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Episode #273 – Conference Special Part 2

The reign of Grace conference CD series

Conference Special Part 2
Episode #273

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guest: Jennifer Wentzel

(M) Well, you’re right Jennifer, we as a group have been through so much in the last months, and some glorious victories in lives, but still the standard of the Lord is that His own Life be the measure, and His holiness be the absolute demand that He gives all of us is that His Life alone is acceptable. And I think we’re more cleansed and chastened and dead perhaps, and very much seeing in ways that can’t be told, the function of the church to bring about Christ’s purpose. And I’m really seeing… For many years I went out pretty much alone, but I’m seeing the power of the two. It’s just incredible, the power of the two. That’s all, that’s the minimum, but it does take two. There has to be a church in operation. And so many times I’ll come down here to the office with you and Carole and we’ll meet for a couple of hours, and you will say we’ve had church; (Jennifer laughs) we’ve been in church.
(Jennifer) Because we have.
(M) And I think that there’s no way to even describe, nor would it be appropriate to describe how, what we’ve been through as a Body in the last months and months, and where we’ve come to. But I know that the measure of what’s behind the scenes is the manifestation of what comes forth. Does that make any sense? Deep calls unto deep, and the Lord has gone very deep in us all, in many different ways. And in wonder, in absolute amazement at what He has in mind. And then in absolute chastening of what He doesn’t like. And I know that when we come into this, all that has gone in us as you said, His long preparation is going to be the measure of His coming. We’ve definitely been reduced, not only by chastening but by blessing. We’ve been reduced by victory. We’ve been humbled by His transcendence and His amazing care of us. So… But that’s just one of the, the ways to rule and reign is thanksgiving. And I’m excited to… It’s not … The way to reign is completely different than what we ever think it is.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) And we look forward to people we’ve not met. You told me a man I know, I won’t say his name, but we’ve known about him for years.  I’ve never met him, and he’s coming? I’m so excited.
(J) Well the response has been real exciting. You know, usually it takes a couple days for the kind of flood to happen. And the second I put the announcement out, I mean I started having people saying, “I’ve been waiting for this, I’ve been waiting for this.” And , “I’m so grateful; thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this,” and, “This is perfect, this is exactly what I need.” And, “The Reign Of Grace: Ruling In Christ Now” is the title. And the dates are April 13th through the 15th. And it’s going to be in Atlanta. If you all are interested in coming, this is wonderful and we would love to have you, and if you’d like more details please visit us at www.shulamite.com and the full information is there; you can request it and we will send you further details.  There’s a gentleman, who called me yesterday from Florida, and was trying to find out about it, said he’s definitely coming, he and his wife. And he was asking for a little bit of the details, and I basically said, “You know, there is no fee for this.  It’s, we’re doing this by faith, that we just believe that the Lord takes care of us and puts on the hearts of whoever is to give, to give.” And believe it’s not something… He says, “Well wow, that’s really amazing because normally it’s $250.00.” I said, “Well, the only cost is your room, basically, at the hotel. And you can stay at the hotel, and you can eat your food how you want to and just come.  And it’s just we’re giving it in faith and we’re trusting.” So we each are in real anticipation, and  Jennifer I’m very, very grateful for the passion and for your words. That was just amazing. And actually I haven’t… I’ve known of your excited, but I haven’t heard those words yet, and that was just… It’s like, “Golly, (John laughs) I wanna go, I wanna go!”
(Jennifer) Well it, you know, it keeps unfolding. And part of it I will just say I am so grateful for the love and the kindness and the excitement that comes through from people e-mailing and asking for information and then responding so kindly when I send them these things. I mean it’s just… It’s a gift everyday from so many different people, to hear from them and to get that kind of love.  And it’s not hard to be excited and to be fueled when He keeps pouring out through all these different people, and showering on me. So it doesn’t matter what’s going on, or, you know, what facts I missed or (she laughs) you know, what has happened in the office, if I’m overwhelmed during the rest of it.  It’s been a joy ever since the e-mail went out. And that’s in no small part because of, you know, these wonderful people.
(J) Little firecrackers going off all over the place! (John makes a firecracker noise: kchee-chee!)
(Jennifer) I’m blessed beyond the telling of it. I would be here all day to tell the e-mails, they’re phenomenal.  They are such a gift.
(M) Well, I haven’t talked to anyone, but the e-mails that you’ve passed on to me have just made me cry. They’ve just… I can’t imagine.  You always have as a speaker, you always have a little ‘Oooh, does anybody wanna come’? (Martha laughs.) Will we have anybody? (She laughs.) And to be so encouraged by these truly wonderful people.  It is a gift. So, I’m excited to see people I’ve never seen and others that I would just love to see.
(Jennifer) Well that’s just it.  I have to say, this is my favorite part of the conferences, is the miracle of meeting someone that you’ve never met before. Maybe you’ve talked to them on the phone. Maybe you’ve just seen their name come through on an order or you know, a podcast comment or you know, something like that, and then you just love them instantly. I love that. I love that! That is my favorite, where you meet someone and they’re just instantly ‘kindred.’  That is, I never get tired of that miracle, because it is so beyond my capability, so I know it’s absolutely not me. And I love that He does that, I love that.
(M) I read something that Sparks wrote about the greatness of the church, and the greatness of the resurrection. And you wanted to have the conference on Easter didn’t you Jen?
(Jennifer) I did. (Jennifer laughs.)
(M) I just couldn’t do that for families, but everything fell in place for the date that we have, so, but you were that, you were that celebrating His resurrection.
(Jennifer) I love having an Easter party.
(M) Sparks has such a vision of the church; two being minimum.  He has such a vision of what God can do through the church through the whole world. And as I read his words, I’ll trying to bring some of them to the conference, I just wept and wept, because another thing we find at the conference is people that know us that we don’t know. They know us well.  They know us through the podcasts; they love Carole, they know your voice, (Carole and Martha laugh) they laugh with you. And we don’t know they’re out there. And it is  just so… I think it’s shocking and overwhelming that God can use such ordinary obscure little people as we are, to apparently touch the world. And that’s what Christ is supposed to do with those who His.  He is, where He is free to be Head, He can do whatever.  There’s no limit, there’s no limit to what He can do and how He can reach people, and how He can answer and give us all His… His wonders. So, I’m sort of filled from that day that I read that about Sparks, and somehow the Lord exploded it for me into a reality. I’ve just been living in wonder. I think that’s where I am for the conference is I am in wonder at what He’s pouring out in me for hours every morning. I’m astonished at what He’s showing me, and it’s all very simple, very simple.  It’s not… He is grandiose. His fruit is staggering. His accomplishment is shocking. What He’s going to do in these, in these end times is just, I can’t take it in. But of course, it’s the Son of God.  Of course, the greatness of the Son of God goes wherever He’s free to be Himself. And I hope that’s what, that’s what we want to be, people who let Him be. So I’m really kind of in a state of awe and wonder. I’m very, very grateful that people listen to us, very grateful that God brings people and that there will be many that come to this conference; I’m just so grateful that people will do that at such cost.

(Recorder zipping off and then on ‘noise’.)

(M) We just turned off the tape, and I said something to Jennifer and John and he wants to turn the tape back on for me to say this. What He’s giving me are things I have never heard taught on and I have never seen them before. Some of them I live, and some of them are quite beyond me. So I’m having the most phenomenal experience, because they  are things so heavenly and so divine and so very real that they will be shocking.
(J) Well, I can tell you that as I drive you around, or you go with me certain places, that the steam coming from the ‘pot’ is blessing me, so I can’t imagine eating the stew. (Martha laughs.)
(M) Awww. (She laughs.) Well, His, His wonders never cease.
(J) Ok, well, we hope to see you soon!

Conference Special Part 2 – Episode #273 – Shulamite Podcast

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