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Divine Design Divine Purpose – Episode #844

Divine Design Divine Purpose

Divine Design Divine Purpose
Episode #844

Walk and talk with John Enslow
I find my divine purpose when I bring The Great I AM all that I am.

Hey guys! This morning I just want to think about something that I wrote on the blog. That I am to bring The Great I AM all that I am. And that when I bring my “I am” to The Great I AM, I am able to see and experience so much of who He is and what He is and what He wants to reveal through me and in me. I am excited about this concept. I talk about in there the widow’s mite, and how the widow’s mite was something that was puny and menial in the worlds view, but those two little mites that she brought were the greatest thing that she could bring to bring glory and honor and pleasure to the King because He saw her heart. And so I am excited! I am excited that in coming to the table, focusing, looking to the Holy Spirit to reveal what are mites are, and then connecting with those mites and presenting them to Him, He’s able to connect our divine design with His divine purpose, which is our eternal destiny. And I am beyond excited about that because the Holy Spirit is not a miser. He is so interested in bringing out and bringing forth what He designed us, our spiritual DNA design. He’s so interested in bringing that forth and allowing us to experience Him in those giftings.  Those giftings are how we experience Him. Those giftings are where we’re going to see Him move. They were designed literally, so that we would move in those areas and witness Him.  It’s a witness platform to see the King of Glory, and the Eternal Waymaker to present Himself to the world and I get to observe it. I get to observe it! So the reason why it’s so important for me to stop and hold space for the Holy Spirit, basically create a space to move and to function, is because when I do that, when I do that, then I am united with my divine design and Designer. So the power of all this is absolutely amazing, that we get to be united with who we are. Uncover… Someone said to me yesterday that it’s a spiritual excavator, it’s a spiritual archaeologist and basically we’re going in to find who we were created to be, what our design is, and to uncover with the Holy Spirit, obviously with the Holy Spirit, uncover those things that have prevented us from experiencing Him and His glory and His Life and His design for us. And when we get connected with that design, we know, we know, we know, we are satisfied. We are fulfilled no matter what it is. We gain a deep satisfaction in His spiritual pleasure and that’s what I want to do. I want to work with men that feel aimless the feel distant from their design and they don’t even know what the design is because they have so much burying them, and so much preventing them from connecting and going forward. And like I said in there, I am not a fixer, but I know where the answer is, if somebody can walk alongside with you and to connect with you and to listen with you. To ask questions to find, to discover where the reality is and who He wants to be and how He wants to perform so that we can get on the track and in the path of His purpose for each of our lives. It’s beautiful! I love you.

Divine Design Divine Purpose – Episode #844 – DivineDesigned.Life

He’s able to connect our divine design with His divine purpose, which is our eternal destiny when we bring The Great I AM all that I am.

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