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Dreaming of a Shulamite Conference – Episode #658

Dreaming of a Shulamite Conference

Dreaming of a Shulamite Conference
Episode #658

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel

This is the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #656.
Could there be a Shulamite conference on the Bride at some point in the near future? As we discover anew every day, everything is possible with Jesus!

I have something else on my heart for all of you and us. I’m dreaming of a conference in the fall and I want to be finished and have it in print, if the Lord allows, my book that I’ve been writing for years about the Bride, The Bride is Ready, and what it means in the scripture that the bride is ready.

So I’m asking throw me out some… When is it a good time for you? Is it in late summer, early fall, middle fall? Would you come as late as November? And this time I think we want to have it in our little town of Dahlonega at the Methodist Church perhaps, there. They want me to do it there. That’s what I’m brooding on. I’m thinking on that. My pastor wants, wants it to be there at the Methodist Church where I’m, where I’m called to.

And so that would mean a drive from the airport of 2 ½ hours and that’s a lot to ask for anybody. So I don’t know if that’s even feasible. If you would like to come, it’s a exquisite little all-American town. It’s a high-rated tourist town. It’s listed in the top twenty towns of the United States to visit. And it’s been a wonderful kind of old-fashioned town in many ways and where my children, my daughter lives and my son-in-law and my grandchildren.

Anyway, if that sounds good to you, kind of communicate with us and let us know if you’d be willing to drive. Now I don’t know the, the… I don’t know if there would be an accommodation of a bus yet. I don’t know that. But that’s what I’m thinking and I’m shocking John and Jennifer with these thoughts here right at this moment.

This has every bit of, “Surprise!” and it’s live and in person. So…

It’s now out in the open!

Yeah, yeah! Well the, the good thing about the being at the airport is the fact that people can fly directly in, take a shuttle directly to it, there’s a restaurant in the hotel which makes it easy for people to, you know, fellowship and eat. I don’t know how, I don’t know how it would work but, but I, I believe that you are going to be teaching at the, the Methodist Church regardless whether it’s going to be a Shulamite Conference or whether we’re going to do the Shulamite Conference as normal and then you do a meeting. And, and if y’all are interested in coming to something like that, I know that we had a beloved brother from Ohio that came down during one of your sessions at the Methodist church and, and was really impacted. And, and we’d love to see him come back down. And, but this is all, this is conjecture. This is all just wide open. There’s nothing… Don’t call and say what’s the date and where, where the hotel do I stay at. This is all just wide open right now. This is, this is a suggestion!

Jennifer, do you have anybody asking about a conference?

I have had off and on since the last conference and usually in between them people will say, “Hey, make sure that you let me know if there’s going to be a conference. Hey, do you have any plans for a conference this year?” Obviously a lot of them are trying to make their, get their plans set straight; weddings and anniversaries and things like that. And honestly they want to make sure that those things don’t get in the way of, you know. So it’s delightful to hear from them and that they, they so value the Lord and what He has to say through this ministry. So, yes, yes I do.

And it’s always a great time, you know, when we have a conference. So it’s lovely.

A homecoming!

It is a homecoming. John said, “It’s a homecoming” and I said it is a homecoming.

I just want to say one final thing about The Joy Unequaled of Being Nothing. My prayers are being answered left, right, and center for this little booklet. My biggest prayer is that the seed would go straight into the heart; the seed that is filled with the Spirit’s love, with His wisdom, with His revelation, with His complete and, and total acceptance of this Nothing; of each of these Nothings that He created. And I use acceptance, it’s really not the word for it, but it is the embrace of the Father to the prodigal. And, you know, that embrace came when the prodigal was nothing in reality about his nothingness and, and that, that was what came and that was really the feeling I had when reading it. It was like getting a hug from Jesus Himself and I wanted that. I wanted that for people who would get it and from what I can hear that the Holy Spirit’s anointing is absolutely intact. It’s blazing.

You know I have often said and one time I said it to missionaries who were taking Adoration around the world to mission fields to feed the souls of missionaries and I said to them, “You’re looking at the poorest woman you’ve ever met. I’ve never given anything to the Lord. He’s given everything to me. I’ve never given Him a book. I’ve simply given Him my body to write a book and, and… So this is, this is so much about this little booklet and we’ve never made one this little. I think it’s just so exceptional that it’s as small as it is and with the dynamite that the Lord has given. So we… I just want us to thank the Lord for trusting us with this message. Without Jennifer and John it wouldn’t be possible. And Jennifer initially wept through it, too, didn’t you, Jen?

Um hmm!

And so I just want to give God all the credit, all the glory, all the thanks for giving us this little jewel. And I don’t hesitate to call it that either because it is not from me. I lived it but it’s not of me and from me. It is from Him for the glory of the Father.

So we thank You and praise You Lord. We thank You, Father, for Your great, marvelous Fatherhood expressed, that Your Holy Spirit expressed in this booklet. We ask You to favor us again with Your unction that we might feed your sheep and tend your lambs and bring you glory for Jesus’ sake and in His name, Amen.

Dreaming of a Shulamite Conference – Episode #658 – Shulamite Podcast

Could there be a Shulamite conference on the Bride at some point in the near future? As we discover anew everyday and with each development in life, everything is possible with Jesus! We all feel that strongly after publishing The Joy Unequaled of Being Nothing.

5 Responses

  1. sue says:

    My message wouldn’t go through from hospice: If you plan they will come, all of the “nothings” which of course includes me.

  2. andrea says:

    oh my …… what a privilege it would be to come to your “home” and receive bread fresh from the oven of your time with Jesus ……. such a delightful thought ……..

  3. Celia says:

    Yay! I think anytime is good (except 3rd weekend in October ) and I would love it to be in Dahlonega. Peak leaf season would be beautiful, but lodging might be harder to come by for out of town folks. Looking forward to it!

  4. tammy says:

    Conference! YAY!!!
    Dahlonega! YAY!!!

    I’m emailing you with some additional thoughts. ?❤️

    1. Nancy Mauldin says:

      I would be heartbroken to miss the conference. If it’s held mid September(12 – 16) I will be in California for a wedding. Would love to be with you all again and look forward to it.

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