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Episode #149 – Bearing Fruit From the Vine

Shulamite Podcast

Bearing Fruit From the Vine
Episode #149

with Martha Kilpatrick and John Enslow
Special Guest Carole Nelson

(J) Now, let’s rejoin our regularly scheduled podcast.
(Carole) I’m just reminded of the mandate that we received from the Lord weeks ago, which was Is. 58. And that we have been in this fast that the Lord talks about in Is. 58 verse six, “Know this is the kind of fasting I want, free those who are wrongly imprisoned, lighten the burden of those who work for you. Let the oppressed go free, and remove the chains that bind people. Share your food with the hungry and give shelter to the homeless.” And it goes on and on, but that bondage, that prison, is the prison of control. And I believe that that He is…through this fast that He is kind of provoked and called us to, unwittingly, ah… That is where He’s taking us, is to break it in us, and then to, to be able to pray, and stand on His authority that He has worked in us, that it be broken in those that He’s called.
(M) So, He has brought me for rest, for healing, for a time with Him. And you know we just sort of were led to receive this. And we knew there’d be a huge purpose, that it would never be without a great revelation of Him. And so…
(J) Here’s the idealism that you were talking about in the previous podcasts, and that people don’t believe that there is a ‘mess’ between bondage and freedom. There is a mess. There’s a process and a ‘mess’. It appears to us, God, in God’s economy it’s divine and it’s wonderful, and it’s a process that He has invoked and is working out. But in the middle of it, it looks like chaos to us, it looks like a mess, and it looks like suffering and wrong. And in our idealism we think that there can’t be a mess, there can’t be a process.
(M) We think anybody on the victory side surely didn’t suffer; well they had it easy. No, it’s not that way at all. And this, this little journey around beauty and sun and ocean and God’s glory, this little oasis was, ‘come apart with Me and rest awhile’. And it’s not just rest your body, but it’s, it’s to come to find ‘the root’ of this yoke, and be able to, through that, have the authority and the revelation to help others.
(Carole) I’ve just never seen the correlation between John 15 and, and the two trees in the garden. There were two trees in the garden, trees, both having sap. And Adam and Eve chose to eat from the ‘Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’. And therefore the sap of that tree flowed through them. And now, having been redeemed through the blood of Jesus Christ, we can at any moment, at any point in time, choose to be… choose which ‘Tree’ we will be a branch on; and choose which ‘Tree’ the sap flows through, and I, I know from experience that when I choose to pick up power, to pick up control, the sap from the ‘Tree of the Knowledge and Good and Evil’ is what is flowing through me. It is not the sap, the blood of Jesus Christ.
(M) I’ve never seen it quite that way Carole. But the astonishing thing about John 15 is that the branch that doesn’t bear fruit is dead and burned. And that may be the… I’ve been puzzled, how radical it is that if you’re in Christ, in the blood, you bear fruit without effort. The fruit is born by His Life in His Blood. And if you don’t bear fruit it’s evidence that you are of another ‘Tree’. And so it’s, it’s severed. That dead branch of that dead tree has nothing to do with Christ and His Life, so it is cut off, thrown away and burned. And He says it powerfully twice, and I’ve thought that is radical; He wants fruit. Actually what He wants is His Life, His blood flowing through you, ever cleansing, ever… And because it says the Blood of Christ cleanses your conscience, we’ve got to know it flows in our soul, in our physical body.
(Carole) There are two heritages; we choose one, or we choose the other. And so if we choose to continue to live in the other, though we have been redeemed, though He has given us a new inheritance, we will reap the inheritance. We will reap the inheritance that we’ve chosen.
(M) Oooow. It’s all about inheritance, Carole. It’s all about heritage. And I’ll get into that, I’ll get into that in the, in the conference. This is all about…
(Carole) God has got to destroy and break our loyalty to the heritage that we have so sold our souls…
(M) And see if I’m, if I’m truthful I’ll say He’s broken my heritage, my allegiance to my heritage in my mother. He’s broken that allegiance. He’s forced me to the choice that I didn’t know I needed to make.
(Carole) Oh my gosh.
(Martha laughs)
(Carole) It’s coming and going, it’s coming and going, it’s coming and going. We choose our children we’re going this way, if we choose our parents we’re going this way, it’s coming and going, it’s coming and going. His children are those who do the will of God. We’re on, there’s the heritage here and the flow of the heritage on this side, or there’s the flow of the heritage on this side. I don’t know what I’m seeing.
(M) Are you seeing that if you choose your children then you’re not in your inheritance?
(Carole) If I choose my earthly children, I am not in my inheritance, based on my earthly children, based on whatever skewed loyalty….ah…oh God, it’s just all about Him.
(M) See, the sword comes, Jesus said, I’ve talked about that, the sword comes to divide father and son, mother and daughter, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The sword is breaking the yoke. It’s not that… He wants family restored, before… it has to come out of the family to be His family. Does that make sense? He wants the family. He went to Zachias’ house and said ‘your whole household’, but He wants it on His term. He wants it as ‘His children’ in ah…disregard of the family heritage and tradition. And that’s all it is, it’s a tradition of sin.
(J) It reminds me of that scripture, you’re not born of blood, the tradition of men, or heritage, or the will even, you’re born-again of God. And maybe that’s specifically the choice there. If you were born to your heritage, your will, your blood of your family…
(M) You’re not Mine.
(J) You’re not Mine, hmhmm.

Bearing Fruit From the Vine – Episode #149 – Shulamite Podcast

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