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Episode #344 – God’s Love is the Healing

Jesus healing a man

God’s Love Is the Healing
Episode #344
July 14, 2013

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guest: Vicki Harris

(M) I’ll tell you what I’m seeing in experience, that the one thing that can solve that is God’s love through somebody. I have seen it solve someone in the most dire primal…
(J) Well I’m a case scenario for that. I’m really a case scenario for that. I, I’m looking at this and I’m seeing, there is a lot of things in my life that built ah, that built the basis of my ability to be spontaneous and creative and, and uhm, deal with problem solving and stuff like that. But it was not until really you ah, just came in with God’s love for me in a major, major way, that I could really feel safe and bloom and blossom into being into my heart. See, you’ve given me by that love, I’ve always been spontaneous, but I’ve been awkwardly spontaneous, I’ve been unsure about myself and I’ve always second-guessed myself, and I’d always go into, uhmm, you know, torment. I would leave a situation with people and I would say, “I cannot believe you said that”, and I would beat myself up for hours on things I would say. And uhmm, but what you have given me is a, a under girding of Christ’s love, ok. And out of that I have, I have such security that I can be creative, that I can be, uhm, just what it says I can be ah, totally spontaneous, that I can move out of my heart. See so, so that was a gift that God gave me through you is, is the ability to really connect with my heart and feel secure enough to just go. Because people don’t let you go in your heart.
(M) They don’t let you ‘be’.
(J) If you, if you are in your heart they will try to tare you down as fast as they can because they don’t want to be in their heart. But you’ve given me, ah, an ability, uhm, just, just Christ’s love. You were willing to bring His love into my life. You were willing to, to be an expression of Jesus, so to speak, with skin on, with that love. You were willing to do that for me, and then it has given me a security that I can stand in the face of the rejection and everything. And it’s not that it doesn’t hurt, but I can stand there and I can say this is, this is how I feel, this is what’s in my heart and I can be spontaneous. I can be wrong, sure, but this is where I’m at, and this is what I going to do. So it’s a big gift that you’ve given me through you. Thank you very, very, very, very much. Thank you. God bless you woman.
(Vicki) So do you think then, God is love, that it is, that it is the primal need of that love to come and break the wall, break the hard shell-nut that encases all of our hearts. And when that love comes in reality of Who He is in that place is where all of us then can be who we are. And it’s only that love that will do it.
(J) The love is like the key to open up that fearful heart and say ‘it’s really ok to come out, it’s really ok to come out and play’.
(M) Exactly. So. In the end it’s only God’s love that makes us feel safe, and enables us to ‘be’.
(J) And isn’t this funny that all this was at the conference, that these are things that we, went on in the conference. Hmmm, imagine. (Martha chuckles.)
(M) And you know I think of the person that, that ah, I mentioned in the podcast, who was so jealous. I know just a tiny bit about her childhood, and it was extreme poverty, and a strange, ah, what it the word, a strange unfamiliar religion that eventually she left. And I’m sure it was, it’s a pseudo Christian religion that she’s probably very ashamed of and probably suffered in. So there was a lot of, a lot of, underneath her jealousy must have been the most enormous insecurity. And…
(J) See we can be affected by the people in jealousy, and we can say, that, that hurts me and stop doing that to me, but, but then if you ever look with God’s eyes to why the person’s doing it, that, that is ah shocking. Not that it releases them and makes them unaccountable for what they’re doing, because they are accountable, and they will answer for it, and they can’t go ah willy-nilly through life with their murderous ah, intent and greed. But to, to understand that there is a, there is a person, and if God… You know you can’t do it, it’s not like you’re gonna say ‘oh I’m gonna go love that person’, God, but when God does give that love, you can set people free. You can set people free from a prison, a prison that… I mean these are, I mean these are basic, this Maslow’s hierarchy of need, its basic need to become a true person. This is that, it’s what this is.
(M) Hmhmm.
(J) And to lay the core securities that, that not all of us have, and less and less of us have, and in the economy are getting these. There’s a lot of things that financial crisis, well, that may make it very difficult for where we’re gonna live, or food, or whatever, so, God’s love is the only answer for this and it’s amazing.
(M) I’m thinking about that documentary, what was it about the brain, the brain of a killer?
(J) The brain of a serial killer, yeah.
(M) It’s an astounding study made of a literal brain of mass murderer’s and serial killers. And they did a scenario, I don’t know, do you want me to describe it? They demonstrated, ah, they used a Mother and a baby to demonstrate what happens to a child. So the Mother comes into the room, the child is happy. The Mother leaves the room, this is a, a what, a one year old?
(J) Yeah.
(M) Younger than toddler. And the baby screams for the Mother. And they have you observe this transaction between the Mother and the, the infant. And I know these, these things happen far more than we can know. So the Mother come into the room but she’s deliberately cold and does not pick up the child. And I can’t remember the sequence but…
(J) It was indifference to the, in their face.
(M) Yeah. And she didn’t go to the child in its distress, and the child put itself on the floor in, and just crumbled up in a fetal position. And the commentator who was describing it said, “This is, he’s comforting himself because he has no comfort.” But they were, they were saying that when a child is treated with this cold indifference to his suffering, the lack of empathy, that’s my word, not the film, that the brain literally is damaged, and there’s a disconnect in a very primal important part of the brain. And that they can find this in the brains of serial killers such as the couple of men we’ve seen recently, the Holmes kid and the other one that was killed. It’s very interesting to me because something happened to those boys, that this very simple illustration of one incident with a Mother and a child demonstrated, that literally the brain does not develop, and that’s kind of what you were saying about your ‘at risk’ kids.
(Vicki) Well what they found with all those babies in Romania when the Iron Curtain came down and there were orphanages where the children had never been picked up out of… They went in and found rooms of children that had been laying and never been picked up, and they found that they would eventually die because there was absolutely no physical contact or nurture, none whatsoever.
(J) So they could be fed and they could be housed, but when, when the absence of, of actual physical and love and attention and contact were removed, they literally just…
(Vicki) No one sees you.
(J) You just perish.
(M) You remember John in the orphanage in Russia, in St. Petersburg, the attendants, there were just maybe three for a number of children, they didn’t appear to be very involved with the children, but the children were involved with each other. There was one who was a mother; she was probably nine or ten. There was a family connection in that orphanage among the children; they had a parent, each other. But I, I marveled at the time that the, the attendants were, there was no touching that we saw. There was here’s your egg, here’s your bowl of egg and your Kool-aid, and your oatmeal, and ah, that was it. But the children developed that touch; they touched each other if you remember. Am I right?
(J) Yeah they were, they ah, I remember Katchia, the one that you fell in love with, she was the mother, and she was holding the baby, you know she would pick them up. She was picking up babies. And then, the boys, you know boys, they’ll bond over games or whatever you know. And they were, you know, doing that, and it was… They were, they became a family unit. These were Russian uhm, Jews, who, to be a Russian Jew is a bad thing, but to be a Russian Jewish orphan is kind of the low, the low man on the totem pole ah, of ah social standard. And, and, you know, I know that people came in and interacted with them, you know, because they weren’t like freaked out. They responded to us, so you could tell people had been in there. But I’m amazed. I’m amazed at the, just the need of a human. But I’m so glad that God is able to infuse love where it needs to be. And yeah, some, sometimes people are gonna respond, ‘ackkkh’, you know, negatively, but God is able to do it, and God wants to do it. And we have to be open and receptive to being that vessel. And no I don’t have love for everybody, but, but the ones that God gives me love for, I have to be that vessel. It’s a call.
(M) Yeah. It’s so; it’s rather transforming to realize that that His love is that powerful to give us the security. His love really is that powerful to infuse us. And I think what’s amazing on us now is that all of us are in sort of a corporate vessel of love, when one loves, all loves. And those who are loved can then love. We love because He first loved us. But my friend, my beautiful friend had, in her childhood was extreme legalism and poverty; that’s a double-whammy to make it insecure.
(J) And then she became ‘an actor’ on a stage and developed a persona and became a, a lie, and was jealous of anybody who had been treated better than her and went about stealing what they had and ‘killing’ them and becoming a monster. Oh it’s just… But again, God, God is able and does send in those to love.

God’s Love is the Healing – Episode #344 – Shulamite Podcast

3 Responses

  1. Pauline says:

    This was very touching – Father’s heart being imparted. Each of you has been loved by God – when there were walls around your heart and after His love broke those walls. “‘You have been loved with an everlasting love,’ means that you have never NOT been loved!” (not my quote) Martha, John and Vicki: you danced when the flute was played and mourned at the funeral dirge and because of your response to Him, I – and many others, am a recipient of His love, not only from Him (Who is continuing to break the walls I’ve built around my heart), but from each of you having given His love away. Thank you.

  2. Jack says:

    Several years ago a study was done at an orphanage in Italy. The babies were devided into two groups. In one group the child was picked up periodically and dandled and played with for a bit. People were hired to do this and the child was not with the same person each time.Upon leaving the study and going out into the world, the ones with ongoing human contact did much better in life. Those essentialy w/o never led adjusted lives.

  3. Tina Cruz says:

    The current research in Neuroscience regarding the brain and our stress response system gives us a picture of the power of stress to bring death and the power of love to heal. When trauma occurs it sets in motion automatic physical reactions on an unconscious level that releases stress hormones that actually block the hormones that allow us to feel love. (Oxytocin) Physiologically, we can see how the power of love heals by calming the stress and releasing healing to the body, mind and soul. All that God made us to be is connected and all is healed through love. Fear is the only thing that ever gets in the way of love. 1 John 4: 18 “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” The Kingdom of God is brought to us by our learning to live in the unity of His love, free from all fear. Then the world will see Him and Know Him. John 17:20 “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. 22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one— 23 I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” I get excited about these things! There is hope, faith, and love the greatest of these is love.

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