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Episode #368 – Kingdom Children


Kingdom Children
28 December 2013
Episode #368

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guest: Jennifer Wentzel

(M) We deal a lot with the externals of this life, but the real mystery is the internal. He solves things from the inside, so quietly that you wonder how it happened.
(J) Well I’ve always thought the “will and to do”, was in the moment. I always thought it was, ok, so in the moment when there is a choice, yes, I’ll be there to do it. But I didn’t realize that there was a complete under-girding of the choice, an internal working so that you could make that choice.
(M) Umhmm.
(J) That’s, that’s amazing to me, that what needs to go on, He is doing in me currently, quite apart from me, as an internal work
(M) Yeah, and that’s what He did with me after that big profession of ‘I’m going to get ready’, that I made fifteen years ago, and pretty much went on my way. And He’s accomplished it. It’s just amazing to me. I say ‘yes’, and pretty much I can forget it. It my ‘yes’ is real, pretty much I can leave it with Him, and He will do it in the most, just like you would do a little child; just in the most calm and slow manner, it is done. And so much of our change as a group, John, is due to your health crisis. It did not prove to be a terrible crisis, but through what came onto you as, as head of the ministry, you went a certain direction, and ah, diet and exercise and so forth, and we went with you. So you led us even though it was not you accomplishing it; you did lead us. Isn’t that amazing? He’s bigger than we are. All He needs is ‘yes’.
(J) I didn’t do it at all. (They laugh.) I didn’t do…
(M) You didn’t even volunteer for it did you? (Martha laughs.)
(J) No, I just; He did something inside me. It was quite apart from me, and did it.
(M) Well, during this ah, last ten days or so I’ve been working on the next booklet, “Kingdom Children”. And I think it’s probably an hour from being finished. And then maybe some checking with Jennifer. But He ah, I guess this is gonna be a tease of it, so be it. (She laughs.) I had a big hole in the manuscript that I could not solve; didn’t have the words to solve. I didn’t even really have the understanding to solve. How do you tell the difference between childish and childlikeness? And I knew that that needed to be in there, because you could dismiss it in one direction or the other. It had to be clear distinction, because the Bible speaks of both. And ah, during this time we were fasting and praying, with the help of two people, which I will give credit to in due time. I sat down, and one of them was a very brilliant young man. He didn’t know my dilemma, but he addressed, he said, Martha, you’ve got to differentiate from the beginning what is childish, and what is childlikeness. And then Jennifer talked to me at length and gave me enormous insight. And when I gathered those two things together and sat down, I said, “Lord, it’s got to be simple. It’s got to be simple, isn’t it?” Oh my goodness, what separates childlikeness from childish is so simple that it’s startling. And so pretty soon, that will be known. (They laugh.)
(J) It is on Kindle Book, NEW!
(M) But anyway. Another thing I saw, this won’t be in the booklet, but I’ve been brooding on the Beatitudes, and how He said, “Give no thought for the morrow, for the morrow will take care of itself.” And for years, I’ve tried to do that. And for the adult it is not possible. And I thought, and He’s reduced me at times to that, completely just by the Spirit. But now He has accomplished it, because He has reduced me and reduced me to the essence of what a child is. And I realized that all the things addressed to believers in the Beatitudes, especially in Matthew, and Luke, are addressed to the child, you can’t do it if you don’t have, the Christ Child, especially living inside of you. So that’s, the adult will take that on as a project. And… (They all laugh.) And ah, I did, I would, years ago, I would pray over each one and say I’m gonna do this now, I’m gonna do this, ok, ok, whoops! Fell again. (She laughs.) So it’s not addressed to me, really, it’s addressed to Christ. Christ the Child. So there’s gonna be, “Kingdom Children”, coming out soon, and one about the King, and then one about love, the kingdom of love. So I’m excited, because I’m almost to the end of this one, and it’s been quite a journey. And I’m amazed when I’ve been supported by fasting and praying; I’m amazed how… And you got, during that week got enormous work done, didn’t you John?
(J) I did.
(M) So, but it’s just crucial to understand how important and crucial fasting is. There’re some things that aren’t broken without fasting.
(J) We were so grateful for everybody that was willing to join up and help us, and stand with us. And ah, that really was phenomenal.
(M) It was. And we’d like to extend that, that calling for a fast to all the listeners. We’re still on the fast, and we’d love to, to know if you join us. And one of the things Derek Prince mentions, that Carole found, is that when you go together as a corporate fast, you pray for the other people who are fasting. And there’s something different about a corporate fast, there’s a much greater power. I’ve had no problem; I’ve just sailed through. And ah, I think others have too. Ah, several revelations have come out. One man had a long list of things that he saw in his calling, and then another person has had a dream. So there’ve been a number of revelations, and I’m sure I don’t even know them all, all that’s happened.
(J) But I’m amazed that this whole thing, you know, kind of started with a phone call, and then became, from the phone call became a message, the judgment message, and then from the judgment message was connected to the ah, judgment message that you did in ’98. And then the whole thing, it kind of blows me away, there again, the whole working of that whole situation.
(M) Yeah.
(Jennifer) Ok, and on that, I’m just getting over a little mini-flu, ah, probably brought on by close proximity to my beloved nephew, slash, germ carriers. Uhmm, if I could stop kissing them this wouldn’t happen every time, but there you go. So I had not joined the fast yet, but what is so fascinating to me is how He prepares even an entrance into a fast. And so for the people listening, that Martha has just extended the call to, ah, we’d guess that if you were to look back at the last week or two in your life you would see a preparation for that call. I know for me, that it wasn’t just a time of being physically less than a hundred percent. Uhm, in my life verse it says, “With fasting, with weeping and with mourning”, and I always considered those as three different ways you could come in, and I look at it now and I think there is an element of tandem with that, that that is part of it, that there is a death in fasting, and with death comes weeping and mourning. And I know for me the last week and a half have been a time of enormous repentance and ah, weeping and mourning, and I am now brought to a place where for the first time I have a hunger to join a fast, because I’ll be honest, that is not my cup of tea, ever. (She laughs.) My fast, I’m definitely, I might now talk to anybody else, but I talk to the Lord pretty consistently like, ‘are You watching this?’ Because I’m feeling it, and it’s, I’m not having a good time right this moment, and I hope You’re here, and are noting that I haven’t buckled yet even though I really am not happy. You know, I mean I’m not a good faster at all. And uhm, I feel like He has prepared me, to join this, to join this fast, so for those receiving the call, I am, I am with you coming in, because He has prepared it perfectly.
(M) Well it started really John, with your beginning to think about the, ah, ‘doomsday prophets’, and you began to write about it. So I’d encourage everybody to go back and read your blogs about that, how there has to be hope. And the great hope is right there in the scriptures.
(J) And if you’ll go back there you can also request the message if you didn’t get that message, ah, where you’re basically given the ’98 message that Martha did about judgment of America, and the “Call To War”. We’re giving that message away for free, and the link is in the first blog post, which is “What Profit’s A Prophet?
(M) And I did a tape for December, what’s the name of it Jennifer?
(Jennifer) “The War Inside” is December.
(M) “The War Inside” is December. And the Amplified in Joel 2:15 says, “Blow the trumpet in Zion, set apart a fast, a day of restraint and humility, call a solemn assembly. Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elderly, gather the children, the bride and bridegroom.” Ok, “Let the priest’s weep.” And then it’s the prayer. Several years ago, at least ten years ago, the Lord said to me, “Pray for my people, there will be a melt-down.” I don’t know what that means, but I felt, you know Jesus said, “I do not pray for the world, I pray for those that are Mine.” So I feel like that I’ve prayed that just as a matter of being faithful, but not particularly anointed. And I feel like this is the beginning of the anointing to pray for His people, for His people to get into the position where the judgment does not fall on them. And he gives the prayer here. It’s very similar to what the Lord told me to pray. “Have pity and spare Your people O, Lord, and give not Your heritage to reproach. Then the heathen nations should rule over them and use a by-word against them. Why should they say among the peoples, where is there God? Then was the Lord jealous for His land and had pity on His people.” And this is for Israel too. This is addressed to Israel. So I, I believe that Israel will be part of what we come to, to pray, and it won’t simply be about America, but about the world. I think we should end with Jennifer’s verse again. Do you mind repeating it in memory?
(Jennifer) Not at all.
(M) ok.
(Jennifer) “Therefore also now, says the Lord, turn to Me and keep on coming with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning, until every hindrance is removed and the broken fellowship is restored. Rend your hearts and not your garments and return to the Lord, your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in loving-kindness; and He revokes His sentence of evil when His conditions are met.”
(M) Isn’t that amazing?
(Jennifer) Yeah. (Spoken so softly, deeply felt.)
(M) That is so amazing. So bless you Jennifer. You started off, you started a wave. (They laugh together.) May it reverberate.
(Jennifer) Years to go people, because it’s quite a wave. (She laughs.)
(M) I pray going out. And thank you John, for following the Spirit.

Kingdom Children – Episode #368 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. LA says:

    Thank you for sharing about fasting, Jennifer. Until just recently I guess I had never really fasted (like the Daniel fast) but only ‘given up’ food items for Lent. Or I removed certain items from my family’s diet–sodas, white pastas and breads, etc. When I recently agreed to join a corporate fast, I was traveling for part of it. So I just said, Lord, I can’t control everything on this trip, this is too big for me! And I did not feel led to tell anyone I was fasting. The first thing I was served when I arrived at my destination was a vegetarian soup! And I had to laugh at myself, then Lord went before me. All I had to do was say ‘yes’ and He showed me He could–and would–keep it for me. What a wonderful Father!

  2. Susan says:

    Timely message. Suggestion, when reading the scriptures during the podcast could you also give the book, chapter and verse for those of us who are journaling or following along? Thanks!!!

    1. John Enslow says:

      I am so sorry Susan, I have to remember that because even if we mention it once, the podcast might be broken up over weeks and that means it won’t be in every episode. The reference to Jennifer’s scripture is Joel 2:12,13 in the Amplified Bible.

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