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Episode #365 – Everything Exists for God

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Everything Exists for God
Episode #365
7 December 2013

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) And also John, I didn’t gather all the scriptures, so many of them are in Luke. But God wants to be able to trust us in the little things, so that He can give us big things. So all these small issues in life really are a test of the purity of heart. But it’s all about what you hold in your heart, what material thing you own becomes an idol.
(J) It owns you.
(M) Yes, it owns you. Because the point is, everything belongs to God, everything. He’s the One that gives the promotion; He’s the One that gives the demotion. He’s the One that gives a job and takes a job. He’s the One Who owns everything; He owns the world and everything in it and they that dwell therein. But I understand that issue of ownership takes you out of greed.
(J) Hmm.
(M) And takes you out of idolatry. But you live more lavishly supplied than you could ever supply for yourself, for the most part. And this is referring to His followers, His disciples. There are plenty out there that aren’t His disciples that maybe can prosper and get in the wealth of the world. But if you don’t love the things of the world, and He owns them all, then you don’t love the world even though you walk in the world you are not of it, which is what Jesus prayed. And the secret of not being ‘of it’, is living utterly in His will, valuing, loving His will, and then He supplies you for His will.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) I want to hear from you, because you have an unusual, you’re not, you don’t care about money, you’re not involved with money, you don’t get afraid about money, and yet you are meticulously a steward, an extremely faithful steward of things and money. How’d you get so free, do you know?
(J) I had a big dealing when I first came up to the ministry and basically I went into that time of solitude and the Bible study supported me. But from month to month, week to week, day to day, I had no idea what was gonna come in. And there was a big dealing where I just really got a little fearful about the entire thing. I was like going, ‘what’re You doing God?’
(M) Because you had been self-sufficient for many years, totally self-sufficient, you didn’t look to anybody but John. Then…
(J) Yeah, absolutely, and then, and then all of a sudden I could look to nobody but God. And I didn’t even know what was coming in, and it would just come in through the mail. I mean it just all of a sudden it would be there. And so I had to literally look to Him and say, how are You gonna supply anything? It wasn’t looking for individual needs, I just had the entire lot of my life was literally in His hands, and I said well, if You don’t do something I’m in trouble. And so He did. He proved Himself to me. And He was so faithful to do it. And so I just… There was a dealing that He did in my heart that I really wasn’t aware of, that He was setting me free from the stress of it, and I was real grateful because it did, it released me to be able to ah, look to Him as my Father. And that was, that was a big work. And ah, yeah, I’m currently going through another one of those with my physical body right now, and releasing health to Him to basically ah, sustain my life. And that’s been another thing that’s, you know, I’ve done a lot to be able to maintain and sustain myself, and He’s asking me basically, ‘I want to work this in you’, and just kind of cast it on me, but it’s such a stronghold of strength that I’ve had.
(M) Hmhm.
(J) So I’m making the choice, and like I’ve been writing in the blog about the ‘yes’, I have no ability to do this. I didn’t have any ability to release my finances into His hands, but there was a yes that I made at that point, so that He could do it, and He did. And so I’ll, I’ll do it exactly the same way, I’m saying ‘yes’, You want this, and this is what You want to work in my life, and so I say ‘yes’ for Your Life to work it through in my life. And He’s so able to do that, and so completely sufficient in being able to, uhm, work in our lives the aspect and character development that He needs to, you know, He is my life, so He is able to do all these things; and so I’m just trusting Him, and I’m allowing Him to do things that really are scary.
(MK) Well, John, it’s kind of funny because ah, there’ve been times when I would say, we need this John, it’s big, do we have the money? And you would say I don’t know. And I’d say John we have to; we have to, ah, know if we have the money. And he would say, “If it is a need, the money will be there.” And every time it would be. And you were rather lavishly supplied, by that small group of people, for two years were you not?
(J) I absolutely was.
(M) There was no poverty spirit in that group. They lavishly supplied you expecting nothing from you. And we didn’t know it, but you spent that time in fellowship with the Lord, and learning the computer skills that were going to be needed for the ministry that we didn’t anticipate whatsoever. So it was perfect. But you do have a faith that God supplies what we need, absolutely, and lavish.
(J) And lavish doesn’t mean I was driving around a Rolls Royce and I was doing all that kind of stuff. I didn’t do anything, so I didn’t need a whole lot of money, you know. I just, my rent, my utilities, and my food was sufficient. But He was so faithful and completely able to do it.
(M) I can tell about Carole too. That Carole is in, has a gift of hospitality and is a marvelous homemaker. And she is a wonderful cook, she’s just known, she’s famous by cooking. And she lived in a small cabin. And the Lord showed me this wonderful larger house for her, and she had become so content in her little cabin. She had lived in a much larger house near Atlanta, but when she came to the mountains, it was to a very small, very difficult to live in cabin. I marveled that she could get everything organized, and she did. It was beautiful besides. But the Lord had to just force her into better quarters. (Martha laughs.)
(J) Hmhm.
(M) She didn’t ask for it, and it came to her actually, I said, “This is your house.” She said, “I don’t know, I don’t want that.” (She laughs.) But God changed her mind and she believes that she lives in a palace, and she does. It’s beautiful, a beautiful cabin, and very comfortable and lovely. And ah… But her work in this Body, one of her gifts to the Lord is hospitality, and she is gracious and joyful and delighted and energetic, and so she has the home and the things in it to fulfill that calling.
(J) Hmhmm, hmhmm.
(M) And ah, she has, she many of our guests stay with her, and love it. So, but the point of all of it, obviously is, that it’s a matter of what you need to do His will; and what you want to do His will, He will supply without fail. And He’s done it so faithfully that it’s astonishing among us. Outside His will, you’re on your own. Shall I tell about Scott’s house and the blood on the lintel, both, here briefly?
(J) Ok.
(M) Ah, recently, one of my sons has a new home and I went to visit; and lovely, lovely home. And I said to him, you know, if God owns something, He can protect it. If you own it, you’re on your own, you’ll have to protect it and you won’t be able to; you can protect nothing or anything. And they had something a little bit disturbing happen. And so I said, “What you really ought to do is just give the ownership of this house to the Lord. Then He will keep you safe, and He’ll keep the house safe, and if He wants to take it away He will. But you won’t have the worry of it.” God, I remember reading in Watchman Nee, the story of an old man, and he had nothing. And this Christian said to him, “But aren’t you worried?” He said, “Worried? No. Christ is responsible.” And that statement is, if I assume my responsibility to do His will, to live in the place He has provided, then He is responsible for me. But if I don’t pick up my responsibility, if I do something He hasn’t sanctioned, or I go in a tangent or a cause that He hasn’t sent me on, then I’m on my own. But if I’m in His will, in His calling, in His purpose, then He’s responsible. And He has proven Himself in this ministry in ways that we and I don’t even know.
(J) Well it’s bondage; if you’re continually absorbed with keeping, amassing, getting, ah, supplying, it’s bondage. You’re unable to follow His will because you’re all about the material.
(M) You’re the servant of things.
(J) Yeah, instead of the servant of God. It’s all, what I’m thinking is, it’s almost like He says about marriage. If you’re married, be as if you’re not, well, in the same way, if you ‘have’, ‘live’ like you have not. (Martha: Right.) Meaning that it’s, it’s not yours to do, just let Him do it. And that’s real easy to say, you know, I know single mothers, it’s real easy to say.
(M) I don’t even know how to tell someone this story, uhm that I heard years ago, of a foreign woman who was here, with I think five children. And her husband beat her and left her, and he’d only come home to beat her again. But her children were spiritually and emotionally healthy. And here’s what she did. She taught them they had a heavenly Father that supplied everything they needed. And so she would say your heavenly Father, ask your heavenly Father. If you can live that, and I think, very poor, they lived in poverty. One of the children said, “I want a swimming pool.” And she didn’t say oh no, we can’t afford that, oh no, no, no, we don’t have things like that, don’t be ridiculous. She didn’t do that. She said, “Then ask your Father.” Do you know what he got? (John laughs.) Somehow, I don’t remember the sequence. He won a swimming pool in some contest, and he won the swimming pool.
(J) That’s crazy.
(M) But what a heritage. They lived in a security that they were not in want; they were in supply. And that’s an incredible heritage to give to children.
(J) We know several people that live in the bondage of poverty, because it’s a mental thing.
(M) Hmhm. Yes. And sometimes it has nothing to do with how much you have. You can not be in there at all and still live that way. Yeah, that’s true, that’s true. But I want to finish about my house. So I said you, you need to have someone dedicate your house to the Lord, and He can use it for what He wants to. And my son said, “Could you do it now?” (Martha laughs.) So I prayed, asked the Lord to give me a prayer and I prayed, and applied the blood of Christ over the door posts and on the lentils, and on their property, and that the blood of Christ was there, and I prayed that the death angel… I don’t know why I prayed that, that’s just what came to me. I don’t have a rote prayer. And I prayed that the death angel would pass over their house because of the blood shed for them. And so the next morning we went to church, and you were there, so you know. So the minister preached this magnificent sermon on the sacrifice of the Lamb, and the application of the blood on the doorposts. He tells it dramatically. It’s, and you can find it, help me with it, I don’t remember his name, but it was a fantastic sermon. I wept over it. I looked at my son, he looked at me, and ah, because I had just prayed that, and he said, what they didn’t know was they were in applying it to the lintel and the doorpost, they were making the cross.
(J) The sign of the cross.
(M) The cross, and the Lamb. And they ended up with this wonderful conclusion, nothing but the Blood, and then the musicians sang that. But the sermon is called, “Meet Your Maker”, and it’s one in a series. This one I think is called “Nothing But The Blood”, isn’t it. And it’s ReynoldaChurch.org.
(website: reynolda.org)
(M) And you can watch the sermon on videos, the dramatic presentation of it. It was just wonderful. But there was a story God supplied the prayer, and then affirmed it by a sermon. So it’s just incredible. All we have to do is walk in the Spirit in His will, and we will have the most wonderful and difficult life; (she laughs) costly, and totally supplied. The only thing that will make “all grace abound to you”, that’s abound is all the money, “so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times.” That covers everything. You may abound in every good work. I’m going to read one other verse that is incredible. It’s
1 Cor. 8:6, “For us there is but One God, the Father, from whom are all things, and we exist for Him. And when the Lord Jesus cries, by Whom are all things, and we exist through Him.” Isn’t that wonderful? From the Father come all things. And we’re just for Him, not for ourselves. And through Jesus Christ come all things, and we exist through Him. Isn’t that awesome? I’m going to memorize that verse. God owns and gives everything that we will really need, much more really. If we give Him everything, He will see to it that we have our dreams, to the smallest thing.

Everything Exists for God – Episode #365 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Hello Mr. Enslow,
    I was intrigued by your comments on trusting the Lord with your health. I was wondering if you would consider communicating some of what you are hearing from the Lord in regards to this in an email to me. Whatever comes to your spirit.
    About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, a family illness, and the Lord spoke to me that health is a gift from Him not something we are in control of……which I realized that I arrogantly believed I was responsible for. So He has been dealing with me in this area. So just wondering if you would be willing to share….. If not, that’s okay too…..

    1. John Enslow says:

      Thank you for commenting Rebecca! I will surely share with you what the Lord has been saying. I think it is so very important so let me do it via our blog at GetAlongWithGod.com. I will pray and see if the Lord will give me a post for Monday 12/16. (C;

  2. cinthya says:

    So precious. All the glory to The Lord. Love u

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