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Episode #367 – The Latter Rain

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The Latter Rain
21 December 2013
Episode # 367

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) Carole found this other book, Derek Prince, “Shaping History Through Prayer And Fasting.”  And I’m so excited because we’re going to carry this book. In the beginning of the book he lays a foundation that judgment that comes on the earth, and this is what I’ve been doing for six conferences, because I believe it. But he absolutely proves that if you’re walking in obedience, if you’re surrendered to the Lord, the judgment will not touch you. And he sites Psalm 91, “Ten thousand will fall at your side, it will not touch you.” You’ll be hidden in the secret place. So he absolutely ignited my faith that no matter what’s coming, it will not touch. . . it’s Kingdom Safety. It will not touch those who are obedient and are living in the Kingdom. And he gives many more examples in scriptures, so I’m just begging everybody to get that book, because it’s, it’s phenomenal, it’ll build your faith, it will build your knowledge of scripture, it will under-gird you in prayer and the power of prayer, and the enormous power we have to affect history. See, he says that the United States is too passive, and that God intends for us to have good government, and that we’re not praying for it. And he’s right. He’s absolutely right. But never the less, here’s what… Then I come to; he talks about Joel 2, and the book of Joel. And of course you can imagine I got real excited. But he says… Oh in Daniel, he goes into Daniel. But I read the part where he says, “He’s poured out for you the rain, the early and latter rain as before.” And he goes into detail that the early rain is Pentecost, and when Pentecost came, that’s the first rain. But the latter rain is supposed to be now, because the early rain, the day of the Lord’s coming, the end of time began at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came and indwelt thousands of people. And he says that is the beginning of the last days. The last days have lasted over two thousand years now. He says that the latter rain is about the end of that period, and that is now. And of course Peter read that Joel 2 to explain what was happening, that it was the outpouring of the Spirit. But he says that that will happen, and so I’ve been praying that for years and not seeing much movement about it. But I’m confident that it’s stacked up like sheaves, you know, that those prayers are waiting, so I don’t regret it. But I know that that’s the answer to every problem. All you have to pray is the Holy Spirit. That is the answer to prayer. He is the Prayer, He is the Councilor, He is the Advocate, He is the Comforter, He’s everything. He’s the One Who knows you best, and holds the key to every step you take. He’s absolutely the only thing you need. And He searches the heart of God for the will of God; He brings the will of God to my heart. I could just go on and on, but anyway, that’s going to be the solution to the end-times, it’s going to be what Frangipane and other’s believe is the great last revival. And I believe, because you brought up that judgment, it has put a fire back in me, John, to see what He’s done in the time since I spoke it. I want to read this quote from Derek Prince’ book, it’s page 127. “The former rain of the Holy Spirit marks the beginning of the last days, while the latter rain of the Holy Spirit marks the close of the last days. God both begins and ends His dealings with the Church on earth by a universal outpouring of His Holy Spirit. The first rain of the Holy Spirit fell on the early Church; the latter rain of the Holy Spirit is falling on the Church worldwide in our days. Such is the implication of Peter’s phrase ‘the last days’. So, ah, there’s been a number of us fasting now because this is the beginning of it. And we’re doing the Daniel fast. I think there’s a website called daniel-fast.com, gives you some guidelines on how to do it. And ah, it’s a wonderful way to fast, because it’s no dairy, no sugar, no sweet, no meat, absolutely no meat. And ah, so, but after about a week I got some feed back from some that are fasting. This person says, “The fast is incredible experience for me. God is working in such mysterious ways. What a joy to be fasting for the Lord in His work.” Another one says, “I’m so thankful for this fast. I feel like someone sitting outside on a foggy morning and watching the mist evaporate to reveal the most beautiful scenery. His beauty just seems to erupt, full-blown and overwhelming, joyously mystified.” So, um, I sensed the Lord was asking in the beginning of this fast, I felt one day that He was asking for a very big ‘yes’ to be His servant in the future, the unknown. And He’s always asks me for an agreement to what is coming, that I don’t know what’s coming. It’s like you have to sign a blank contract. And that is His integrity, because that’s the way to make it through is to say ‘yes’, before it comes. So I’m, there’s always a new yes, just because you’ve said, I’m Yours forever and a day, and do whatever You like, the most complete surrender is still, I have to sign a contract where you, only when the terms are going to be disclosed will He come back and say, ‘ok, is there still a yes?’ An absolute ‘yes’. So I’m sensing that I’m on the edge, on the verge of seeing some things, some of which I’ve seen. But one thing I’ve seen is that we’re in a time like Gideon, because we are at war. I was even reminded myself of that by the CD that you made John (request CD at bottom of blog post), that we are at war. And we know this in our, in our little midst, in Shulamite ministries. It’s a horrific war. But I see that the Lord has started a long time ago, to cut out people who love the world, people who fear. And the Lord does it, because if you’re in a battle with someone who’s afraid, I’ve said this several times before in different arena’s, they will sacrifice you to save their lives. I was looking at something the other day about soldier’s, and it says that in the front line of the ah, like the navy seals, if you have any fear you can’t do that, because you can’t think right if you’re afraid. So God will deal with all fear.
(J) And we did that when we went through the “Surviving The Cut” podcasts, when we were talking about the preparation of the marines and the seals and the special forces, green beret’s, and we were showing how their training was so intense. And they were literally brought to the edge of death on a really repeated kind of regiment, so that, you know, whether they were drowning, they were taken just to the edge of death and then taken up, they were having to face death on a regular basis so that they would not fear it. And, and that’s basically we were, the end result of those podcasts is that we were saying the same thing is the Lord does that as His children, and that’s His warriors, and that’s reigning and ruling with Him.
(M) Well, ah, Derek Prince touches on Gideon too, that at first he had 32,000 men, and God reduced him to 10,000, and then, there’s some funny sermons about it that I’ve heard, that, “ok, isn’t that enough Lord?” No, that’s too many, all who are afraid, go home. And He gets down to 300 men. And I feel like the Lord is doing that with the Body of Christ with vital groups that He is removing those who are dangerous. I could say to one man some time back, I know that if it came to it, you would turn us in immediately; I don’t trust you to remain faithful to the Lord. So the Lord is separating out. And the, ah, our safety lies in being through that same grid of trial. And actually in the Special Forces only a third make it through. So few there be that find it on this ground as well, but the safest place to be is in the middle of His will. That’s the only safe place there will be. But the ones remaining were watchful, weren’t careless, ready to die. In the morning we’re going to do a podcast on losing your life unto death, and the victory of that. So that will follow, however long this podcast goes. But to say ‘yes’ is to let the Lord live it in you. Yes is not to perform. All He wants is yes. The yes is to His life, the yes it to His ability, it is to His performance. And He’s such a wonderful Father that He leads us gently along. And I think I saw His Fatherhood over these what, fifteen years since I did that tape? How much He has gently, like taking a flock of sheep, led us into this arena, into that arena, to be more disciplined and so forth. And I want to say, personally, that if anybody cannot afford this book, please just let us know. It will be supplied.
(J) I’m always amazed at the fact that He always, in faithfulness, He shows His faithfulness by getting you ready for things. I’m always kind of amazed at when I’ll be at a point of decision; He had worked the foundation to make that choice when the choice was needing to be made. And so I’m making choices currently, and you know, this life is never gonna be anything other than this, but there’re some choices that I’m making currently that I’m having to choose. And I’m seeing how quite apart from me, He’s under-girding me with my ‘yes’ choice, because I’ve made a yes choice, He’s under-girding me with the choices that I will need to make to go further with Him. And He’s doing all the inroads and all the foundational work in me so even I’ll have dreams of things of choices I’m making that aren’t even choices that are… Does this make sense? That aren’t even choices that are ‘up’, that are being made in maybe a week or two weeks or a month, He’s setting it all up so that I can make those choices when it’s time and when it’s I’m on the precipice of needing to make the choice now, I can make that choice because the foundational work had already been laid out.
(M) Yeah, He works within us to will and to do, to will, and to do. And I think at some point either on a tape of the month or a podcast I was talking about, we deal a lot with the externals of this life, but the real mystery is the internal. He solves things from the inside, so quietly that you wonder how it happened.
(J) Well I’ve always thought that the will and to do was in the moment. Ok, so in the moment when there is the choice, yes, I’ll be there to do it, but I didn’t realize that there was a complete under-girding of the choice, an internal working so that you could make that choice.
(M) Hmhmm.
(J) That’s amazing to me that what needs to go on, He’s doing in me currently, quite apart from me, as an internal work.
(M) Yeah, and that’s what He did with me, after that big profession of ‘I’m going to get ready’ that I made fifteen years ago, and pretty much went on my way; and He’s accomplished it, it’s just amazing to me. But I say ‘yes’, and pretty much I can forget it, if my yes is real, pretty much I can live it with Him and He will do it in the most… Just like you would do a little child, just in the most calm and slow manner, it is done.

The Latter Rain – Episode #367 – Shulamite Podcast

4 Responses

  1. Barb says:

    I am reading Derek Prince’s book which you recommended! Lots of good thoughts in there, however when he states so strongly that “good government is always the will of God” I believe he is mistaken. In the end times, specifically during tribulation there will not be “good government” which promotes and supports the spread of the gospel. While I do STRONGLY agree that we should be praying for our government, the antichrist WILL eventually come into power and I have to believe that as difficult and challenging as that time will be, it is also the absolute will of God. But would I call it “good government”……. And It is my personal belief that those days are drawing very close indeed. While I AM totally committed to continuing in prayer, I do not necessarily believe we are going to see a huge turn around in the way things are going, especially if these indeed are the very last of the last days! Blessings……

    1. John Enslow says:

      Good Morning Barb, I do agree with you. And I don’t know if you have heard the podcasts where I have spoken about our government, I put the link below. As I have prayed for our nation and government, the Lord spoke to my heart a word that disturbed and comforted me. He said of Obama, “I have need of him.” So while the direction our country is taking politically is not on my top 5 wish lists, I do know that it is good, because God is good, and He is doing something. I guess “good government” is up for interpretation. hahaha Maybe “good” means, serving God’s good purpose not our pleasure.

      Anyway, thank you for listening and for commenting.
      Bless you Barb!
      John Enslow


  2. LA says:

    Giving up meat (not eggs or fish) during Lent is about as far as I’ve gone with fasting. But when I said ‘yes’ to fast a Daniel type fast recently, The Lord had to accomplish it because I could not. I did not understand–and still don’t understand with my mind–what happens in the Spirit when we fast. I could not make more time for prayer and did not tell anyone but two friends in The Lord. Then my boss gave me some mornings off so I had prayer time, I was sent in a trip and felt He wanted His presence over the city where I was sent. So I just let be. Truly amazing God Who wants to be our whole life. But as Martha has said, we have to be IN our life .

  3. cinthya says:

    So interesting, thanks for all. Thanks The Lord for His word. God bless you

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