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Episode #516 – Do You Proclaim Your Blessing Out Loud?

Do You Proclaim Your Blessing Out Loud?

Do You Proclaim Your Blessing Out Loud?
Episode #516
October 23, 2016

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Carole Nelson and Friends from Kansas City

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #514.

(Jay) Last night Linda and I was at a dinner, and it was with an Indian couple from India. And the young lady that was staying with them… I don’t know if I can tell this story accurately. But her husband married her only to get American citizenship here and her $70,000 of dowry. This young lady has given her life over to Christ, but the way that he can get his citizenship is – scoundrel – is that he accused her of spousal abuse, and she’s such a sweet, sweet young lady. And so, we prayed, we prayed a blessing over her, a blessing of protection last night. We had no idea that that’s why we were there. We just wanted to share some Indian food, experience authentic Indian food, and it was great, because they had experienced some American food when we had this young couple over. But we were there for another reason, and that reason was to proclaim a protection and a blessing over this young lady and for God’s angels to protect her. She’s going to be going to court possibly jail… this false accusation. So we bound, we spiritually bound the enemy, the accuser of the brethren. First and foremost we bound him. We prayed for the young man. We advised her to pray for the young man, who is coming against her with these accusations. But to do it, you know, ask for God to arrest him spiritually, to save him and forgive. You know, talk about forgiveness. To release this horrific occurrence in this young lady’s life, her lawyer is saying the best way for you not to go to jail is to say that you abused him, that you’re guilty. And so, she’s caught in this… So we’re binding the evil one, but that’s part of what we’re supposed to do is to take God’s word and proclaim blessings, spiritually battle. When you are called into the battle, we are to be faithful and fight against the powers and principalities. And I believe we were there for a reason. So He’ll put us in those situations to represent the Kingdom here on earth.
(Martha) It reminds me of Mother Basillia. Do you know Mother Basillia? Well, she was in Germany during the war. She founded a Lutheran order, and they set up a recovery center on the border of Germany in Austria. Anyway she was a tremendous woman. She had a booklet called, “The Royal Priesthood.” She talked about blessing, and she told about how you have to be right with God to have the authority to bless. And that means the same thing I’ve been talking about. Your opening to the heavens lies in your own forgiveness. And as you forgive, you have to power to impart the blessing that you’re talking about and the power to bind and loose. But you have to be in the order of the Lord’s Prayer to have the authority. And she talked about how this one man had such a relationship with God that people would flock to him for a blessing, and that he would lay hands and bless them, and their lives would be literally changed. So, we want to be that open with God, that connected to Him. And without forgiveness, we really are not. We can proclaim all day, but it won’t mean anything unless we have the clear relationship with God. On the issue of forgiveness. It’s just… I have written a book that’s not finished about forgiveness, and I pray the Lord will let me do the ending. And the ending is very strange. I’ve waited for it for years. It’s so simple. In the end, there’s nothing to forgive, because God is sovereign. We have to forgive, yeah. But really and truly if we believe… There’s one thing that happened in my life that was very painful, very painful. And when I went to the Lord to resolve it, He didn’t ask me to forgive. He asked me to accept it as from Him. It was kind of a Joseph injustice to just bow my neck and say, “Thank You, Lord, You gave that to me.” And that’s how I learned that the ultimate is beyond forgiveness. It’s faith in the sovereignty of God, that nothing comes past His hand into our lives. And that’s a tough one to believe. I’ve got to be able to right it in the Spirit. But that’s the ultimate, and that’s what Joseph represents that he went way past his offense into the divine purpose of God. And so, forgiveness is not mentioned, because Joseph was so surrendered, somehow, some secret way he worked it out. Oh, this is a wonderful meeting. Whew! Maybe we can come back and meet these same folks again. This is great.
(J) I was just thinking that creation, He spoke creation. He didn’t think creation. And I can go right along with you better than I can think it. I can even pray in the Spirit in my head, you know? And I think there’s, at times there’s time that you need to probably do that, and I’d rather be doing it in there than not at all, you know? But I think the power of the spoken is so much greater. It’s a creative miracle, you know? I asked my parents to… Shortly after I was saved, I asked my… I had heard this tape about the blessing, and I asked, basically I asked my parents. And I said, you know, “You were put in my life as my parents by God, and I would like you to bless me, both of you. I want your blessing.” And they did it, and it was incredibly powerful. It was incredibly powerful. You know, we ended up, we were crying and everything. It was just, there was… Because they didn’t just say, “Okay,” well you know, “Bless you to, you know, do your life. Have a great day.” They really thought about it. They really said, “What would we want to bless you with? What would we want?” And it was amazing. And so, the gift that you all have given your kids and your grandkids, that is so ginormous. I mean, it’s just huge. And it is something that you do have to put the stake in the ground, and you have to fight, you know? But that’s what we’re here for, you know? An on-going fight.
(Jay) Proclamation! (book Prayer and Proclamation now available at LivingChristianBooks.com)
(J) Absolutely. Well, God bless you all for doing it. God bless you all for leaving a legacy that passes on your heritage with power and with, you know. I know by what she’s saying and by what the Word says that you all obviously have cleared the way between you and God that you can do that. You have the authority. So it, your son is living that out, you know. Yeah, yeah.
(Martha) Linda had just said she needs to pray out loud more. I was reading in Song of Solomon one day, because I’ve grown very silent in communing with the Lord and in praying and so forth. I’m a lot silent with Him. And I was reading Song of Solomon. The Bridegroom said to the Bride, “Let me hear your voice. Let me hear your voice,” and it pierced me. So, I have… He’s asking to hear us and the sound.
(Linda) I was just thinking one day that I was hoping God could hear all my silent prayers, because there’s a lot of silent prayers that go on. But then it was a scary thought too. That means He can hear all my thoughts that aren’t so good too. So… But I’m challenged by this gathering to pray out loud. And that’s a good thing.

Do You Proclaim Your Blessing Out Loud? – Episode #516 – Shulamite Podcast

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