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Episode #359 – Surrender to Love

Waving the white flag

Surrender to Love
26 October 2013
Episode #359

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Jennifer Wentzel and Jacquelyn Nawrocki

(M) Only a child can receive. So, He’s attacking my adult asceticism, which He loathes, amazingly. And He’s doing it in visible way, so that I’ll get it in spiritual ways.
(Jennifer) Well, I realize that asceticism is, it’s an attack on Him. It’s not just a way of being, it’s a rejection of the fullness of Who He is, put into practice. A daily rejection. (Jennifer laughs.)
(J) I have a thought that just came to me about hiding your light under a bushel. I wonder if the bushel is not just a cap on what you will accept?
(Jennifer) Oh, my gosh.
(M) I’ve had a limited view of that one.
(J) Well, I just saw that,
(M) You proved me right.
(J) I just saw that, just as we were talking. I said, “Oh, the bushel is literally a cap, a limitation that I place over His light coming out of me.”
(M) I’ve gotta tell about my blouses, the blouses. I have lost weight, and I have clothes that I don’t mind wearing them too big. But I was gonna stop at some place that let’s have a fifty percent sale. And so, we were on our way to, I’ll say, a project in Atlanta, and so we just stopped off and I said, “Well they may be on sale.” So I pick out three, and John keeps saying well look at this, and the clerk keeps saying look at this and look at this. And I’m going, I can’t, I can’t buy that many. I can’t buy that many. And but then they say ok, it’s senior day and you get another ten percent off, and they were fifty percent off of fifty percent. They were like a fourth of the original price. So I’m ending up with ten blouses, and I’m like a little child saying, I can afford this! (She’s laughing.) And so John kept saying but look at the price Martha. It’s $80.00 blouses for $14.00 and $12.00. And so I get all these blouses and then, then they find one that they don’t have my size in, and so they fix it out, not only the clerk fix it out that they order it from another store and mail it to me. And so I’m going, my head is just going but I get… She says, she looks at me and my age, and she says, “Now you go sit down.” I said, “I can’t sit down, I’m too excited.” (She’s laughing.) And so we come out with, with ten, with eleven blouses; and I sit down and figure it out, and I have bought almost over six hundred dollars worth of clothes for like a hundred and fifty. And I had the hundred fifty. And I’m just blown away, so I go where we’re in an a hotel, and in my hotel room I lay them all out on the bed, and I try them all on like a little girl. (She’s laughing.) And they’re perfect for me and for my age. And so, that’s His lavishness. And if I’d been alone, I would have bought two. But between the clerk and John, (Martha laughs) they kept finding things I couldn’t resist, and so… That’s neither here nor there, but I would’ve put a bushel over that, and the Lord wouldn’t let me. He even knew how to set it up so that I would have to…
(J) He brings the bull to push it through the china shop.
(M) (Martha laughs.) And it was just Him. It’s just His, His care about…
(Carole) And at the end of all that, He is our reward. He is the One that we see through the abundance that He gives. He is the promise. I mean He is, He is. Was it to Moses He said, “And I will be your reward.” And He is, at the end of that we know Him more. We love Him more, because it’s spontaneous that you do that. But I was going to say, all of this to me is a picture of the living impartation, because this has been imparted to us in this Body from you. That, that vision has been imparted through a living impartation. I didn’t even set out for that. I didn’t set out for that. That was never a goal. Beauty was never a goal. But I receive that as a, as a living impartation. And we receive these, these things in the Body from each other as living impartations. Again, as that blood is flowing through the Body, we are receiving the living impartation. And I didn’t know that until we’re talking about it, but I have received, I have received that. I didn’t go; I didn’t go out to get it. I didn’t go out to get that creativity. I didn’t, I didn’t even know what I was going out for. The last verse, and I’ve said this before; I don’t mean to be repetitive though I am. The last verse in “Just As I Am Without One Plea” is “Just as I am, Thy love unknown, hath broken every barrier down. Oh to be Thine, Thine alone. Oh Lamb of God, I come, I come.” Is that not what He’s doing? He’s breaking that, that love unknown, that we do know, comes in and breaks down every barrier to our barriers, every barrier, so that we will be fully and completely His and know Him.
(Jacquelyn) I keep thinking of a sculpture, Michael Angelo, and how he would see rock, but he saw beyond the rock, and he saw the beauty. And I see that with Martha and all the ones that God sends to you. When I came to Martha, I was a rock. And Martha in her love for Christ and His beauty saw the creation of me and of us, and He takes the chisel and He chisels away until His creation is there.
(J) Until Christ be formed in you.
(Jacquelyn) Yes, until Christ be formed.
(M) When we went to see Michael Angelo’s sculptures, I didn’t expect to be affected by David. I’ve seen pictures of that statue for years, and I didn’t expect to be stunned speechless by it, because it was so alive,. All I can tell you is it was so alive. The veins in his arm were real. His hands were real. The expression on his face, I’ve never seen it up close by any photograph, but he was intense. Michael Angelo had a gift from God to see a beauty that he was able to create. I believe God gave him the vi… He said he just took that piece of marble and hit what wasn’t David. That’s what God does with us. (John laughs.) He chisels what is not John and Jacquelyn. He, He takes away what is not ‘of you’. And I’ve often said to people, “I’m fighting you for you, to be what you were created to be.”
(J) Cookie.
(M) Cookie. (Martha laughs.) I called John yesterday and I said, “Ok, Cookie, and he knew what was coming.” (She laughs.) Something; and it was wonderful. But my point is. Ok, someone made a bronze of the statue of David, and that’s on the square in Florence. After having seen the original, we went up close to look at the bronze copy, and it was dead. I can’t tell you why. I’m sure it was executed with a graft, and it was executed meticulously copied, but you couldn’t copy Michael Angelo’s living vision.
(Jacquelyn) It’s a difference in the artist, the difference in the artist and the gift.
(M) And the gift. My point, I think, is the artist who did the bronze was expert, but he didn’t have the calling and the gift that God gave Michael Angelo.
(Jacquelyn) Do you remember the, the, ah, two ballerinas?
(J) I was just gonna say that, Maria Berea?
(Jacquelyn) I don’t remember what the program was, but there was, there was such a difference in the two ballerinas. One was correct, but one had passion.
(M) What she had was surrender. This is an old story. Shall I? Shall I tell it? I grew up with a friend of our family, who was in Atlanta Ballet Company. And so I went to a lot of ballet, more than you would probably go to. And I really loved ballet and took lessons for years. But, so I went to… Someone invited me, who was really involved in the Atlanta Ballet Company. She invited, took me to a performance. And she whispered to me as we were watching it. She said this woman studied with the Bolshoi in Russia. She is superb. Look at her back how she holds her back, and she is meticulous and perfect in her movements. So, I watched her, and when it was over there was polite applause, and no, nothing standing, and everyone left. But there was a ballerina on the stage that I was fascinated with. She was not the lead in that, that particular; but I said I’ve got to go back and find out. This ballerina had life, and the one from the Bolshoi did not. So I said I’ve got to figure this out. I’m looking at something eternal. So I got tickets, and I think I took one of my granddaughters. I don’t know. We got tickets right down at the front so I could look at this one up close, and she had the lead in this performance. I made sure I got this Maria Berea, I believe was her name, a little Philippine woman. And I made sure that I got her performance, and I watched her, and so the play, I think it was Swan Lake, went through, and she performed, and I could see her face, I could see her body. And she was the principle dancer of the Company. The one that I hadwatched before was the second. And so I left there knowing I had witnessed something, and I said, “You have to show me what I’ve seen,” because when Maria Berea finished the performance there was a standing applause that lasted some ten minutes. Also the company that danced with her was different. They were alive. There was a magic on the stage that was completely different. Everything in the prior performance was executed perfectly and you know. Under the influence of that lead dancer they performed like she did. It was a performance, but there was no life that touched the audience, that touched the heart or the soul. So I said, “You have to tell me what I’ve looked at, Lord.” And He said, “You saw her face surrendered to the dance. The other one mastered ballet, and so it was dead. But Maria surrendered. Her face was full of surrender. Her countenance was bowed. She was the servant of the ballet.” And He said, “That is the difference in the Christian life.” Whether you go to master the Bible, you go to master Christianity, you go to master Jesus, to master God. You’re dead, because you can only come into things that have life and Spirit by surrender.” So it was one of the most dynamic experiences of witnessing surrender, because life was imparted throughout the whole building, so that the audience could not thank them enough for the, what happened to them in their soul by the beauty and performance of a surrender.
(Carole) That is a picture of the difference between the true church receiving life from Christ and religion. Religion is dead, and religion is an attempt to copy what God has said, copy a lifestyle instead of receiving the life of the One, receiving the life of God.

Surrender to Love  – Episode #359 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. Fabiola says:

    Wow, this is beauty!
    Little children seeing with their eyes,
    hearing with the ears,
    understanding with the heart,
    surrendering to the father´s love…
    isn´t healing flowing?

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