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Episode #156 – The Wedding Garment

Shulamite Podcast

The Wedding Garment
Episode #156

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests Julie, Sue, Carole and Ed

(M) Well, I saw the play for the first time with everyone else, though we had the scripture. So when they carried Carole out I felt like the Holy Spirit was demonstrating in her, fully, the experience of it. And we could hear her weeping; she didn’t know that. She was trying to be hidden away and, and she did not know we could hear her weeping. And there was an awe as Jennifer said, a complete awe, and almost shock in the room, as we listened to her wailing, because the scripture said take her to the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. And I happen to believe that’s not hell, but that’s the outer edges of heaven where you’re apart from Him forever. And it was just awesome. I think it was broken when… I think we waited long enough that Carole came back in the room, quite shaken. And I asked her then to describe it, and she did; that’s on the tapes. But it was, it was quite sobering, visually real, and because the Spirit was on everyone, and your, your weeping John, to me, was the Spirit, too. It was the tenderness of Christ that we saw in you, yet the absolute requirement of holiness as His gift. And everybody in the play, including Don and Joe, were magnificent. Joe stood in greatest dignity, and he’s a large tall man; and he was awesome just in his stature standing there. Everybody was filled with the Spirit to play their part. And you had that gold sash over a white robe, and it was… When you walked in the room, no one was prepared for that, and there was quite… there was a shock that went through the room to see you come in as representing Christ. So it was, it was everything I had wanted it to be and more, because it was… it made what we were trying to do in this conference, make the scriptures literal and real; and they will be, the parable is real. And so, I think that was what took place in the room when you all were gone. We were just awestruck. We couldn’t have spoken if we’d wanted to. And I don’t think it began again until Carole came back in the room, slightly recovered but really not, quite wrecked.
(J) It’s the CD #7 in “The Body Of Christ” series, and that’s where the very first thing that comes out on that CD is your testimony about it, and how it made you feel. And then following that is I speak about the soul, and the old man, and make the connection between the soul and the old man, and God’s commitment to frustrate our soul life because of the price that will have to be paid if we don’t have that frustrated in us. And then you proceed with a bang-bang message (John laughs). So, that is how that played out. I’m really praying that the podcast will show it. I’m going to put the pictures in here and I’m really praying that the podcast will give you a flow with the pictures and everything like that, of what transpired. And that you can really enjoy and come into the spirit of what was portrayed in that message.
(Julie) Well, I think we’ve all been marveling since the conference at what it was that was really released there. And I think this morning I’m impacted all over again hearing it from Carole’s side, hearing what she was feeling that was so powerful, just how she was just traumatized, and her wailing was so impacting. And I think I’m seeing this morning that that was such an awakening for the church again, and to realize that that part of the scripture is real and it’s literal and it’s going to be played out. And I know since the conference, at least certainly for me, there’s a consciousness; it’s almost it’s almost like her wailing is burned into me at this point, that I can hear it. And it’s a certain kind of haunting almost, that now I am so much more concerned for people in my life that I love, that may have that kind of false confidence going in, or have listened to a false gospel that would tell them that it’s ok to stay in the old man and think that that will be accepted by Christ; and to be possibly facing that event. It’s a good kind of horror in a sense, that has certainly provoked intercession.
(M) See, none of the players in the play were in the room after it was over. I think Carole assumed that the meeting went on. Oh my, it did not. And I knew that the Holy Spirit had fallen on Carole powerfully to give her the experience, and play it out before us, because we stayed in that room, and to me it was like, it was like hearing the wailing of, and gnashing of teeth, in the outer darkness. She was demonstrating it quite in the Spirit. And it was not a play. We knew… it was no question but what she was truly wailing and crying. And it was just so powerful. The Holy Spirit took it over, and in everybody’s life I think. Oh Sue, Sue, are you there?
(Sue) (On the phone) Yes.
(M) Ok, say what you we’re going to say.
(Sue) Ok. From the moment we were given our assignments, and Carole realized the role that she was playing of being cast out, she just was overwhelmed with remorse and grief from it. And as we stayed and we made the plans, I believe Julie said, maybe her grief is for the Body of this conference, for what they will experience. And then we prayed right then that the Holy Spirit would take over and would convict and cause us to have the fear of God. And it happened, it happened to me, even though I had prayed and agreed that that’s what I wanted for everyone, it happened to me. I was … in my role I was excited to be at the feast. I was overcome with Christ. And when He came to welcome me and tell me I was loved, it was real; it was so real and so precious. And I also felt like I was the prostitute, I confessed that during the play. And then, I know it’s because I love Carole, but it was so painful. And then it was so scary for me personally, and I felt such a sense in the room that the Holy Spirit was doing that for everybody. And I praised Him. I looked at Martha, and there were, there was all those emotions going through her. I could see Jacquelyn and Donna across the room, and those emotions were going through them. And I didn’t look at anybody else, but it was just such an awesome experience in every way, in all the emotions and convictions of the Holy Spirit, just so real. And I’m so grateful for it.
(J) It was like there was something that was released in it. It was like Christ and the Spirit were releasing something of His heart in it. And you just think, it’s just a skit, but there was something like you said, tangible. There was something rich and tangible.
(M) It came alive in everyone, and for everyone in the skit it was alive. That was why it was so stunning.
(Carole) I just, I just realized that we really never practiced this. There was never any practice for this skit at all, and that that was the genius of the Holy Spirit in the first place, that He was going to completely take over and perform His message and His heart, and His call to us, spontaneously.
(Julie) But Carole, you modeled for us how to go into it under the submission of the Holy Spirit, because that’s the first thing you did when they asked you to do it; you bowed and came under Him, and we just followed.
(Sue) Martha..
(M) Uhuh.
(Sue) The other thing was that when I received the wedding garment, I felt clean.
(M) Woa….
(Sue) It was so wonderful. I didn’t want to take it off; it was so real.
(J) Ok, so Ed, you came in and you were portraying a gentleman who basically sweeps the streets, and that’s how Don introduced you, ‘Oh there’s the guy that sweeps the streets.’ And so you came in, and what did you experience, and take us through your process of this.
(Ed) You know what, when I came in, I was trying to think, you know, how would I feel being invited to this, to this party. And you know as a guy that’s out there working the streets and in the dirt all the time, and to be asked to this party, and come to this feast, and you know, walk into this wonderful place, and you know, be seated at the table. I was just… that was my thought process as I was coming in, that wow, this is great, I’m so glad to be here.
(J) Well you really came in like a child. You… I didn’t see it, but I could hear the response of the people. And you actually were the only one that said anything. And you just were real childlike. You were just like wow, golly, what, what was it that you said?
(Ed) I think I said, wow, it’s a dirty nasty world out there, (Ed and John laugh) something to that effect.
(J) So as you came up, and Joe was putting the robe on you, did you experience anything with that?
(Ed) No, I kind of had, have a relationship with Joe to begin with, and from going to Israel with him, and, you know, we got pretty close on that first Israel trip that I went on. And, you know, when he put the robe on me and gave me a big hug I was just…You know, that’s what we were already doing the skit about. That was emotional for me.
(J) And then after you had a seat, and everything like that, how did you respond? What was going through your spirit as I was coming in as Jesus?
(Ed) You know, we had talked about what we were going to do beforehand. And we had actually said, you know, when John comes in, let’s all stand up. And almost…to me I was thinking like we’re, you know, like somebody important comes in a room, everybody stands up. That’s my military background.
(J) And we were also saying that Carole wouldn’t stand up, because she wouldn’t even be aware of Him.
(Ed) Exactly. She wouldn’t stand up, because she wouldn’t be showing respect for where she was. And we had talked about how we would, you know, we would talk about how the table was. You know we were, it just… we were putting things that we were going to do while we were sitting at the table for the skit. And when it came to you walking in I think all of us were… I feel like we were so ‘in the moment’, we were so ‘like we were really sitting there and Jesus was coming in’, that we couldn’t stand up. We were so struck by you coming in, and the way you came in, and how you were greeting us, and the emotion that you showed toward us, that we were, we were all really taken with that. I think that to me, that and your response to Carole, were the main things that stood out to me. That it didn’t matter where you came from; it didn’t matter what you did. The fact that you were willing to come, you were accepted, and it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter what your sin was, or what horrible things you had done before, you were accepted, as long as you were willing to receive. And then the fact that Carole’s character wasn’t really there to receive, she was there for herself, and the fact that you had to send her away. But that you had to send her away was so gut wrenching to you, was really powerful.
(J) So having to bind her hand and feet, and take her out, what did that communicate to you?
(Ed) More than the, more than the binding and her being drug out was your reaction to having to send her out. It just gave me such a…that feeling of knowing that Jesus loves you that much.

The Wedding Garment – Episode #156 – Shulamite Podcast

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