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Episode #334 – Councils Of The Most High

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Councils Of The Most High
Episode # 334
May 5, 2013

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guest: Carole Nelson

(M) I want to tell you where we’ve been through the month of April. We’ve been in Austria and Italy. And when Don and Carole planned this trip for a year, arranging every detail, securing all the lodging and so forth, and so she invited us to go and make the trip. So the Lord arranged a number of things financially including a drastically reduced airfare so that we could go. And so far as we knew, although I know the Lord doesn’t work this way, it was like a vacation. We had no particular; we weren’t going to speak or anything like that. But He had an agenda.  He had some wonderful agendas, some difficult agendas. But the main one for me was to meet with Gaby Schubert, who is now, since Vicki’s taking care of her parents in Florida, who are elderly. Gaby’s taken over the role of being the coordinator of the House of Prayer, International House of Prayer in Vienna. And so Gaby drove down to meet us in a little ski resort called Bad Gastein in the Alps. And that was already planned and it was a delightful place, just absolutely gorgeous. And I said to Gaby, “Well you know, Gaby, I didn’t ask you because it was four hours from Vienna.” And she said, “Martha, I would have driven to Berlin to be with you, you three.” And so, but before the trip I went back for some reason to a tape I did in Austria, I guess in 2004 or 5, called “Entering The Kingdom.”  That was the series. And the first tape was “Councils Of The Most High”. Anyway I vividly remember doing that message.  That one I had such an anointing. It was delivered in an older firehouse to the four key people and a number of other supporter’s of the beginning of the Prayer House. And the message was that God has called us to enter the councils of the Most High, and it was just extremely important to me because it was so powerful. So I went back and listened to that in part. And during the trip I think the highlight for me was to read Austin Sparks about Daniel and his three friends, which is essentially the call to live in the councils of the Most High. In other words it’s to rule and reign, which I’ve done three conferences on now, and perhaps four, and there’s one to come. There’s one more and I’ll give you the title of it.  It’s called… I don’t know when it will be, but it will be called “Love Reigns.”  And that’s the ultimate and the secret , really, to reigning. So we met with Gaby and we went over a number of things about the Prayer House. People from all over Europe go there to pray. And from Israel, Slovakia, people come through and… Now they meet in a lovely church under the auspices of a wonderful priest, and they have a room that belongs to them, beautiful library. And so they have, they’ve graduated from the firehouse, but it’s still a struggling little project that God has called. So one of the things I learned from the Lord while I was there traveling, was I started thinking about Jesus and John the Baptist saying “The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Or “The Kingdom of God is nigh.” And that was the first message of John the Baptist and the first one of Jesus, “Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” And I looked it up because I got interested and what did it mean that it’s nigh? I thought maybe it meant that Jesus was here, and therefore the Kingdom was, or that it was coming, it was soon to come in His ascension. But the root word means, the word nigh means a designated place.  So what they were saying is the Kingdom is in this place right now. It wasn’t that it was coming; it was the Kingdom is here in a place.  Do you see?  That makes it a difference to me. And so I told Carole and John, where we go, and we are in the Kingdom, that’s the criteria.  You have to be absolutely under the dominion of the Kingdom to bring in the Kingdom, but where we go the Kingdom is in place.  It’s an actual visitation of the Kingdom. Though unseen it is more real than anything we can see. So that where anybody who is under the Kingdom goes, there the Kingdom has come down to earth in actuality. And that made it entirely different for me. So what did you, you shared something about that,  Carole.
(Carole) Well, I believe there were probably even more divine encounters than we have any idea about on the trip; that we walked in places that we didn’t have any idea what went on. But there were specific people that I can recall that were affected, visibly affected by something, sometimes without a word, no word. I watched for it I believe, even though I wasn’t aware I was watching for it, because of what you had said, but I watched the result and the effect on people. With one person it was, a person who was oh my goodness she, she was ah, ah, she was a real topic for one of John’s blogs. And she was just totally and completely hysterical and so forth, but I won’t go into a lot of that. But the Kingdom of heaven was nigh, and the Lord had an agenda. And at the end, before she left, or we parted, there was a major work of saying no to her evil, and at the same time the Lord drawing her to Himself. And, and I was just, I was stunned and amazed by what He did. You know I had no idea what the Holy Spirit will do now, but He, He very obviously placed one of Martha’s books, “All And Only”, into her hands before we left. And I said to her, “This is a gift. This book changed my life, and it’s God’s view.”
(J) It was an orchestration.  The whole entire meeting with her every time we connected with this woman, was a complete orchestration.
(Carole) Well, she was there. She would show up.  She was there, and even if we didn’t want her to be there, she was there. And the Body was working and the different parts, whatever the Holy Spirit was calling one to do, stand against her evil, say, “No I want to get off your world,” because her world was frantic and…  Oh, she was a total victim in her own eyes. But the Kingdom of heaven was nigh, and I know, I know that I know that I know, that she was deeply affected by the Holy Spirit, by the Kingdom of heaven. And I believe, and I am proclaiming that He, that she will belong to Him. She’s no worse case than I was. She’s probably less. But regardless, He wants her. And it was obvious because He put her in our path, and she was a disruption, or felt like a disruption.  Didn’t she? But all that to say there were numbers of people on this trip that were visibly affected; the flight attendants on the plane, the tour guides.  Francesca, I believe, though there was nothing said spiritually I believe she was deeply affected. Frederica was deeply affected in Rome. I saw the results of the Kingdom of heaven and I couldn’t explain it, nor did I feel it. There was no, there was no feeling; I was just kind of surprised at the effect.
(M) Francesca took us through the David statue, Academia, in Florence. It was a long tour.  Actually it was two tours that she took us on.  And I noticed that she began… We were so intently interested in what she said, but she was trying to tell us… She said to me, “Most people don’t listen. Most people aren’t willing to learn. You feel like it’s going right over their head.” She was very knowledgeable and very down to earth, a wonderful guide and very anxious to help her group. But at the end she was trying to say I appreciate you, and she said you, in essence, you heard me, you received me. And we did. We were, we loved her and the things that she shared have impacted your life and you’re going to come up with a blog about it later.
(Carole) She spoke one thing that I knew was the Holy Spirit that so pierced my whole being, and it hasn’t stopped.  It hasn’t stopped yet, but yeah, so.
(J) These are things that, they’re landmark moments spiritually, but you can’t mark them and prove them. You know what I mean?  There’s no, it’s a sign post for someone that’s in the Spirit, or someone that’s involved in it, but it’s nothing that you can go back and say look at this.  This is what was built.  It’s a building of a Kingdom that’s not here, and uhmm.
(Carole) And I watched the three of us as His Body in the Kingdom in those moments, really quite outside of ourselves, I think.  Wouldn’t that be fair to say, because it wasn’t, it wasn’t planned or thought through. It just was, it was happening, it was just happening, and then the result was visible acknowledgement that there was, that the Holy Spirit had affected people quite beyond themselves, and maybe even their own consciousness.
(J) Martha would like, not even every day, just occasionally you would pray and just commit the day to the Lord and everything like that. But it wasn’t like we were purposed and focused on any of it. It was very strange because it was ah, it was the least amount of involvement I could have and be involved. Isn’t that true? It was strange.
(M) I think we went along really and truly not knowing what on earth God was doing. I don’t think any of us knew. We were traveling at a very high rate. We traveled many, many miles through Italy and southern Austria, all the way through that part of the Alps. There was another couple that was in the restaurant with us, and we’d been invited to their home, in where, Sweden? Scotland? (Martha laughs.) And we just started taking and we just bonded; I don’t even know if they’re Christians. And but they were so wonderful to us. They were familiar with the area and talked to us a lot about the area where we were.
(Carole) We could go on and on. There was a couple in Berchtesgaden on the top of the mountain that invited us to their house for champaign because it was her birthday. And John was looking for the perfect photo shot of the, I would call them the twin Alps, there in Berchtesgaden.  It was, God had given us a divine day.  He just opened up a divine day. And John would say, “Where should I go?” I said, “Just keep driving up John, I don’t know where.  I just know it’s way up.” “Well are we there?” “No, you just, we need to just keep going up.”
(M) And I felt like that was a spiritual principal from the Holy Spirit. (Martha laughs.) I was hearing something way beyond Carole’s encouragement.
(Carole) But this couple, I believe there was, there was… You could sense the Spirit moving. I could sense the Spirit moving. I didn’t know how…
(M) We never mentioned our faith.
(Carole) Uh-uh.  Uh-uh.
(M) Or why we were there or anything. But the Spirit was moving.  You’re right, creating a connection. And what was strange about that is that that little café was so high up.  I don’t know how anybody would ever go there, but it was a charming place, and there was no one there but that couple because it was early morning and it was on a Sunday. So… It was just a divine appointment, all of it.  All of it was. And He was having His own appointment with us, His own agenda that became His story.

Councils Of The Most High – Episode #334 – Shulamite Podcast

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