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Episode #157 – Seeing The Wedding Feast

Seeing The Wedding Feast
Episode #157

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests Ed and Alex Fleuren

(Ed) Yeah, We’re talking about Carole being drug out. And, and to me, the most striking thing was that Jesus loves us so much that even up until the end where He has to send you away, that, you know, it’s not like He’s built up this, this wall within that you know, that He’s just put it off to you. Even when He has to send you away, that’s killing Him inside, He loves you so much, and that He has to send you away.
(J) Ok, you were telling me that Alex, your wife, also had some insight, and actually sent Martha a letter. Can you…
(Martha and John are laughing.)
(M) Wait just a minute; I got something to say. (They continue to laugh.) I just snapped his forehead and startled him, and (Laughing) I’m sorry. I wanted to say that Ed’s brought in an element that no one else touched, and that is the personal relationship of the people there. And you’re long year’s relationship with Carole. And that speaks to me, Ed, of another dimension of this skit, that the relationship is what makes it so poignant. Your relationship with Joe was in the skit, and Carole’s with…, and John’s love for Carole was actually real in the skit, and his long association with her.
(Ed) Right.
(M) I just wanted to say that’s an element that I hadn’t thought of in the skit. But it…
(Ed) Right, and then that makes me think about the whole thing that the conference was about, was that it’s Christ in you, and that, and that relationship… I think that’s what we were seeing in those relationships. We were seeing Christ in each other.
(M) Yeah. And I hadn’t… not being in the skit I didn’t, I didn’t get it.
(J) The wild thing is that we all functioned as a Body, and that was what the conference was about, the Body of Christ. And we functioned as a Body; we functioned as His expression to express His heart.
(M) Hmm. Wow.
(J) Ok, so now… (John laughs.)
(Ed) So now, yes, I was just telling Martha when we were…when you were fixing the batteries there, that Alex had actually written a letter to her about the conference and specifically about the skit that we’re talking about right now. Well, both. There were two skits, and she, I think, wrote about both of them because they very much affected her also. And, and I honestly can’t remember what she wrote, but I know that that letter is on the way, and I just thought, you know, what a not necessarily coincidence, but you can see God moving about the skits. And we’re obviously geographically separated from you, and didn’t know anything about you all talking about the skits. So, I just thought that was interesting.
(M) Well, could Alex come on and tell us a bit of her insight?
(Ed) Well just a second, I’ll get her.
(M) This is Alex Flouren.
(Alex) Hey Martha.
(M) Hey, welcome.
(Alex) Thank you. (Martha laughs) I’m glad to be here.
(M) So, what was your feeling and insight about the skit? We’re talking about the Wedding Feast.
(Alex) Well, I you know, I guess first of all is the thought that it was a visual. You know, you just I think stay simple; like a child I’m needing a visual picture in our visual world. It just helped so much, when everything and about God just being, so distraught and having to turn away… Carole. That’s the first time I ever thought about that at all. It struck me so strongly that He’d want you so badly and it’s painful to Him to watch you go. But His love for Jesus necessitates that. I, I don’t know, I just saw it so differently than I’ve ever seen that story before. And the picture of everybody coming in, the woman on the street, she was soiled and dirty and full of feeling, and I just related to every single person that walked through that door. I, I related to Carole, I related to Ed, I related to Julie. It all… Shamefully I didn’t relate that well to Sue because I think … you know. It’s like seeing different parts of yourself walk up. That visual of her taking off her black clothes and putting on that white robe was just so overpowering. It’s still hard to talk about it, because it was so overpowering to watch that. It might have been of you, you know.
(J) You know I was thinking about how Christ really had to give visual pictures to… when He spoke to everybody, because it was such deep, and completely different concepts than, than the concepts that are in this world. He had to tie those into visual pictures and things that are tangible on this world, because He’s speaking about a different Kingdom. And I think that taking this parable and acting it out, and giving us a visual picture of it, it just somehow, for me, really tied the whole thing together, to this earth, to me. It made it more real and tangible. Even though it’s a very wonderful parable, somehow the acting of it out and to see it visually, and to feel it and experience it like we did, somehow it tied it to me personally. It wasn’t just about this earth and another Kingdom, it was about me, and us, and, and a King in another Kingdom.
(Alex) I totally agree with especially the visual. I think it’s so easy for me to read something or hear something through the Word, and read the Word, and still somehow be able to distort it with the way I interpret it. And you can’t really do that… for some reason when it’s actually sort of so simple and it’s… there’s no distorting it. It was so overpowering to just see this. I thought the other skit was equally powerful. It’s the unbelief, and Carole, I mean, “just take it off.” You know? Again, it was so, it was such a strong picture of what we do everyday, and how simple the answer is, and we make it so complicated, and totally about yourself, and all your issues and problems, instead of just accepting the answer of the blessing of being able to just it off! I thought those skits were just incredible. It was the best conference that I’ve been to, and I was just overwhelmed by the whole experience.
(M) Alex, you and Ed have added so much to this little gathering. I appreciate so much that you’ve put your hearts into it to respond and to see, and then to share with everyone dimensions of it that we didn’t have before.
Alex) I can say that I was glad to be there, and I can’t wait to get the tapes and (Martha laughs), and share them with some friends of mine.

Seeing The Wedding Feast – Episode #157 – Shulamite Podcast

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