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Episode #153 – The Old & New Man

Shulamite Podcast

The Old And New Man
21 November 2009
Episode #153

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guests: Carole, Jennifer, Joan and Holly

(Introduction by John Enslow)
Prior to the message you are about to hear, a skit was performed to illustrate Martha Kilpatrick’s teaching on “The Old Man And The New Creation”. Martha entered the room wearing a tattered black gown, representing the ‘old man’. She then showed the ease of becoming a new creation by simply removing the tattered ‘old man’. For more details please tune in to the podcast starting November 22, number 153. Enjoy!

(M) In this conference I had wanted to show vividly the ‘old man’ and ‘new man’, and how you can just put off the old man, and put on the new man. And I was really asking the Lord, ok, I want to make this visible, visual, impacting, the contrast and the sufficiency of Your plan. And so He gave me this skit. So what I did is get Jen’s graduation robe, a long black robe, and we hung rags on it and labels, all down the front of it of sin, jealousy, ah, greed, lust, ah, pride, pride, pride, the traditions of man. And Sue and Carole and them, did the robe. And then I fixed a big backpack, just, it was full of everything, all kinds of rags, and it had a phone on it, and a journal and a calendar, and a flashlight, and a screwdriver. It was my, the load. And then at the last minute I pulled out this big magnifying glass, that was about thirty-times, so your eyeball looks like a dinosaur if you put it up to it. And so I was dragging the suitcase behind me that was my past. Well nobody was prepared for this, because we have not done anything like this at a conference before. So I think it was Saturday morning that I came in. I just came in the room, mumbling and complaining, and ah, about having to speak to these people. Why did I ever agree to speak to these people? And then I would take my magnifying glass and I would inspect people as I walked through the room. And of course everybody was laughing. And ah, there I was, draped in my old man, with a huge burden on my back, and dragging my past. And the past would bump into people, and I’d say, oh, did my past hit you? And then I got up to the podium, and I put the magnifying glass up, and I said oh, she’s younger than me she doesn’t have as many wrinkles, jealous, jealous. And then I looked at my label that said ‘jealousy’, and said well I dealt with that last week. And then I thought… I started putting this ah, scarf around my head, saying if I could just my thoughts to go, if I could hold my head in. And then I got frustrated with that and threw that off. And then I put the Bible on my head and said if I could just get scripture in my head then everything would be alright; which we actually heard someone say, if I could just get scripture in my head it’d all be solved. Is that? Anyway. So then they were all laughing, and so Carole comes up with a beautiful red shawl around her, and she says take your back pack off, isn’t that what you said Carole?
(Carole speaks in background)
(M) Oh, you asked me what it was, and I said it’s my burdens and cares and China needs me, and the church in Avondale that counts on me. And all that junk was in the backpack. And she said you can take it off. And I said where’s your burden? God gave me a burden, where’s your burden? And I looked under her shawl and there was no burden, and I turned to the audience and said, unspiritual thing! (Martha laughs) She’s not very mature. And so you said…
(Carole) I can’t help you. You said help me, help me then! Help me take it off! And I said I can’t do that, you have to do that yourself.
(M) Then I said you’re making it so complicated. And I said you just…
(Carole) You make it… You make it complicated; you just take it off. And then you…
(M) So I finally just took it off, and then I began to talk about the old man, to, and…
(Carole) But you were talking so much, and what I saw in it, and I take my eyes like whoever it is, and point to my eyes, and then back to your eyes like, shhhhh. (Martha laughs) Because the old man can’t shut up.
(M) And I didn’t plan that it was spontaneous, I was just talking.
(Carole) How did I get that revelation? I wonder. (Martha and Carole laugh)
(M) So everybody was laughing, and I started talking about the old man. Then they all the scriptures on the table of “Put off the old man, put on the new.” So then I took it off and put on this beautiful colorful robe and began to talk about how easy, just how easy it is, and how we have to… Isn’t that what I said? It’s on the message.
(J) And this is all in the message. This all follows ah, in CD number two from “The Body Of Christ”.
(M) And then I talked to them about what death really means, and that’s on the tape, and I stepped in front of them and opened the robe, and inside were, was skeleton bones. And they all laughed when I opened the robe, because you’ll hear that on the tape.
(J) Tell them about what was on your back.
(M) Oh, and then when I got the backpack off, I turned around and there was one sign on the back, ‘unbelief’. And that was the root of all the other sins, unbelief in the finished work of Christ. So it was visual, as I wanted it to be, and it was, it was fun. The last thing I did was put half of the new robe on, and half of the old man. And what I said was, this is trying to have it both ways. I want some of me, and I want some of Christ. But then I felt like that was the nominal born-again believer that God will find nauseous and will spew out of His mouth. Because mixture, mixture, His demand is absolute because He has given an absolute salvation, total, perfect. And He does not accept the mixture; above everything He will not accept the mixture. He’d rather you be the old man, or the brand new man. But the mixture is nauseous to Him.
(J) All right Jen, what did you, what did you see during this whole, this whole uhmm. I was on the side view, so I didn’t get to see as much. Ah, what did you see in this?
(Jennifer) Ah, well there’s definitely a lot of laughter. It was very funny. Martha’s ‘old man’ is a bit of a card, and ah. (Laughter) You know that people were definitely laughing, but what was kind of interesting to me, ah, was that it was ah, there was a familiarity to it. Which is to say kind of a ‘yep’, oh yeah, I recognize that, and oh, ok, uhmhmm. And it was ah not a laughing like, oh can you imagine, that sort of thing, like a Thruston Howell oh-ho-ho. It wasn’t, it wasn’t like that, it was more a ‘oh I see me’, ‘oh that’s me’, ‘oh yeah, got-cha’. And ah, I don’t know, I kind of saw a ripple of people, it got a little serious towards the end, you know, ah, after Carole finished and Martha took it off, people were kind of uhmm, soberly considering. Like there was still some laughter, but mostly I think people, it was kind of a dawning maybe, uhmm. And it started off funny and engaged people, and gave them something to look at and ahmm, but it was piercing beyond that. It wasn’t just a, a funny demonstration. I think that for a lot of people, and I’ll say for me, seeing it so starkly represented, ahmm. You could laugh at the character that was up there, and the things that Martha was saying; but at the same time, the idea that it would be that simple, to just shrug off a robe, ah, I think that that was something that maybe kind of gave people pause. I mean I noticed it about that time. That was when kind of a somber note entered into it, uhmm, because on the one hand, awesome hope, and on the other hand, yeah it’s your responsibility to take it off. You know, because you thing with Carole was, well can you take it off for me. And she said no, and you said, must not be very spiritually strong, or something like that, you know, not a lot of spiritual power. Ah, but beneath the laughter was that that final thing was a call, yes it can be that simple, and at the same time OPS, nobody does this but you; this is your responsibility. You are responsible for putting the old man in the grave, for taking it off. So…
(M) I think the biggest laugh… I had gone through the room murmuring and complaining and trying to get myself together to deliver this message to these people, and why did I ever agree to do this. And ah, every thing was awry, and I was a mess. And then I stood up to the mike and said, “I’m so glad to be here”. Which was a lie, the character I was playing it was a lie, and they all laughed loudest, I think, at that. Because they knew, it was a laughter of yeah, I, I get it, I know. It was not a… It was a laughter that joined me.
(Joan) That was just before you said that you said I hate these people. (Laughter)
(J) Uhmhmm.
(Holly) I think one of the things that impacted me the most about that skit was how calm Carole was, just standing there covered in the Blood, in the New Man, she was so uninvolved in a sense. She didn’t even get drawn in to the madness that Martha was portraying, the struggle, struggle, struggle, that Martha was portraying as the old man trying to do what the old man can’t do, which is serve the Lord. And I think at one point you even read that out of Roman’s eight, about that the sinful mind is death and can’t serve God, won’t serve God. And Carole just so wonderfully stayed in that calmness and freedom and peace and rest of the New Man.
(M) She just watched me in my frenzy. Yeah, she really, really did a beautiful, as beautiful a job in that skit as being the representative of the one who’s got the rest. And she did.
(Holly) It was a wonderful contrast.

Taking Back The Heart – Episode #153 – Shulamite Podcast

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