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Episode #373 – Love Reigns!

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Special Episode!
Love Reigns Conference Invitation

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guest: Jennifer Wentzel

(J) Well Martha, we’re sitting here in front of a fire, it’s absolutely frigid outside. But we’re about six weeks out from the Love Reigns conference, which is in Atlanta, Georgia, March 7th through the 9th. And we’re doing a special podcast episode, just to announce it, and because the message is being birthed in you. I’d like to hear what the Lord is percolating and building in your spirit as an expectation, and as an anticipation of what this conference is really going to be about.
(M) Is this the sixth conference on ruling and reigning, ok. In my heart is such a passion for the children of God to be able to rule and reign in life, by Christ Jesus. But the ultimate ruling, I came to see, in the last year, the ultimate victory is a victory of love. And you know I could go on some things I’ve said before that loves the meaning of it, loves the end of it, loves the beginning of it, it’s all Him because of love, and, but the fact that how I’ve come to learn by life, that love rules, love disarms, love melts, love endures, and love is the purpose for every life. And I’ve several booklets about it, and I’m not trying to promote that, but I have seen so clearly that the greatest of these is love. And I’ve asked the Lord, if love is the greatest, what does that mean?
(J) Hmm.
(M) And I’m learning it, as I’m learning, Jennifer helped me see this morning, I know that I have to live it before I speak it. I think every one of us, in this little Shulamite flock, has a testimony about love.
(J) Hmhm.
(M) And the power of it, love is enormously relentless; God’s love is incredibly, unspeakably patient. And I really can’t say that I know all He’s going to talk about, but I know the power of love to win when nothing else will, where warfare doesn’t do it, where, uhm, all the other things we try, without love prayer doesn’t work, without love for God warfare is rendered null and void. And love has got to be the core of everything that we do and are. And we are named Shulamite because we are about love. And every now and then I play the song by Robin Mark, the Irish, did you hear his “Here is Love”, “vast as the ocean”, and I say we must remember that the purpose of this group, the purpose of the Body of Christ is love. We cannot ever forget that that is our command. We’re left with a great sacrifice of love, and we’re called to love. And I just, I realized from some scripture I read this morning, it is in Isaiah 33 about how God, He wanted to tell of His beloved vineyard. He invested, He tended, and so He expected fruit; and a commentator made mention of the fact that it takes years to establish a vineyard, and enormous investment. And we were in a, we were to a vineyard, so we see them wherever we go we pass a vineyard. And they are meticulously pruned and so forth and so on. It’s an education to see a vineyard. But He expects fruit. And the fruit He expects is the fruit of love.
(J) Hmhm.
(M) And that love will be reproduced, love for God, love for others, love for each other. So I don’t even, even go to all that. But that’s why this conference, really I believe it is the pinnacle and combination of this series, if not of my own life.
(J) Well as I’ve lived with you for eighteen years, and walked with you, and seen evidenced, your life and your God, I have clearly seen the evidence of His love delivered through you. That would be the thing that always challenged me and always wrecked me, is that the presence of love is so disarming, so disabling, and so relentless. And so as I’ve walked with you in my youthful dogma, love was what completely annihilated that, crushed it. Where I would have said, that’s there choice, and cast them off, love would always be present, and would push through. And it’s not that it’s insipid love that enables, but it is a love that is so dynamically alive, because it’s Him. It’s really Him. And so I’m real excited in what you’re about to speak on in this conference, because I have a unique ability to literally walk with you and watch you literally live it out. So it’s not going to be something that you’re gonna be saying and teaching, I’m gonna see Christ revealed, and I’m gonna see even more of that love as you bring this message forth in the anointing of this love, I’m gonna get to see, I’m gonna have all these object lessons in my head, because I’m gonna see where it’s been walked out before me, and where it has challenged me, where it has killed me, where I’ve had to lay down my life. And so I’m real excited; this is huge. And I’ve, you know you’ve given me a challenge to speak a message that is frightening to me, because it was the unraveling of my illusions and delusions of what love was. And you have challenged me to bring that forth at this conference, and ah, but I’m so excited because love is so absolutely amazingly wonderful. That counterfeit and the ‘settle for’, is so paltry in comparison. So I’m inviting everybody to come and hear this message. And we’re just putting on this conference; it’s free of charge. We’ll you know, have a basket, may not even mention it, so many conferences we’ve done we haven’t even mentioned it. But there’s a basket for offering if you want to do that, but we want this message to go out. And we’re inviting everybody to come and spend this weekend with us and be impacted by the Lover of our soul, and the One Who bombards our spirit with love.
(M) We really think that we’re going to stay in God’s love, and I’m not claiming I do, I just know the glimpses I’ve had of His love, and some of the experiences I’ve had, His love is the most explosive, dynamic absolute joyful exuberant expression of love toward us. We have just the smallest glimmer of it. And His intention, He says in Ephesians is that we would experience His love. And this conference, I look for a door open, sort of a door I’ve never opened before to the extent of His love and to the description of what He intends for humanity to know about His love. And, as we speak I’m being deeply prepared for the conference, in life. But the drive, the driving force of the universe is love. And in our paltry poor little tents, we make it a sentiment, and we make it an illusion of what we think God’s love is. But to truly meet it is to meet something so encompassing and overwhelming, there are no words to say. But this is the… I have a peculiar beginning, and my beginning was in the love of God through repentance, and so I think we as a group are being prepared to see where God’s love is in us, toward us, in our lives, by enormous repentance in months past. We are being prepared, not so much by love, but by the repentance, so that we can know love, and that we can recognize where we have been loved by God, and how incredible His love is. So it takes repentance to know our need for love. I’ve often said, everybody is desperate for love; you’ll sell your soul for love, you’ll do whatever to get love, and there is no other love but God. So we live in a continuing crisis of hunger that we’re trying to satisfy, and so we’re satisfied by God, because He made us to love Him and to be the objects of His love. So, I can say I’m excited, I think I’m more in awe, than that. I’m almost anticipating being astonished by what He’s going to reveal of His love. And what words He’s going to put to it, because it’s very difficult to put words to it. And I’m waiting to be astonished by the power of His love that will be present. That’s just being honest.
(J) That’s what I’m looking for too.
(M) Umhmm. For many, many, many years, I have wanted His to transform us in to lovers of God, almost instantly. So I pray He’ll do that.
(J) Jennifer, as you’ve been preparing for this conference, and doing a lot of work to, to prepare for the conference, what are you anticipating, what are you looking for to receive, or see evidence or where are you about this conference?
(Jennifer) I am always overwhelmed at how effortlessly, and by that I mean my effort, how effortlessly the Lord comes and loves in these conferences. You know, there are so many people that call Shulamite ‘their church’, they don’t have a Body ready, uhm, necessarily, with them, and have been put in a place of deep solitude with Him. And these conferences I’m always so astonished to see Him come in such love and almost as a restoration, uhm, in His fellowship with them. It’s as if each time there’s kind of a groundwork laid and there is a bond that is Himself, that is forged. And you can see the people, uhm, that are involved in that, and that come into that and welcome Him in that way, in letting Him be, without any time, any expectation, any demands, and that I think is one of the most beautiful things that I get to witness at these conferences, is seeing other people also letting Him shine, ah, in them, without their own effort to be or say or do something, you know. And in this conference, I think the preparation is going to be going on for anybody who comes, because I believe that He intends to astonish and surprise and upend and, honestly, I’m looking for Him to come in and fulfill, fulfill a longing that we have, and to do it in ways that we can’t even comprehend, because we think we know what love is. And I say we, maybe to be polite, I certainly mean me. Uhm, and the more I learn of love, uhm, the less I know, that’s, (She laughs) how it always is. But with this conference, “The Reigning And Ruling Of Love”, I want the miracle of surprise, I want the outlandishness of the mind of the Spirit, I want to glimpse that love that is so ‘other’ from what I myself know. I’m not interesting, and what I know isn’t interesting, and I want to be awed and amazed because I want to see Him. And uhm, that’s what I want. And I want Him to gather to Himself people who are also looking for Him to come in all His glory and astonishing wonder; so, nothing big (she laughs).
(M) I’ll just tell this story, and probably will tell it at the conference too. But Richard Wurmbrand, who was Voice of the Martyrs, spent fourteen years in underground in communist Romania, in several prisons there. And so he founded Voice of the Martyr that I don’t know how they keep up with who’s in prison, who’s sick in prison, who’s out, but they have some vast network of knowing who is martyrs in prison. And a friend that actually was in the same room with him, and his wife, and she said there was nothing but love. And to be in that place, with no Bible, no paper, no pen, for fourteen years, and to come out of it with love, shows the power of Christ’s love to sustain anybody in any situation. And his face registers, even now, his face registers the suffering, but it also registers the great meekness of love; just his photograph. But he was talking about being in prison, or maybe the YouTube, I don’t know, but he said, “I’ve heard many hundreds of stories of people in prison”, I think I’ll just leave this for the conference. But he told the story of one woman who was in communist prison that were beaten every, every night until the guard that beat them was too tired and he’d sit down and rest, and then beat them some more. And this young woman conquered this guard with love, and he released her; and I’ll tell you how she did it at the conference. Isn’t that, isn’t that bad? (She laughs.) No, it’s too precious, too precious; I want to see faces when I tell that story.
(J) Well Jennifer, how would somebody that wanted to come to the conference, how would they let us know that they would like to do that?
(Jennifer) Well, there are several ways John. (Martha laughs in the background.) The main way is to contact us either by Shulamite.com, or by sending an email to info, i-n-f-o at Shulamite.com, requesting further details, which will be sent by me, with great love and blessing. And also, you know, if worse comes to worse, by all means give us a call. Our contact information is available at Shulamite.com, and the office is open Monday through Friday. If you’re on the West Coast, please don’t call at three in the morning our time, that won’t be fun (she laughs). But we’d love to hear form you, I’d love to help in any way. And pretty much, I’d say nine out of ten questions I could probably answer for you. And if you need prayer, or are looking for, you know, roommate, these sorts of things, I often put people in contact with other people, so protecting privacy and all the rest of it. We do the best that we can to get everyone who wants to come, there, so.
(J) And is this a hotel, or where is this, and how would I know how to get reservations for that hotel.
(Jennifer) Well again, John, (Martha laughs in background) contacting me, or John, will get you all the information you need. The conference, once again, for those who have attended previously, will be held at the lovely Crown Plaza Airport Atlanta hotel, and the staff there is just lovely, they are wonderful and very responsive to everything we need. We are usually given, ah, great privacy with the room that we have, so we’re able to spread out and be free without being gawked at or ogled or having to be quiet, or if you’re in, you know, bar mitzvah or wedding music coming through. As far reservations, reservations can be made through a toll free number, or they can be made on-line, I’d be happy to send you the link, again, by e-mailing info @ Shualmite.com, or calling us toll free.
(J) You know I’m on a limited budget, and I just wanted to know, ah, do I get a discount for being at that hotel?
(Jennifer) John, you do. (Martha laughs again.) We have discounted rates for the room, heavily discounted I might add; the room rate, they have held the room rates for us for the last four years, which is unheard of; that’s why we love them.
(J) Actually it went down, didn’t it?
(Jennifer) It did go down John, thank you. It went down, ah, a little bit. We also have discounted rates on parking for those of you who are local to Atlanta and would just like to drive in for the meeting; only five dollars a day, can’t beat that price.
(J) You are such a wealth of information; ‘golly’, I just want to e-mail you right now.
(Jennifer) Thank you John, I would bless you and love you as well if you did.
(J) So we all hope that you will be coming to the conference, March 7th through the 9th. Registration will start at five on that Friday the 7th, and the meetings will start at 7:00, and they’ll go all day Saturday and up through lunch time on Sunday. And so this is a wide-open invitation to come and experience, just an amazing conference that will set you on fire for the love of God.

Love Reigns! – Episode #373 – Shulamite Podcast

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