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Episode #152 – The Covenant Promise

Shulamite Podcast

The Covenant Promise
Episode #152

with Martha Kilpatrick and John Enslow
Special Guest Carole Nelson

(J) Ok, so rainbow catcher…
(Carole) Well, I don’t know where to start. When I was… this has got to have been ten years or more. We live up in Suches you know, and I was at my lowest point. The Lord had really been convicting me deeply of sin, and I was, you know, I was really under the judgment of God. And I was in absolute total desperation, and coming back home from Blairsville one day on Skeenah Gap Road there appeared this incredible, brilliant rainbow. And I was with my husband, and he stopped; and I just stood there on the running board of the truck, outside the truck, and watched it until it, it dissipated. And the Lord said to me that day, I will do what I promised that I will do. Because I didn’t feel at that point that I could do anything. I will do what I have promised to do. He brought hope in the midst of His own judgment, tremendous hope. He brought victory in the midst of His own judgment. When we were in France last year, we had been on the… Martha had seen the big ‘yes’, for those of you who have listened to the podcast, huge, huge, ‘yes’. Well the day that they left, I was still in school. And so I was sitting there in the classroom at school, and I turned around just to look out the window; and I jumped out of my seat because there was this rainbow coming from the sky down to the sea; because I could see the whole Mediterranean Sea where we were from my classroom. And then I look over to the right and there’s a second rainbow coming down from the sky right next to it. And I jump up right in the middle of these people who are just sitting there going ‘what is the matter with her’? Going, look at that! Well I get up to try and find my camera and go out, and then another rainbow forms from the sea in the, in the normal half-moon, all the way over to the land. And at that point my spirit was just engaged, and I knew it was the Lord saying ‘Yes!’
(M) You need to say it was vertical.
(Carole) Yeah, it was vertical, it was coming from the sky right down to the…The first one was vertical; the first two were vertical, coming from the sky right down to the sea. I’d never seen anything like that. I’d never seen anything like that, going up and down. And then the next one was the one we usually see, which is the half-crescent. But anyway, I knew that He was looking… In Genesis, I think it’s 17, I’m not sure, says, when He refers to the rainbow, He says I will bring the clouds together so that the rainbow will form, and I will remember. I, the Lord, will remember My covenant to you. And so when we were on the ship, or the boat, on our way to Napali coast to view it, I kept looking at the side of the coast going oh, there’s something there, I just know it is going to be… And I watched, as my eyes grew. And I, I, none of us had ever seen anything like it. This rainbow went sideways. It went, it wasn’t in a, it wasn’t in a crescent, it went sideways, horizontal, across the, ah, about halfway down the cliffs. And it was absolutely magnificent. I’d never seen the colors in it, like we’d seen. Well that wasn’t enough. We look over, and a few minutes later, and you can see the end of the coastline over to the left, and we’re out there on this boat looking at the coastline. And this, another rainbow starts to form on the sea and come up; it’s a crescent rainbow. It comes up over and eventually hits the land. Well, we watched that and it didn’t leave for a long, long time. John wasn’t it? I mean it lasted, it had to last forty-five minutes or an hour.
(J) Umhmm, uhmhmm.
(Carole) Well then we turn around and we start back, and as we’re getting back where the coastline, the huge gorgeous coastline is kind of disappeared behind us, we look and another vertical rainbow shows up on the coastline, vertical, up and down. And so, that’s three. And I said to Martha yesterday morning, what is the number three; and she says complete. And I said, ok, it’s just complete. His covenant is absolutely complete.
(M) Carole’s got this ah, revelation that the covenant is complete. So what I’m saying is that… And the covenant is, the New Testament covenant is, God does everything, we merely receive. And that exactly relates to this revelation, to this word in first Peter, that we are ransomed, we are redeemed, we are bought, from the human family; and we’ve been purchased by God as His own children. And that… that is the covenant; He has done it, He will do it, He will achieve it. All we’re to do is to say yes and to receive it. So, ok, the Lord brought me here in a sickness of inheritance. He brought me here… I thought it would be to sit on the porch and just rest, because there is such weariness underneath this. No, He brought me here to see the beauty, to refresh me from the sea, from the beauty, from the flowers, the color; and, and give me an assignment. But it hasn’t been faith necessarily in my healing, though we have all believed that. It’s, He’s uncovering it as faith in the accomplished work of Christ. In my spiritual inheritance there is no sickness. I believe in the atonement of Christ everything is accomplished, by His stripes I’m healed. I fully believe that. I believe the atonement includes healing, and I have experienced it. But coming to the specific connection has been to come to my severance from the human family. That in Christ, in the family of God is my healing. My healing is not an ‘act’, my healing is ‘in’ the family of God. Does that make sense?
(Carole) Hmhmm.
(M) My, and I have believed that, in Zion there is deliverance. And I have tried to have faith in healing, as such. And that’s not where He wanted me to have it. He wanted me to have the faith that I am not connected to my human family. I’m not their’s, I’m not ‘in it’, I’m not part of it, I’m not in that human system. I’m in a divine family. And that’s not ethereal, that’s very practical, that’s very real; it comes down to living life in this body, in this world as a child of God. And I don’t think ever, I have seen in quite this way, I am a child of God. And it’s funny, but my prayers for healing have been this, I’m Your child, I’m Your child, we can’t have this. I’ve got work to do, You have to heal me, You have to, because I’m Your child. Instinctively my spirit has prayed that, even way before we saw all this as it’s related to this inherited gene. I inherited another DNA, and that’s the one I’m living in and counting on.
(Carole speaks in background to Martha)
(M) Oh, and as Carole saw, I have Another’s blood flowing through me, a cleansing Life-blood, a living healthy Life-blood.

The Covenant Promise – Episode #152 – Shulamite Podcast

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