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Episode #150 – Joseph and The Law Of Generations

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Joseph and The Law Of Generations
Episode #150

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) John, a few minutes ago you mentioned, you related all this issue of parents to Joseph, and I really didn’t get it. Could you go back into that?
(J) I just, when I’m looking at this, and I’m seeing generational sins, I’m seeing the generational sin as it is a curse. Ok, it is the curse of your family. But I see it more than just a curse, because God is always ‘yes’. Everything is multiplication and addition, and God is always a ‘yes’. And what I’m seeing is that it’s a responsibility as well as a privilege. He’s entrusting you with something that is affecting something that’s on His heart. It’s a preventing Him from coming in… something. There’s a curse in a system, in a family lineage, and He is wanting to be in there. He is wanting that badly. So He is literally entrusting you and giving you the privilege of being an ambassador to Him to go through it, to walk it out and to work it out.
(M) And save other members of the family from that curse.
(J) To put an end to it forever and ever.
(M) I see.
(J) Because it has prevented… If I look back in my family history, and there are issues, as well as in any family, it’s every family. We’re all from Adam and Eve. But there are issues in my lineage that has prevented God from being able to manifest Himself fully. Ok? So now I have been given the privilege, the responsibility, and the invitation to bring Christ in by working it out.
(M) Wow. That’s a biblical picture. And what Joseph went through is a great deal of suffering to be the one who broke the yoke over all his brothers and his father.
(J) It was awful. It was awful for him. He was being tormented and tortured and thrown into prison, and seduced, and rejected by his brothers; and think of all the things that… the pain that he was going through. It didn’t look like he was in victory. But no, he was being called, and he was being given the responsibility to be the storehouse to bring his entire family through. And they all came out of Egypt through the work that he did.
(M) Wow.
(J) And so we’re all, we’re all in Egypt. We’re all in the flesh, and all of the inherited sin is flesh. And then when we will take it, take the responsibility, and take the privilege, it’s a… see, right now I’m seeing it’s a privilege.
(M) Hmhmm, you’re taking it from ‘a problem’ to ‘a calling’.
(J) I’ll tell you where I’m taking it. It’s ‘you’re not a victim’. When you are in an inherited sin the thing that holds you is your victimization. I have been victimized by this inherited sin, and I cannot get out. And that’s the mind-set that holds you in. Ok, so we went snorkeling yesterday, and I told you it’s not about snorkeling, it’s about the mind-set that you’re breathing under water. And when you get through the mind-set of breathing under water, you have it. And that’s exactly what happened. I got to watch both of you enjoy yourself immensely while snorkeling, watching the fish. And we snorkeled and you… I mean we literally went through the process of getting your face in the water and breathing under water and having the pressure on your, on your uhm, your chest and on your lungs, so that your realize ok, I’m not suffocating under this water. And then when you realized it, you relax and you let it happen and you go with it, and then it’s wonderful. Well, I see it the exact same way. This is the exact same thing. Ok, it is against your natural order, your ‘man order’, ok. But if you will take the responsibility of it, and you go with it, and you know, grasp it so to speak, then you’ll have the victory of it. Do you see what I’m saying?
(M) Yeah, and sometimes like Joseph, the thing is dumped on one, and I’ve told many, many people through forty years, you are the Joseph of your family. I don’t think I ever quite saw it like you’re seeing it. It is a privilege. He didn’t, he didn’t get vindication, he got salvation for those brothers. He got repentance and reconciliation to God for those brothers, which is way past… there’s no vengeance in it.
(J) No, he saved an entire family system that was coming out of…
(M) Generations.
(J) And a generation, generations.
(M) Oh that’s awesome. I remember when God … I said to the Lord, show me a dysfunctional family. The family He showed me was that one, Jacob and his sons. That was dysfunction.
(J) I’ve always thought Isaac was dysfunctional, you know.
(M) Yeah, you have, yeah. But that’s ah, anymore? Can you develop that?
(J) I just, I just say that the separation from victimization to privilege…
(M) Ahhh. Wow.
(J) That’s huge, that’s huge.
(M) That’s the transition that would take you to victory.
(J) And the mind-set, and what I was saying about the snorkeling, it’s the mind-set that you have to get through.
(M) Umhmm.
(J) Once your mind is broken free from ‘I am a victim of an inherited sin’, and I have been given privilege to be ambassador, and a responsibility to be the ambassador, and emissary of freedom…through the Blood, and through Christ’s life, and obviously that’s what it has to be. Then I can be what I’m called to be.
(M) The mind-set is whether your mind is set on your family ‘wrongs’ or on the sovereign call of God; that’s the mind-set.
(J) And you have to be willing to really embrace the fact that God set you in that family system, and that, yes, He did it to you, yes, you do have that inherited sin because He set you in that, that ‘sin system’.
(M) But you know what I see, in the end? He was being trained to rule and reign with Christ in eternity. You’re set in that position, maybe the only one who’s found Christ in reality, but you’re set in that position to develop the character of Christ, to learn to rule over evil in the sense of service. You don’t rule by control any longer. You serve God, and He can rule. And so the end of it, of this generational curse, the end of it is ruling and reigning with Christ; and really on this earth too.
(J) And there you go back to the original podcast that we just finished on family. It is about Him. The story is about Him. If the story was about you, yes, maybe He wouldn’t have put you in an inherited sin problem, and that you have to work through, and go through the suffering of. Ok, yeah. But because it’s not about ‘you’, and it’s about Him, and He’s working Himself ‘into you’, then it’s going to be different. The whole focus is different. So, I’m not His ‘victim’. I don’t remember when He said that to me, oh my gosh, “You’re not My victim”. And I’ve said that to other people, I will not be your victim.
(M) I am not your victimizer, and I’m not your victim.
(J) I am not your victim, and I am not your victimizer. And you will not be a martyr because of me.
(M) Hmhmm.
(J) And uhmm.
(M) I had to say to someone, go and be a martyr about me, but I’m not your victimizer. But you can view it that way if you want to. But I think the leader, the called one, like Joseph, and he was called and his brothers disdained and were jealous of his dreams and his calling. He was called to it far long before he was thrust into the reality of it. The leader does have more suffering than those he’s rescuing at times.
(J) The coat of many colors spoke of the calling and the focus in the eye of God on that position in his life. But he had to go through a whole lot after that. That was just the beginning.
(M) In fact that was taken from him and dipped in blood. Ooooh!
(J) We could probably go somewhere with that one too.
(M) I bet we could. (John and Martha laugh) Wow. You’ve put my personal experience and your personal history in the context of the scripture, and shown it to be, and I see it as an eternal work that gains a great reward. And Joseph had great reward. And he named his children remember, let’s see, one was ‘God has caused me to forget my fathers house, and my suffering’. See Joseph ended up… the whole thing was ‘in God’. And Genesis 39 says, “The Lord was with Joseph”.
(J) Hmhmm. (Martha laughs)
(M) Here it is, 41.
(J) There’re the same? Well it says…
(Carole) What verse there?
(M) Genesis 41: 51, “Joseph named his first-born Manasseh, for he said God has made me forget all my trouble and all my father’s household. He named the second Ephraim, for he said God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction.”
(J) There you go.
(M) That’s the two results of Joseph’s bowing to God to be Joseph.
(J) That’s amazing.
(M) He was, yeah. God made him forget. God made him forget.
(J) That’s amazing.
(M) Because he sunk himself in God, God made him forget his trouble and suffering, and all of his father’s household. In other words he left his family, and became and lived, in contentment where God placed him.
(J) And he was no longer the victim.
(M) He was fruitful.
(J) Those are not victim statements, those are, those, that is a statement of one that has embraced the calling of God through the suffering.
(M) And has come to complete freedom personally, and then prosperity in his position, two different things. But you stay a victim, and you’ll never get there.
(J) No, because that’s where it locks your mind.
(M) Yeah, it makes… you are abused by your family.
(J) That’s it, exactly right.
(M) And so you stay abused by your family.
(J) And abused by God.
(M) Ahhh.
(J) Go on.
(M) And you perpetrate to your own children that victimization. Everybody victim bears victim bears victim, without ever seeing the face of God.
(J) And is that an inherited sin?
(M) Wow, yeah.
(J) But if you’ll take it as a privilege of putting a stop to, then you’ll be fruitful in your suffering, and forget the pain.
(M) Hmhmm. And who caused it. My father’s… he forgot his father’s household. That is surrender, and that is a work of God. Makes it clear, it’s a work of God, but it’s in response to surrender, and seeking.
(J) That’s a wow.
(M) Wow, let’s go snorkeling. (Martha laughs)
(J) Leave the mind-set of the ‘air’ and go underwater.
(M) Well, Carole and I have never snorkeled, and I thought it was a real difficult to do. And it took us about five minutes, five or ten whole minutes to get it, and then we were just blown away by God’s underground, under the ocean. And we were, Carole was just a child in wonder.
(J) She was so funny with her, she had her snorkel in her mouth, and she was laughing. And remember how you laughed when ahmmm, when you first got in the Dead Sea, and you felt the feeling of how the water does you? Well, Carole did the same thing kind of, with her snorkel in her mouth, she was laughing, people were looking out from the beach and…. It was just, it was funny, I was rolling around laughing. And ah, but, it was wonderful.
(M) Her laughter was coming through the snorkel and being magnified. (Martha laughs)
(J) Absolutely, like a bullhorn.
(Carole) It was a breaking free, wasn’t it; it was a breaking free.
(J) It’s a mind-set, when you realize you’re not going to suffocate.
(M) Romans 8, “The mind set on the Spirit is Life and freedom, the mind set on flesh is death.”
(J) Period.
(M) This is all about the Spirit’s work in your life. I can’t solve it for you out there. I can’t make it ‘be’ for you, but you get in the Sprit and He will orchestrate everything.

Joseph and The Law Of Generations – Episode #150 – Shulamite Podcast

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