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Episode #347 – Living In Kingdom Safety

Kingdom safety by Martha Kilpatrick

Living In Kingdom Safety
Episode #347

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) And I’ll say this. In Carole’s life the Lord so reduced her through Don’s surprising passing, and she has experienced the Kingdom amazingly, totally sufficient for her, because she was just leveled. She had no ability to go through it, to endure it, to ah, do the things that had to be done. And she was just totally sustained. So I’m just aware that it’s to know God as your Savior, your Master, your blessing, your Father, but to know Him as your Strength, literally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, He is your Strength. That is an incredible thing, and that’s our safety. You see, our safety lies in weakness, not strength, in days to come. It limits gettin’ all, I just know about them, they’re getting’ all, you know, armed up and all everything done. But if you’re depending on your own strength for what’s coming, you’re sunk, because He’s going to shake the heavens, and the earth. We, we can, we might survive people, but we can’t survive God. When He starts shaking, the only safe place is the Kingdom.
(J) Your, the booklet’s called Kingdom Safety, and it really is kind of a user’s guide to the Apocalypse; I mean really.
(M) Well it’s, the only thing that won’t be shaken is the Kingdom. And we have to be in the Kingdom, and in order to be in the Kingdom, the primary condition, first condition is to be born-again, of course. But the primary condition is to become a child, and God undertakes that, and we fight it every step of the way. He will anoint me with a message and I’ll be so excited. But when I go to deliver it, it feels like the anointing is gone. He won’t let me; the anointing of revelation is not the same as the anointing to speak the revelation.
(J) Hmmm.
(M) And to He levels me, and I just never get used to it. I never, I understand it, and I expect it and I know I will live through it. (Martha chuckles.)
(J) Well He’s proven Himself to you over and over again.
(M) He’s never failed, not one time, not remotely one time. He’s always come through. But you, you gave me this quote: “Weakness is a man’s final invitation for which God unendingly waits.” And that’s in “All And Only”. And what it means is, weakness is man’s final invitation to God.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) Come in and be God. That’s what it means. For which God unendingly waits.
(J) And do you think that he pushes us into that weakness though, so that we will turn to Him and look at Him.
(M) Oh, absolutely.
(J) Well I mean you know, you’ll collapse under your strength. I mean I do, I have collapses under trying to be strong. And, and ah, seeing that I’m weak and still trying to be strong, and I’ve collapses. And to see it as an invitation for God to come in and be my strength, that’s pretty amazing.
(M) You’ve just written a blog, and I’m thinking it fits in this, because you’re talking about the limitations that God puts on us that are literally are our fulfillment. Well you talk about John the Baptist and his unlimited expanse. And everybody that was restricted, Paul in prison wrote, John in Patmos saw the revelation. Ah, I’m writing about Daniel in the Babylon, under Nebuchadnezzar, that God, when God wants to do something significant in your life He reduces you one way or the other, on every ground He reduces you to a helpless state. It takes the greatest courage to live helpless and dependant on God. If He doesn’t show up you’re sunk. You have no plan ‘B’, you have no strength to fall back on, you have no… When the cross hits you enough John that you really can’t go back to that strength. There’s a strength I can’t access anymore.
(J) Like having your legs cut out from underneath you, and having no legs to stand on.
(M) Exactly, it’s Jacob being struck in the hip and he limped the rest of his life apparently. He was weakened so that God could bless Him, and all his blessings that flowed after he was struck are phenomenal, peace with his brother. I read it this morning, Esau loved him when he saw him coming; and he could have killed him for what he had robbed him of. But ah, anyway, that’s, that’s just the embellishment kind of, of what, what I’m struggling with. I have to reduce it because it’s just too much. I’ve got five pages of just that one thing.
(J) I think when you reduce it down to the essence it’s going to be so clear. And I’m real excited about that because ah, just this one section is, I feel like the rest is really done, but this section, (Martha: Hmhmm) I feel like it needs to be so simple and so fine tuned to just the core of it. And uhmm, I’ll look forward to reading this when it’s all complete.
(M) Let me read this one paragraph. “Why do we need tribulation? And we do need hardships, why? Because we’re not yet little children. We have to be reduced drastically because of the strength of our soul life. We love independent strength, and God loves weak and helpless children who will lean on His breast.” But there are so many wonderful examples of those boundaries that you’re talking about, plus the striking of God to reduce us. There are examples; Joseph is one. He lived in the Kingdom through surrender to his circumstances. And he was completely helpless. He looked to man, he looked to the baker and the, the cupbearer, and they didn’t help him. So he had no one left but God. And that’s what He does, He reduces us and it’s a frightening place and we don’t like it. And we don’t like Him for doing it to us, but it is the place where He gets us so that we can be enormously protected, blessed, overwhelmingly sustained, and where He fights our battles for us. But people who will not… It’s possible to be struck with hardships and never give up your strength, but only infuse it with more determination. It’s possible.
(J) We’ve seen it as a country.
(M) Yeah, yeah, that’s scary. But I am, I am so excited, because I see so clearly the scriptural precedent for the safety of the Kingdom in whatever times you live in. Daniel and Shadrach and Meshach and Abednego lived in the Kingdom inside Babylon, and they were untouchable, (John: Hmm) un-killable. And that’s what I want to convey.
(J) So lets look forward to ah, we’ll release this on Kindle, at Amazon.com we’re going to release the Kingdom Safety. I’m hoping this will be up and ready for a download on ah, Kindle devices or Kindle apps, or actually you can do it on your computer as well. So we look forward to that, and thank you very much for ah, being willing to be Rapundzel and be locked in the tower so that you could get a booklet, ha-ha-ha-ha.. (Martha giggles.)
(M) It’s really very luxurious, (she laughs), to be able to just do nothing but write, that’s a great luxury.

Living In Kingdom Safety – Episode #347 – Shulamite Podcast

6 Responses

  1. Anna Olsan says:

    Martha said” the anointing for revelation is not the same as the anointing for speaking it.” Thank you for that Martha! Maybe now, I can stop making such a fool of myself at times. Why is it that the anointing of revelation comes with such awe yet the knowing when to speak it comes with such fear? Truths of God are perceptive by nature. I understand that revelation is an ongoing disclosure; rarely do we see everything in one sitting. I have found the rejection that comes from sharing things prematurely very painful. I find that the hearers (I am speaking of friends not public speaking per se) want everything said in one sitting. I must have every “i”dotted and every “t” crossed. If it can’t be wrapped up and presented in one neat little ball then what I have to share is suspect. In some respects it’s a very good challenge, it sends me deeper into the scripture, and to my delight I find more truth that not only confirms my train of thought but expands it. Truth is truth, whether it is in the form of a seed, a tender green shoot, a plant, a blossom, or bursting with fruit. I enjoy every single stage and am thankful to God for every breath of it, I have to admit though that it sometimes gets kind of lonely. If the anointing to share is so elusive Martha, what insights would you give as to when the time is right?

    1. Martha Kilpatrick says:

      Dear Anna: I have experienced too much, the compulsion to ‘tell the revelation,’ only to lose its power. I’ve come the hard road to see that I am to surrender completely to the Holy Spirit – for the amount I share, the timing of sharing it and to depend on Him for the very words. It’s so simple to utterly give the Holy Spirit the control and the lead. I speak only when I sense the Spirit wants to speak. Then I can leave it to the Spirit to explain and defend His own revelation! And I am not to be affected by the response of the listeners. When the Spirit speaks in the speaker and HE is heard by the hearers, then there is satisfaction to all.

      1. Anna Olsan says:

        Thank you for that Martha. I am encouraged.

  2. Pauline says:

    P. S. My ideas are foolish…If I protest, the Lord will let me have my way. What I need the Holy Spirit to plant deep within is: “…while you hold on, God stands away. While you will not let go, He stands apart. While you are in strength, the Lord just lets you get on with it. It is never done until you let go, until you yield, until you surrender, until you subject yourself to the will of God in whatever it costs. Then God steps in and undertakes and does the thing….That is the principle of the Cross: That the strength in us has got to go in order to make room and way for the strength of God.” – T. Austin Sparks: “The Horizon of Christ,” p. 88

  3. Pauline says:

    Powerful! And encouraged to hear, at the beginning, that this [being childlike] is something God has to undertake, because I try and I try – which is my downfall: “I” try. Praying that He will be merciful to take me to that place of weakness and total dependence, while shutting His ears to my protest. Thank you both!

  4. Regina Sanchez says:

    This is soooo scary for me. But I want it so bad. Being abused on all accounts as I child, I had to learn to “grow up” per se. The funny thing is you never really grow up. And if you think you’ve grown up and are taking care of yourself, you are so deceived. Thank you Martha and John. I love you guys and am so glad to be able to be under the Lord’s teaching through you. I WANT TO BE IN THE KINGDOM LORD!!!! HELP ME BE A CHILD.

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