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Episode #505 – Dallas Shooting: God’s Message to Us

Dallas Shooting: God's Message to Us

Dallas Shooting: God’s Message to Us
Episode #505
August 7, 2016

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel

(Jennifer) So, this was Friday morning, and both John and I were trying to work through the Dallas shooting. You know. We had each gone similar but slightly different places with it in terms of just our response to it and our hurt and fear and who knows what else; whatever response it was. Mine usually involves about seventy things, which is part of the confusion. And, you know, unbeknownst to either of us, basically what happened, the Lord talked to both of us when we were getting showered, is when He started working it out in me, and gave me the Word for, you know, where I needed to be; gave me the answer to my flailing and grounding me back. And He did the same thing with John, also when John was in the shower. And so, I came in the office, and normally I’d, you know, call or talk to John first thing and kinda figure out what’s going on and what needs to be done. And this time, you know, I didn’t call. It’s like, “Well, he can call me, you know, if something comes up.” And we were each of us sitting down and writing a post about the Dallas shooting. “Lord, give us each a post.” And, you know, it took me probably about twenty minutes. I just kind of sat there and listened and prayed and was letting Him kind of birth it and show it. And then it just, you know, one hour and fifteen minutes, it was just done. I mean with everything. It was completely done. And John came down, and he came in and, you know, and said ‘hi’ or whatever and he had stuff. And I didn’t see yet his email. He had sent me his post on the Dallas shooting. And I said, “Hey, I’ve got a post on the Dallas shooting. I’ve got a post for this.” And he started laughing. He’s like, “I just sent you a post on the Dallas shooting.” And that’s when we started talking, and we figured out this had both at one time. And they basically fit together like a puzzle piece. You know, we’re different people, so the Lord was dealing with different issues with each of us. But to me it was such a picture because reading John’s, I got this different perspective, and it kind of solved things that I knew. As I told John, I said, “This is where I’m going.” Like, I can see that this is where I’m going and what I’m going to be dealing with. He had to deal with this first in me. But it was really kind of amazing that this was happening. It was at the same time the Spirit… We even used the same scripture in each of our posts. The Lord took us to the same scripture when He was speaking to us. And, you know, that to me, that was… I love stuff like that, because that strengthens my faith. It strengthens my faith that my relationship to Him – and it is the most precious thing I have in my life, but it’s not, you know, it’s not the end. His purpose is higher than my relationship with Him. My relationship with Him is for the purpose of serving His purpose. Ok, you know, that’s what it is. But there are doubts all the time. It’s whether or not I’m where I’m suppose to be. It’s whether or not I’m hearing Him like I’m supposed to hear Him, that I’m responding to Him the way I’m supposed to respond to Him. And then He’ll do something like this, where not only is it clear that I was hearing the Spirit, and the Spirit was moving on me, but at the exact time He was moving on my family and in church. And it’s just, I mean that’s such a picture to me of how He, you know, He rewards… That’s not even something I would think of, you know, as a reward, but for me, I mean I’m still flying on that. I’m still saying, “That’s Who You are! You’re that…” That to me is an abundance.
(Martha) I’ve written about half of it… But both your post and John’s post… John’s post was, “Let It Rack You,” and when I read that I realized I was holding it in. I thought, “I cannot feel this pain again. We’ve just… We’ve just been through… I don’t want to feel this pain again.” So, I was holding it in. And when I let the Dallas shooting rack me, I started crying, and when I started crying I got in touch with my spirit, what God had put in my spirit as His answer to me, because I had been watching all the news. I’d been very interested, and they were talking about the President wants to do away with guns. That’s his solution to it. Then comes someone who says, I think Hillary said, “Don’t show indifference. Don’t be indifferent to it.” Another one said, “We just need to communicate. We need to hear each other. Let’s hear each other and that will solve it.” And then comes this absolute mad woman on Fox News, berserk and irrational and could not be contained and would not listen. And the man opposite to her was saying, “That is simply not true. What you’re saying is not true,” and she went right on. And it was just a madness of everybody thinking they know how to solve it, and she had her solution, and he had his. Then comes a very wise, moderate voice from an African American man saying, you know, “The civil rights struggle is over. We have, we can go anywhere and drink water. We can go anywhere to the bathroom. We can get a job. It’s over. We are fighting a battle that has been won.” And I never thought of it that way. But anyway, that led me to think; oh, it led me to the real solution, which is revival. And that’s my heart’s plea and my heart’s burden. And I will get away from that passion into life, and then the Lord always uses something to bring me back. My passion for this time is a passion to pray for prayer, not to pray for revival first, but to pray for the… “Father, send the Holy Spirit to pray for revival,” because that’s the only thing that’s going to help. It may not save the country. I don’t know that it would, but it will save lives that are perishing in hate and murder and dying prematurely. And it might… That is the only solution there can possibly be to make it change. And so, that’s what I’m writing is what came out of your post went to evoke in me my passion and the Solution, which is Christ. There’s no other. There’s absolutely no other. They brought out this man that was in Central Park. He had been, as a policeman had been shot in the back by a young African American delinquent. He was completely debilitated for life when his thirty year old son was standing there with him. He was in a wheelchair with oxygen, barely able to function and breathe. And his son was standing there over him. His wife was pregnant with that son when he was shot, and his life was destroyed from that point on in terms of what you would think. But he decided to forgive that boy and mentored him, gave himself to him to mentor him. The boy later died. They didn’t say how, but they used that, Fox used that as an example of what can come from even this great a tragedy. And they asked the man, one of the newscasters asked him, “Why did you forgive?” He said, “I had to. I’m supposed to.” I think he was more or less saying as a Christian, “I’m supposed to.” He said, “But it was best for me to forgive.” So, I think all our three and who ever else wants to jump in with..   But for me it took me right back to my purpose for these end times, and that is to come to the point of tremendous intercession and travail and weeping for revival before the Lord returns; save lives from hell.
(Jennifer) My post was dealing with my temptation to be entangled, by trying to figure it out, by trying to know what the answer is. You know, all the talking heads on TV have nothing on my admittedly untelevised discourse in my own living room. It’s pretty entertaining, I gotta tell ya, pretting entertaining! But, ahhhh, thanks. But there was something, what the Holy Spirit gave me, and I wrote it a little differently. He gave it to me pretty punchy, and it goes right in with what we’re talking about now in terms of the church. Martha, you made the statement. You said that, “We’re divinely ordained and sovereignly arranged,” is what you said. And what the Holy Spirit gave me as I was, you know, moving from one extreme to another – It’s the only way I know how to role – He said, “The enemy knows how important you are. Why don’t you?” And in my post I put it differently. I said, “I pray fervently that I come to see…” I said, “Every born again believer matters in this war. Every single one of us serves God’s purpose. I pray fervently that I come to see that as clearly as our enemy does.”
(Martha speaks in the background…)
(Jennifer) Then I probably need to change it, and I’ll go ahead and change it. But that’s what He said. He said, “The enemy knows how important you are, so why don’t you?” That’s what it is. “The enemy knows how important you are, so why don’t you?” Yeah. And it was, it really rocked me. It really did rock me, because it’s… That is death’s aim, to take me out of the fight, to take you out of the fight, to take John out of it.

Dallas Shooting: God’s Message to Us – Episode #505 – Shulamite Podcast

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