. What He gives you is Spirit, it’s from Him, it’s from His Voice, and it comes in through you. If I am not under authority, I am not going to get that living impartation. I am just so aware right now of the nothingness of me, and that everything I am and have, is Him. It’s all Him. And I, I have done nothing to ‘get it’.
(M) You’re the living demonstration then of what Sparks wrote. He’s getting rid of ‘you’ so all is Christ. And that is radical. But you know what, the authority of Christ is wherever He is speaking; whoever in the Body has the Voice of God, that one is in authority, is representing God’s authority and God’s presence.
(J) Well you can go back to the music. (I shared in podcast #376) If He’s, if He’s choosing that music, that music is imbued with Him; because He’s choosing it, He’s putting His presence on it, and it has Him. But if He doesn’t, then He’s not. And if you can look at authority, authority is anything but not personal. Authority’s always deeply personal. It always has a person and you know, personhood in it. By nature authority has to have a vessel to challenge, and so it’s deeply personal. You see what I’m saying, it’s got, there’s a personhood in it, its His choosing of Who He’s putting in authority. And we can always say, oh well, he’s not over me, ‘ra-ra-ra’ (John’s using an expressive voice). But that’s the whole thing about authority, the authority has to have a person.
(Jacquelyn) Relationship
(J) And a relationship.
(Jacquelyn) It has to be a relationship.
(M) I remember vividly, this illustrates, and I won’t be able to tell the whole story, but. We were in Montreal and you said something to me, you said, “Martha, you have to take authority over your devotionals. They’re being corrupted.” And the first time you said it I didn’t hear it. It bewildered me. The second time you said it, “I will do that.” And I did it; and then I began to understand and see the revelation of what was happening. But you, you were the voice of God to me, of something that I was not aware of, and it, it broke through a whole revelation that went on for months. Of the difference between if soul touches something, even if it was alive in the Spirit originally, if the soul touches it, it’s death. That’s the difference between soul and spirit; life or death, what the soul does is death.
(J) Well no one but Jenn and I have read Aaron’s posts that are coming up, but he really specifically deals with this, this very issue, and talks about the Body of Christ and not needing the Body of Christ. And in that he cut himself off from the authority of Christ and the Personhood of Christ; because he neglected the Body of Christ and didn’t think he needed it. And so, it’s just kind of cool how, you know that’ll be coming out, yeah, by the time this comes out there’ll be a… And uhm, so it’s just, it’s neat, it just goes right in there; it literally flows, it’s another example of this exact same thing.
(M) He’s had an amazing experience of coming under authority. And he did it with such a wide-open heart that he is, the living impartation is just gushing on him. Because he… And he understands it; he’s explained it to me. He quotes Corinthians again, (she laughs) where Paul says, I think it’s Corinthians, “I’ve opened my heart wide to you, and you have to open your heart wide to me.” And he understands it because his heart was open. He’s getting a flood of blessing from authority. Authority to the rebel and the soul is something that diminishes you, oh no, authority in God, wherever His Spirit rests, whatever office He has given, and it can, the authority can rest on the newest believer, if he is in the Spirit. Wherever the authority exists is Life, and impartation. Because that, if you can hear that word… You see the word in Hebrews 4:12 was that the word goes in and produces something in the very core of our being. So if you can hear Him with that good an ear, you’re going to be changed in ways that you don’t even comprehend, simply by hearing. That’s the easy way to enter the Rest, is just hearing. Because the sword is double-edged, it kills and it makes alive. It kills the soul, and makes the spirit live; because it divides them from the other. And when you begin you don’t know soul from spirit. You might know it from the witness of your spirit only, but you do not understand how corrupt the soul is.
(J) Would you, would you do one thing? We’ll finish up but would you do one thing on here? We’ve mentioned Aaron now twice on these podcasts. Will you please tell us who Aaron is, because ah, he’s brand new to the blog.
(M) Ah, Aaron is, lives in Oregon. He is the son-in-law of Kirk and Dawn Acey, and the husband of Bethany. He is, ah, a phenomenal young man, and the light that is falling on his life is phenomenal. I’ll tell more about Aaron, and hopefully he can come and visit us at some point and do some podcasts with us. But he’s delightful, marvelous young man.

Authority is Deeply Personal – Episode #378 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. Sam says:

    So interesting…

  2. Andrea says:

    if soul touches something, even if it was alive in the Spirit originally, if the soul touches it, it’s death. That’s the difference between soul and spirit; life or death, what the soul does is death.

    soooo truly powerful ….thank you for expressing so clearly something I have been seeing but having difficulty speaking …

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