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Episode #375 – Fear is Just a Balloon

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Fear is Just a Balloon
8 February 2014
Episode #375

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Jacquelyn Nawrocki, Jim Pierce, Jennifer Wentzel and Carole Nelson

(M) One of the greatest things about the book we’re reading, “Shaping History Through Prayer And Fasting”, with Derek Prince, the first thing he goes into is the absolute assurance in scripture that if you’re in Him, and under Him in obedience, the judgment that comes on the nation will not touch you. You will escape it. And it’s so clear in scripture that you think, my goodness, there’s absolutely nothing to fear.
(Jacquelyn) I felt like the Lord said, “Fear keeps you from repentance.” And for me, in my fear of death, I went to death rather than God. And I have walled myself in from God. And there were times I didn’t even know I was in fear, because I was in death. In the talents, the man with one talent, he didn’t repent. He buried his talent, he didn’t say, ‘I can’t do this, help me, show me how.’
(J) Because the evilness of, ah, fear is blame. You call Him for pity, but you blame Him; and that’s why you can’t repent, because you’re not guilty. If you’re blaming, you’re not going to repent, because you’re not the one at fault, God is.
(Jim) Back to Psalm 91, and uhm, in verse four, “He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge.” This is the line I’m on right now, and it just really struck me, “His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” And I’ve read that before, it just didn’t sink in, until I read brother Simpson’s work on “Himself”, “Himself”, and he says in there that I have no faithfulness, I have His faithfulness. I would have nothing; if I didn’t have His faithfulness I would have nothing. And that just blew me away, it made everything ok.
(M) You know Carole, do you, and I’m already seeing it happen, your weakness will be your strength. Your weakness of fear will be an outlandish faith; which you’ve always danced with, faith. And that’s where He’s going to take you. He said about Moses, that his besetting sin was anger, so his victory was enormous patience. See the opposite, the Lord’s victory in you will be so great that you will be completely outstanding on the other end of the thing, of having no fear and that being all faith. That’s why you’re drawn to Wigglesworth and Lake, and all those, because you’re instinctively going for that opposite end of humanity. So I’m excited to see how that’s going to come.
(Jennifer) Well, and I’m excited because you’re going to have all the authority He rings out over fear in you, to intercede for other people. You, you will have, ah, His victory in you, uhm, to pray on the behalf of other people who are terrified. I don’t think this needs to be on or anything, but I’m going to, just in case. You know it occurs to me that if, ah, when you’re a believer, that death is not the truth of it, death is done, so. So the fear of death is basically, what’d you say, believing a lie, that that is the lethargy, it’s the lie, the opposite of reality that the lethargy comes from reality. The truth is death is not something to fear because it has been conquered in Jesus. And so the lethargy comes when we step out of reality and into the lie, that death still has fangs, still… Because what is that verse, (People are responding in the background)“Oh death, where is your sting?”
(M) And what you said, Carole, about there being no death, the astonishing thing about Don’s passing is how simple. It was hard to take, hard to accept, but for him it was so simple. It was like stepping over a threshold most easily. With no… (She responds to background comment.) Yes, right. And while I wanted to, to pray that he would live, I had no unction. I prayed it, but I had no unction, because God wanted him. But what that’s telling me is that the… You know my story of taking three parents to death, and the agony of the process of dying that they went through to get ready. But I don’t know how to say it, but when I had that experience of seeing that Christ took our death, He took our experience of death that I would have experienced, and He took it. Do you understand?
(Carole) I understand because something I can’t say, I can’t. I want it so to imprint my being, my spirit, that with, with the powerfulness of it’s truth that it absolutely, it has to dispel every ounce of lie, because death has already happened.
(M) Yes.
(Carole) Did I say it?
(M) Yeah, you did say it beautifully; it’s just fantastic. It’s outlandish.
(Carole) I can’t even. It is… That is shocking to me; it shouldn’t be, but it’s shocking to me. Then really, what I fear so has already happened so it’s behind me and I just move on?
(M) Right. Oh you’re saying it brilliantly.
(Carole) And I’m already in, I’m already in the eternity of it? Not of death, but the eternity, I’m already… If death has taken place, I’m already in the eternity of Life? I want to take the reality of what I saw, in, to have it. That has enveloped me, I don’t even know how to say it, but ‘my-gosh’.
(M) I’ve always said, my Father went, (she takes a deep breath and lets it out) and was gone. (Carole in the background, “And Don about did that too.) He did. And Gordon Lindsey went, bowed his head and he was gone.
(Jim) I don’t know where the scripture is, but ‘being away from the body, absent from the body is with the Lord’. (He snaps his fingers.) It’s faster than that.
(Carole) So, when I think about Don’s passing in the place where he went, which is a very holy and special place to be, I realize today, that he was passing from this life to eternal Life, but he was already dead, he didn’t have to experience that death, he died in Christ. It’s real. It is more than a doctrine, it is more than reading it in scripture, it is more than even memorizing it, it is a Reality, it is Him, it is, it’s a revelation.
(M) It is finished. Ohh!
(J) Ok, you think about the sheep, and we think about when the ice storm came and everything was frozen and we were out there fighting them and everything like that. What were they afraid of, but death. Fear is the fear of death, and ah, we don’t have to fear that, and that’s wonderful. What a freeing place if you don’t have to fear death. It’s like, here’s the highest thing that I can do to you. This is the worst, this is the absolute possible worst is death, and God says, eh, I got it covered.
(Carole) What you said this morning is going to change me. (Saying to John) It has changed me. Because first of all, first of all fear comes, fear is Satan, fear comes. But if God changes my… It’s all about my view; it’s all whose eyes I see through. I either see through my Father’s eyes, or I see through my enemies, Satan’s eyes. And now it will be an invitation; I won’t go ‘oh my God, I’m afraid’, in fear, the fear that I feared. Fear has lost its sting, by an invitation, John. Not the law, not even ‘do not fear’, because there is, there is a propensity of that law to, because of my sin nature, to throw me into that fear. But when I see that threat, that, that voice come, and see it as an invitation from my Father, that is grace upon grace upon grace upon grace.
(M) Ok, I want to tell a story. I had a neighbor, when my children were small I had a neighbor, and she told one night about her little girl coming in the bedroom because of a storm. And she made her a pallet beside her bed, and she lay down there to sleep. Ok, that was the image. And I was dealing at that time, the Lord was dealing with me about fear, and I began to recognize how much we cope, we overcome fear. It was like I came to recognize that I hid a fear, but I would just ‘go on’, cope, passed it without dealing with it; I would just keep going. And ah, I saw what energy it takes to live in fear; it takes enormous energy, you either to shut down, or you have to use a lot of energy to keep going in spite of it. And so, (she laughs) everybody’s nodding yes. So I was being delivered of fear on many grounds, and the Lord was dealing with me, and showing me fear was illegitimate, as far as I could see at that time. But then something happened, I was getting really free, hallelujah, and then something happened and I went, (she takes a startled breath) I’m afraid. And He said, “Wait a minute, all your life you are in new situations that will make you freshly afraid, that is not a loss of ground.” Which I thought, oh my goodness, I’ve lost it all. He said, “What you do when you have fear”… This is a picture of the invitation. “You come into My presence and sit in My lap, and I will convince you that you’re safe.” The invitation is to an Abba, Daddy. He said, “You come in My throne room, and you sit with Me and I will take care of it and I will cover you.” So you will face fear. It’s not that you’ll ever be without it. There are going to be new challenges to that. But the invitation is, His invitation is, ‘Come into Me as a Father, get under My wings of Psalm 91, and I will solve your fear’. And He does. He does. That’s the picture I wanted to give, of His invitation.
(Jennifer) Ok, that, (she laughs) that lines up. Carole, when you were describing what you saw, that, that you, the revelation that He gave you about death being done, over, its no longer there. That was you sitting on Abba’s lap, and what He gave you to address your fears, that I’m so on ‘seeing’, the power of ‘seeing’ as God sees right now, and how utterly transformative and healing it is. And you have seen with His eyes, and you are never going to be the same, because of what He’s shown you.
(M) And Jennifer it’s your blog that I cry over, it’s today, Dec. 11th, because you said what you saw, was God. And what Carole saw, was God; so it’s done. And that’s, it’s always about seeing Him. That’s, you’ll like that blog, everybody read that blog.
(Jennifer) It’s called, “But Now I See”, at GetAlongWithGod.com.
(J) That sounds just so wonderful.
(Jim) I have to be simple. I have to… All that I heard today, I mean there’s a lot of information, there’s a lot of amazing revelation, uhm, and I don’t want to forget one second of it. I just have to remember, for me, I have one prayer, I have two lines out of the prayer that the Lord said, “This is how you should pray.” “Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil.” That’s all I need. And I don’t know if I said it that way earlier. But that’s all. I can’t remember to say all this other stuff. I don’t have to, that’s why He gave me those words. This is what you should pray. That encompasses everything, because everything evil… Well, everything that is not of Him is of the world, and that is based in fear. It all leads to some kind of fearful reaction, fearful thing. And that is just, I’m ‘in Christ’, He is in me, so my only fear is being tempted to stray. That’s all I have to worry about. And I have His words. See, just ask Me, “Lead me not into temptation, deliver me from evil.”
(M) Ok, here’s where He’s taking us, OK, to the Rest.
(J) Oh thank You God, Jesus, Jesus. (Everyone is laughing joyfully.)
(M) I didn’t expect that reaction, but it’s wonderful. I expected…

(Lots of laughter and Carole comments in background, “She just pushed a BIG needle into the ballon.”)

(Jennifer) That’s completely appropriate. We’re supposed to fear lest we fail to enter the Rest. That’s the one fear we’re allowed!
(J) Yes.
(Jennifer) And three months later the podcast on fear drew to a close. (She laughs.)

Fear is Just a Balloon – Episode #375 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. Tina says:

    What Carole said, “It’s all about my view; it’s all whose eyes I see through. I either see through my Father’s eyes, or I see through my enemies, Satan’s eyes” and what Martha said, “The invitation is to an Abba, Daddy.” This is how I am finding to walk through “the valley of the shadow of death”, it is how He is teaching me to walk in the reality of the Kingdom moment by moment. It is simple with His grace but He allows terror to be my teacher b/c to move my gaze from His view, to look at the enemy immediately sends me into the pit of confusion and takes me out of His rest.

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