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Episode #340 – Jealousy of Cain And Abel

Cain and Abel written on skull

Jealousy of Cain And Abel
Episode #340
June 16, 2013

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) I feel like the Lord said to me recently, “Ok now, you have met every manifestation and form in which jealousy comes.” And He began to take me back over my life and show me in this form someone hated you violently, lied about you, dumped you, but it was because of jealousy. In rage with God, jealousy is, “God, you didn’t give to me what I needed and wanted. You gave what I should have had to that person. And so I’m gonna take it and kill it in that person as revenge against You.” And Proverbs says, “Wrath is cruel and anger is an overwhelming flood, but who is able to stand before jealousy.” The answer implied is, “no one.” Not even if jealousy is in me can I stand against jealousy taking me over.  Jealousy takes you over and rules you and turns you into the monster of Cain, and murder. Cain is the picture of envy and jealousy to the ultimate, where he killed the one who had favor of God. And as Charles Stanley used to teach, if you’re jealous, then do the work that person did to gain that that they’ve gained. And Cain would not find out and discover why Abel had peace, simplicity, and favor of God, and acceptance with God.  He wouldn’t do the work to find out what pleased God. He just killed him because he was jealous.  So the foundation of humanity in relationships is that, Cain and Abel. And I think soon I’m gonna have a finish to that book that I’ve been writing for ten years. But jealousy comes in many forms. It comes as somebody who hates you, turns on you and you’re left bewildered.  What did I do to evoke such rage? And it’s simply satanic jealousy. People give you…  You’ve had this happen.  I’ve watched it.  You’ve been given rejection that felt like a wound, but it was actually motivated by jealousy. There’s a saying that flattery is hatred, and I think sometimes the jealous come with flattery, and behind it is a terribly hateful, vindictive, murderous spirit. Why am I talking about this? Because I think it’s important to know how dangerous it is to feel it, and how, what danger can come toward you from people who experience it.
(J) What have you experienced from people that have been jealous of you?
(M) Enormous demonic activity, which is what James says, “Where there is envy and selfish ambition, there is disorder and every demonic activity, confusion and every demonic activity. “
(J) Ok, so how is that physically manifested?
(M) At times I’ve been rendered sick at that hands of demonic jealousy. I read Charles Carrin’s writing the other day about jealousy.  It’s very poignant. And he talks about how evil it is and how it can wreck your life in every dimension, health, relationships, ministry. His own ministry was brought down to nothing through someone who was jealous. God built it back up, but he came to understand the danger of jealousy. And it can hit your children.  According to Charles Carrin, it can go into your children’s lives.  It can bring curses, enormous curses on you that you don’t even know are being  spoken.  You don’t know that’s what’s behind your suffering.  It’s why so many times your suffering, God has to identify it. So I have suffered a lot in every possible way. And jealousy can exist very close in, very, very close in. And ah…
(J) Well, it makes me hungry to work out my contentment with different things in my life, you know? It…
(M) Do you see it as a warning to all of us about discontent?
(J) The CD of the month blew me away.  It was amazing because it could translate into so many different realms of discontent. And, you know Jennifer is doing the whole thing on parents, on Get Along With God. And I even see it there. I even see it with the contentment with God’s choice of parents. And the jealous person starts as a discontented person and then goes about doing evil.
(M) Hearing the thoughts of the enemy and receiving them, burning more and more, that’s why I say it’s a hot topic. Because you burn, the phrase is you burn with envy, the green eyed monster. We know, but personally we don’t necessarily recognize it when it comes our way. And it can be… To have someone around you who is not, who is jealous, insanely jealous; we call it insanely jealous and it can become insane, irrational. And really, John, it’s always only really about God. It’s discontent with Him. And it’s the belief that you should have had more. It’s very primal to us.  It’s Adam and Eve, and it’s the stories of it are all over the Bible. Saul was the one chosen to be the first King of Israel. He was a head taller than everyone else.  He was a bigger man than all the other men, and he was chosen, and he was transformed by the Spirit.  He had an encounter with the Spirit and became a changed man. But somehow entered into him that to be King wasn’t enough, and the first temptation was to be priest, and he took the function and office of the priest. And he refused to do what God told him to do, which was kill the Amalekites. And so from there, from that beginning, when this young man came in to play a harp that settled his demonic spells, he became jealous of David’s attention, David’s gifts, and he set out to kill him. That’s an enormous story of jealousy, just jealousy. And the horror it wrought in the kingdom and in David’s life, it cost many lives. The Old Testament is vivid pictures of the consequences and the madness of jealousy.
(J) So tell me, you were discussing this woman that appeared to have everything. She was just well accomplished. And I want to understand.  Tell me how the jealous one can affect the object of the jealousy.
(M) By thoughts, hidden thoughts and curses and hate and feelings that are tolerated and encouraged. See, if we don’t have an integrity before God, if we don’t have the honesty in within our own hearts, with what we’re really thinking and feeling, then the enemy comes in on the lie; the lie being what I believe, and the being what I won’t admit.
(J) Ok, I want to know, why did you have to go to Sears and deal with jealousy, because of a person that was jealous of you?
(M) Oh.
(J) I want to know that.
(M) Because her jealousy of me evoked jealousy of her.
(J) How does that work like that?
(M) It’s demonic.  It’s satanic.  Jealousy is infectious. It’s like a disease, it’s like the bitterness, it’s the form of bitterness that defiles many. It defiles everybody you’re around. And I caught onto her, and I had no idea that other people did as well. Other people knew her as being a ‘taker’ and so self-centered that everything was for her. How she got there? One thought at a time, one acceptance at a time of her right to do that. And when you become an inveterate liar, you never dream anybody catches onto you. Your delusion becomes that no one knows you’re lying, and you cease to know it yourself in some ways. You can blind yourself with it.
(J) So you’re saying that she evoked out of you and out of your sin-nature jealousy and so that you, all of a suddenlso were jealous of her so that it was that contagious?
(M) Yes, it’s that contagious. And I went a number of years with her and I just, I wasn’t jealous at all. I thought she had what God gave her and she was just wonderful. And I saw things in her that I didn’t admire, and so I wouldn’t, didn’t want to be close to her, but it was like she stayed at me and stayed at me and stayed at me until out of me came a jealousy of her. And I learned over the years that if I ever have a jealousy, a speck of jealousy, that moment I reject it and renounce it, because it is a monster that can grow in you, grow in your heart, take you over, so that the enemy has possession of you and uses you to curse people; uses you to debilitate, discourage, and deflate people. And so I’m not blaming her, but I do understand that she stayed in those thoughts and feelings until it hit me. And it hit me with sin. And what I went to God with was not what she’d done to me, because at time I didn’t comprehend it at all. I just knew I was responding with jealousy and that it was absolutely dividing me from God and from myself and my blessings in my life; and I couldn’t bear it. I was not going to be divided from my God. And she was relentless. Now I understand because I’ve seen a lot more of it. I understand now, she was relentless at me with the express purpose of diminishing me. And I just got away.  I just left.

Jealousy of Cain And Abel – Episode #340 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. Pabram says:

    Wow! This has been a huge light coming on for me in one situation in particular. Thank you for the clarity of the teaching; it has confirmed and strengthened me today.

  2. Cindy Pollard says:

    I took a major hit from the enemy & for 2 & 1/2 years I remained at the cross & waited upon the Lord. God took me to Genesis 4 & showed me Cain & Abel. The Lord showed me that what hit me was a spirit of jealousy & a spirit of murder. Then I was able to break those demons off of me & my circumstances. Since then God has sent me to set others free from the same thing. In California there is an assignment from the enemy to kill God’s apostles & prophets. Now I know what we are dealing with. First, I deal with my own heart & life. Then I move out to help others get free.

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