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Episode #287 – Discernment of the False

Wolf in sheep's clothing

Discernment The False
Episode #287

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guest: Jennifer Wentzel

(M) Well a few podcasts ago I had a real passion about knowing, ah, the enemies of Christ among us, and recognizing… We have to know who people are; many deceivers go into the church. Many it says come to spy out our liberty. And, uhm, so I have, I have a, a zeal for the church right now, to be purified and to be, ah, discernment. We are so lacking in discernment. And I think it’s, ah, perhaps Chamber’s that says it’s the most important needed gift of the Spirit for the church is discernment. If we don’t have discernment, we can be taken over. There’s a verse that ah, I, I think this sums it up. I think it’s in the Psalms, it says, “Oh you who love the Lord, hate evil.” And because society’s fallen to such a low ebb, in morals, the church doesn’t hate evil. There is a, ah… The Lord Jesus hates evil. He confronted it to the degree that, that evil killed Him; but He hates evil. And in the basic, the basic Beatitudes is ah, a warning against false prophets. The Beatitudes are the law of the Spirit to me. They’re the foundation of the disciple of Jesus. Ah, especially Matthew’s version; Luke’s version is for the crowds; but it says, in verse 15, Chapter 7, “ Beware of false prophets who come to you dressed as sheep, but who inside are devouring wolves.” And then Jesus is talking about the last days in Matthew twenty-four He goes back to that again. And, and in the basic, we’re to beware of false prophets; “You’ll know them by their fruit.” Fruit is character, and fruit is the result of their life. What’s the result of a person’s presence in your life? That’s what I have to ask sometime, what is the result? Is it the increase of Christ or the decrease of Christ? Is it the attack on Him? Is it the diminishing of me? But He says, in Matthew twenty-four, He begins to talk about the end-times, the last days; and He’s mentioned to the disciples, ah, what I consider World War Two, “nation against nation”, the whole world at war. And He says, “Many false prophets will rise up and deceive and lead many into error,” after the war of all wars, which was I believe World War Two. But that was the beginning of the birth pangs. In the birth pangs, after that war, there will be affliction and tribulation. If you can be in touch with The Voice Of The Martyrs, you’ll find out how many martyrs are even in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan; in all those countries there are martyrs imprisoned and suffering. All over the world, in every country there are believer’s who are suffering. The love of the great body of people will grow cold. Then He comes back again in verse 24, “For false Christs and false prophets will arise,” this is the day this is happening. And largely I believe Christianity is asleep to it, because we don’t hate evil. It’s so common and so prevalent, that we’ve lost our spiritual keenness to hate it. “They will show signs and wonders so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect, God’s chosen ones. See, I have warned you beforehand.” So, that’s, that’s kind of where I am, because it’s at home, it’s right, right in our face. We’ve had recent experiences with false prophets, and the quest to know how to deal with it, to pray for it. But I think Jennifer’s got another passion on the need to, to terrifically confront people, don’t you Jen? You have a, you have a testimony about that, as well as a passion.
(Jennifer) My journey, and my testimony, uhmm, is ultimately the depth of love that is in the wrath of God. Uhmm, and the judgment of God, that falls, at least with me it fell in tandem, uhmm, really.
(M) Jennifer go on and say that it happened inside this Body.
(Jennifer) Ok. That’s what I was…
(M) If you will. You didn’t know we were going there.
(Jennifer) Yes, ok. Uhmm, the wrath of God and the judgment of God, ah, fell on me, wonderfully, perfectly, terrifyingly, and, within this Body. And uhmm, it was a sacrifice I know, uhmm, having experienced even a little bit of something like that, to have something that strong moving in and through you, and to have that kind of righteous rage. And I’ve only experienced it so briefly, and, and without limit. But ah, for Martha to be willing to be obedient to the Spirit and bring His wrath to me for what evil I was, that I was perpetrating within the Body, ah, against God, in every, every way, shape and form. Uhm, and I think that’s the key there, I was not fully His and so I was uhmm, a vessel for, for pure evil, for the enemy within the Body. And my goodness, if that’s not something that calls down wrath and judgment I don’t know what will, ok.
(J) And I do want to say one thing, each of us have experienced that, not only from you, but from each other, we have experienced God’s, uhmm, resistance to our resistance to Him. Uhmm, and He’s confronted that resistance and said, “I’m showing you your resistance by confronting you of this resistance.” And then because of the confrontation you are able to submit and or choose not to, either way, so, but it’s not just you, (Jennifer: right, right.) but it’s all of us have had that. And I think we all need that, and I think the failing is, is that when we don’t, are not willing to bring that to each other, then we perpetuate the ah, resistance, and allow that resistance, and then we become resistant, and then you just, you lose Christ in the whole process.
(Jennifer) Well and I think and with that John, uhmm, in being willing to be obedient to the Spirit, the Holy Spirit knows what is needed.
(J) Umhmm.
(Jennifer) He knows precisely what is needed.
(J) And when.
(Jennifer) And when.
(J) Umhmm.
(Jennifer) And nothing, I, I, the Lord is completely indicated in my story. He came with every kindness, with every love, ah, with gentleness, with patience, ah, He was merciful, slow to anger with me; I have very long rope. He is utterly vindicated. He came to me with every single one of these things, and I would not move. I would not bow with those things. The Holy Spirit knew what was required for my true salvation, for my soul, and for my seeing, not just in my own darkness, but of His Light; it came hand-in-hand, ok. Uhmm, and that was a wrathful confrontation, loud, terrifying, uhmm, and that was love like few people ever experience. And I will tell you that that was the means for piercing me, and ultimately introducing me to something I did not and desperately needed, and that is fear of the Lord. Uhmm, and I have here Proverbs 16:6, “Wickedness is a atoned for by loyalty and faithfulness, and one turns from evil by the fear of the Lord.” Without that you can’t turn from evil, uhmm, and I couldn’t, I, I didn’t see my own, I didn’t see the majesty and light and the terrifying wonder that is ah, the King of Kings, the Great __________, the Lord of everything. Ah, how else could you despise and disdain, ah, someone so huge and so majestic and magnificent, uhmm, so I didn’t fear Him, and I didn’t see my own heart, I saw nothing, I was blind and horrible and that’s it. Ah, Proverbs 3:7, “Don’t consider yourself to be wise, fear the Lord and turn away from evil.” Ah, fear the Lord plays such a big part of it, and the truth is a wrathful confrontation, because it particularly has become so rare, people are nice, they just don’t talk to each other like that, we don’t confront someone with the full force of what they, they ask for, what is needed and what is required to break through that horrible arrogance and that, that evil and that blackness, and usually that person believes they’re perfectly fine and they’re in goodness and they’re really not that bad and blah-blah-blah. We don’t do that anymore, not in society, not in the church, not anywhere, we are nice people, we are civilized, we are ‘good’ people. Yeah, and, and we’re letting people die, we’re letting evil roam unchecked, uhmm, and I guess, I’m viewing it in one way because I think people have this idea that somehow a wrathful confrontation would be worse than what they’re dealing with, that somehow that would ah, be seeding the high ground or something, that that could not possible be what God has for you; I don’t know exactly. But as someone who’s sitting here because it was done, uhmm, it was, it changed everything, do you understand? I’m alive, I’m living, I’m not just existing, because of that wrath, because of it. It is a love that we know nothing of. I can tell you having experienced it, I still couldn’t tell you the first thing about that beyond the fullness and the mightiness of it; it’s, it’s hot, it’s a white hot fiery love. And that is what it took to penetrate down to the very depths of my heart and my being, and, and break it open. That’s what it took. And I, I tell you that I might do it with fear and trembling, ah, I might do it with shaky knees, and weepy, but when the Lord calls me to do that, I will do it, because I would not be here without that. And I know it for what it is, and it’s not meanness, and it’s not being harsh, it is love, capital ‘L’ love. And ah, we’re talking about eternal souls here, we’re talking about a life that isn’t really even about this life, it’s about the next life and it’s, that’s what matters, this is so temporary. And uhmm, you know, (Jennifer laughs) what is somebody saying that you’re mean, in the scheme of that, when you’re talking about eternal damnation. And if the Lord is asking you to do something I say, He knows why He’s asking you to do it, trust that. I am here because someone heard the Voice and said yes, yes, I will be what You’re asking me to be, as difficult as it is.

Discernment of the False – Episode #287 – Shulamite Podcast

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