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Episode #151 – Faith Is Past

Shulamite Podcast

Faith Is Past
8 November 2009
Episode #151

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) Ah, John this is a day later, after we did a podcast on the, ah, sins of the forefathers. And this morning the Lord reminded me that Jesus said it is finished, on the cross. Everything we need from the Lord is a discovery that we already have it. Faith is ah, past, faith is in what is finished; faith is in what has been done. And so to break a generational sin, or a generational curse, is to see, is a discovery of the treasures in Christ that have been mine all along. We don’t… there’s no such thing as progression in the Christian life, there’s only discovery.
(J) Hmmm.
(M) There’s discovery of what Christ did for me, the unsearchable riches of Christ that are mine. It’s just… I can’t say I always get it; I have to come to it over and over again, that it is done, that’s what faith is, it is done. The scripture says in 1Peter1:18 “You must know that you were redeemed, ransomed from the useless, fruitless way of living inherited by tradition from your forefathers. Not with corruptible things, silver and gold, but you were purchased with the precious blood of Christ, the Messiah, like that of a sacrificial lamb, without blemish or spot.” The perfect sacrifice bought me out from my parents. I have a work to do to assent to it, but not to gain it. That is so exciting! It’s finished! I am purchased, I’m sorry. I’ve been bought from my human heritage by the blood of the precious Lamb, the perfect Lamb. I have been bought. I’ve been ransomed. I’m, ah, I was kidnapped by humanity. And I have been ransomed; Christ has paid the ransom, and I have been set free of those traditions of the forefathers. I’m simply discovering ‘what is’, ‘what has been’, not ‘what will be’. We always have that human thing of progression. We’ve got to get hold of… we’ve got to get something out of God.
(J) Hmmhmm, hmmhmm.
(M) I’ve got to satisfy something, I’ve got to do a work to get it, I’ve got to progress to the point of where I achieve it. No, it’s all about receding and receiving. It’s seeing I am free. I had a work to do about it, but the work has been, as always, just a faith.
(J) And to believe.
(M) And to believe. And once you ‘see it’, you don’t have to work to believe, ‘it is’. I am not the child of Thomas and Corrine; I’m the child of Christ, who bought me. I’m bought, I’ve been adopted, but more, I have been, I’ve been ransomed out of captivity and set completely free of the heritage, the human heritage. I’ve been set free of my human heritage, completely, fully.
(J) It’s a ‘done’ work, now. And so now all it is, is what we were saying about the thoughts, and getting your mind-set out and being delivered from your mind-set that…
(M) It’s being transformed in your mind, like Romans twelve. And ah, and about being renewed so that you know the perfect, acceptable, will of God. I belong to God. And I was telling someone this morning it’s all about ownership. Who do you perceive owns you? Do you perceive your mommy and daddy own you by their sin? Then you will live that out. But what belongs to God, God takes care of. And though I’ve been purchased, I have to come to see that it’s done, and that I belong. I’m merely coming to an assent, that’s about all I ever could, could do, is to say yes. Yes, Lord, I consent to be owned. I give Him my mind, and I give Him my heart; those have been specific episodes in my life. But actually, I’m owned, I just have to agree to be utterly and completely owned; and that means utterly and completely saved, into another nature, Christ’s nature. Oh, it’s, oh it’s so good, so amazing; it’s ‘done’.
(J) So is the main barrier in the Christian life the getting over the threshold of the mind? Is that the, the main barrier? If the work is all done, what’s preventing you from realizing that, but the mind, if it’s a finished work?
(M) God creates a need, so that you that you need to see, so that you seek Him and seek Him. That’s what I, that’s what I’ve been doing, what we’ve been doing together, seeking Him. He creates the need so that you get past your typical mind-set, and need the Spirit. “The mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.” So that you need, you need something from God. And what He gives you is, far more than you really expected or could ask for, “Exceedingly, abundantly above all.” The mind is changed by seeing; the goal is to see. The result of seeing is the change of values, the change of beliefs, the change of mind. The work of forgiveness of parents is profound. But God has more than that. And I really think that you will never see all that He has done unless you’re committed to the will of God.
(J) That’s huge, go into that.
(M) Well, God works in you to will and to do of His good pleasure. It’s… Jesus… The proof of family likeness is the will of God. Jesus said, in a measure a denial of His family and a certain level of rejection of their control. Jesus saw the parental issue utterly, at twelve, when He stayed back seemingly to do the wrong thing. And His parents certainly thought He had offended them and caused them grief. And He said did you not know I would be about My Fathers business? I’m God’s, I go where He says go. Now He went back under their authority, and prospered in wisdom and in ah, in God. But He established the ownership in opposition to them at the age of twelve. The only story of His childhood is the, the leaving of His parents in dominion.
(J) Hmhmm, hmhmm.
(M) He didn’t refuse to live with them, nor on the cross did He refuse recognition of His Mother, He gave her to his, the disciple of His love. But He was God’s. The issue is belonging, who, who owns you? It’s not that your parents own you, you own you. And when you own you, you are your parent’s child. So what was the question? Well it’s, ah I think it’s Austin Sparks says, “Those who are led of the Spirit are sons of God, the moment you’re not led of the Spirit, you’re not the son of God.” You’re only ‘in it’ by obedience. You have it, but you’re only ‘in it’, and accessing all the benefits of it, of your inheritance and your place in God, you’re only in it in obedience. I used to say God’s on obedience road. You go down the pleasant road, and you can’t find Him there, because He is in obedience road. And in His will He will move you, but to be in His will is strictly choice. We, we can have the choice. He has the end result, but we do have the choice. We are free to not obey, we’re free, always, we’re free to not be a disciple. It’s just the problem is that at the end it’s going to be terrific regret. And in the will of God you will be taken, almost as Carole says, unwittingly, where He wants you to go. On this respite we have been so powerfully just simply ‘taken’. Because we came here in His will, we’ve prayed for His will, I know the purpose beyond us for us being here, which I won’t go into. Ah, I now know the purpose; He brought us here as always for revelation and prayer for the nations. But we have just been carried because we have come seeking only His will. We didn’t seek such a rest. We didn’t pursue it. It, it sort of…
(J) Took us.
(M) It took us over. And it’s so wonderful because there’s such security in that. We’ve been led, so in the will of God we’ve come to this really rather life-changing revelation, not entirely new to me, and yet completely new, at the same time.
(J) Well I mean this, this trip has been amazing in that every single aspect of the trip has been laid out before we ever got here. It was like… and there was, there was sentinels, so to speak, or road markers, or whatever you want to call them. People that were in each place that were telling us about the next step,
(M) Hmhmm.
(J) I mean you know we were, we pulled over on the side of the road. You were here, Carole and I went out, we pulled over on the side of the road, ahmm, there was a beautiful mountain with sun coming down through it, and it was beams and rays. And it was really beautiful, and I pulled over to get it, and I missed that actual shot. But there was a photographer there and he said you need to go here, and here. And then we did that the next day, and it fell perfectly in line. And then someone we met down there told us about the next place, and every single place that we’ve gone, and everything we’ve seen, ah, has just been laid out. I mean I have never experienced that ever in travel. I mean I have, I have done the work of, of preparing before. I’ve set everything up before so that we knew where we were going, and we weren’t wasting time trying to find stuff, but I’ve never gone into a trip like this. Except for the New York trip, where ah, we were thrust into New York, not even knowing we were going to New York, ah, so, anyway.
(M) We have, ah you could say we stumbled into the gifts of God. And I want Carole to share. We have seen the most phenomenal rainbow I’ve ever seen in my life. We were on a short boat trip, and we were looking at cliffs, and Carole said with this mist, there should be a rainbow. And I watched a rainbow form in a horizontal line; I watched it form against a cliff. It’s the most spectacular colors in a rainbow I’ve ever seen. Now Carole has a history, an anointing, a, a revelation of the covenant of the rainbow, and I want her to share.
(J) She’s the rainbow catcher.
(M) Yeah.

Faith Is Past – Episode #151 – Shulamite Podcast

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