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Come Holy Spirit Fill Your People – Episode #814

Come Holy Spirit Fill Your People

Come Holy Spirit Fill Your People
Episode #814

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest: Charles Carrin, , Dave Wentzel

This is a continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #811
People in the power of the Holy Spirit experiencing the joy of the Lord with riotous laughter breaking out.

In public ministry we do not know what’s going on in the minds and hearts of other people. At times we can know that the Holy Spirit is dealing with them and dealing strenuously with them and perhaps they are turning the other way and not accepting the provision that God is offering them. We’ve both seen that many, many times. And people in that situation have no concept of realizing how that pivotal moment would bless the rest of their lives if they would simply accept the grace that God offers but not all do.

The first man that I mentioned was speaking with someone and there was something he would not give up. And I walked away from him knowing he was a dead man that there was nothing that I could do for him. We had a meeting praying for him calling him to repentance and still his no was solid because he wanted something fleshly more than he wanted God. But you gave it to him. You offered it to him and he said no.

Was that at Conyers?


Those of you that don’t know what happened at Conyers it was a surprise because I was speaking in a Baptist Church that was as close to dead as I think you could get and still survive. The two pastors that were there knew that the Holy Spirit had restoration and revival for them; two pastors Bob Bird and one other. They knew that there was genuine renewal available and they wanted it. There were a lot of other pastors from other churches in the area that came and experienced it.

How long did the meeting go? Do you remember? Probably it was at least a month; every night for nearly a month. The beautiful thing about it was that there were other meetings that were birthed out of that meeting; other pastors came and got filled with the Holy Spirit and revolutionized their ministry. We never did know the extent of what all God did in that meeting. But it happened wonderfully so.

God was taking the lid off of those. There were several Baptist churches that their pastors that came and got filled with the Spirit and revolutionized their churches. It was an amazing event.

Then when I came back, I met Derek in Turkey like I had shared and came back and we went another, probably, two more weeks. It was apparent that the Spirit was lifting the organizational part of it.

Now the impact of that meeting is still alive today. There are people that are still vibrating in churches, still vibrating from the impact of that meeting thought our meeting closed down about two or three weeks after I returned from being with Derek in Turkey.

Anybody else want to comment on that or ask a question relative to it?

I appreciate the clarification. I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening the number of times that I would just hit the floor depressed. But it was a battering that was taking place and your description I had never heard that before. God had used you to begin the process of battering, the rhythm of battering in my life and then I came in contact with Martha and her ministry that the battering would like place. It was a constant because of the wall that I built. I had tremendous walls that could not be scaled, I couldn’t overcome them myself. We pray for a miracle, a Paul experience on the Damascus Road-Bright light! “Hit me and I will be over it.” But it was a constant battering. I had never experienced rest. My mind of just bonkers during that time.

It was at that meeting that I personally experienced people in the power of the Holy Spirit experiencing the joy of the Lord with riotous laughter breaking out. I know the first time it happened I thought they are mocking. That wasn’t it at all. These people were experiencing the sheer ecstasy and presence, joy of the Holy Spirit.

I don’t remember the year Derek asked me to come having experienced that in Conyers, the laughter, Derek asked me to join him in Kazakhstan. He was preaching at a conference there and I went. And while I was there, he arranged for me to be the speaker at a local mission’s school’s graduation. There were about thirty students graduating in the mission school who were all going into Muslin countries. That part of the world is predominantly Muslin to start with. I remember praying and asking the Lord “God what do You want me to share with these young students that are going on to such a dangerous mission field?” I felt like it was the Lord. He led me to the Queen of Sheba coming to visit King Solomon where she told Solomon she said she was witnessing to him she had been so impressed with his ceremony of going up to the temple and his dress, his apparel, the food of his table, the food of his servants. And then she said this, “Happy are these your servants who wait continually before you.” She was more impressed with the happiness of Solomon servants than she was with all the jewels and the gold.

To my message to that graduating class that was my topic that God wants them to see the kingdom in that same splendor that the Queen of Sheba saw the happiness on the face of Solomon’s servants. That was my message.

I will never forget after I had finished the message…The school was meeting in what had been the Communist Youth Indoctrination Center. It was just before this that communism had collapsed worldwide.  Kazakhstan which was the capital they had these enormous stone heads of Lenin, sculptured heads that were as big around as the center part of this room and they were up on high pedestals in the city; high as the second floor of buildings to give prominence to Lenin. Those had been toppled and knocked off of those pedestals and were still laying in alley ways and streets where they had fallen. The mission school was meeting in the building that still had the name over the door-Communist Young Indoctrination Center though it was not that.

When I got through speaking that day about Solomon and the Queen of Sheba being so impressed with his servants and emphasizing to these young missionaries “God wants you to see your role with that kind of happiness.”

I finished the message and was giving out the diplomas and a young woman came up, the first student to get their diploma, I gave here the diploma, touched her on the neck or the shoulder-bang she hit the floor; nobody caught her. She bang hit the floor and burst into the loudest laughter you can imagine. The next student came-bang, hit the floor laughing. And the next hit the floor laughing. Before long all thirty something of those students were laid out on the floor laughing at the top of their lungs.

It was pure condensed noise and got so loud that people began coming to the Communist Youth Indoctrination Center and looking through the oval glass in the doors, their faces were pressed against the glass, to see what was going on in the Youth Indoctrination Center that was causing such laughter and happiness. They could hear it outside the building.

Their faces began being pressed against the glass and then, there was swinging door, and then the door squeaked open a little and a woman came in. I remember she was carrying a brown paper bag of groceries. She got against the wall; and more came in and more came in.  Then a man came in who had on black clothes, a black, heavy ugly beard. He looked like he had climbed out of a sewer; worse looking individual I had ever seen in my life.

The others then began coming in and lining up against the wall. They saw what was happening; I was laying hands on these students. And so, I started signaling them. “You come.” “No, no.” They would lean back against the wall and wave their hands and let me know they weren’t coming.

But then I remember the woman with the bag of groceries came. She hit the floor. Her groceries hit the floor. Her oranges went rolling all over the front of the building and the others started coming up; the local people. And then this man who had on this dark black outfit and this very dark beard and shaggy hair came running to me, grabbed me under my arms, lifted me off the floor and spun me around. He was experiencing the greatest exhilaration he had ever experienced. And the women whose oranges that went rolling across the floor she didn’t care at all what happened to the oranges. She was getting filled with the power of God.         It was the wildest scene I have ever seen.

The only person who was not happy was the director of the school. And I did not know that because I am standing and he is sitting a little bit to my back. I didn’t learn that until weeks later how distraught he was over all that was happening and his students all of them laid out on the floor. They were in the grip of glory. They were thrilled. That woman with the oranges and the man with the black outfit they were absolutely ecstatic with the joy of the Lord. I know that was probably the first time they had ever experienced anything like that because Christianity had been so suppressed in Kazakhstan and there was no such thing as experiencing anything like that.

It was a wild time but it was a God time and they knew it. I still to this day regret that the superintendent of the school couldn’t have celebrated with all of his students. They were all laughing. It wasn’t just falling out. They were laughing at the top of their lungs. And then when I found out how unhappy he was about that I thought, “He needs to know what happened to Derek.” The night Derek got filled with the Holy spirit he laughed for what I think was two hours nonstop; wild, wild, riotous laughter celebrating and rejoicing in the grace and wonder of God. The battering ram of God.

Come Holy Spirit Fill Your People – Episode #814 – Shulamite Podcast

People were experiencing the sheer ecstasy, presence, and joy of the Holy Spirit as the power of the Holy Spirit was manifested.

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    The bag of oranges is not our supply…the ONE Who made them is our ecstatic celebration! Let loose…’she didn’t care at all what was happening to her oranges’. Perfect description! (Jn.8:36) “So if the Son liberates you, makes you free men, then you are really & unquestionably free.” The dark scruffy man…(Mk.10:50) “And throwing off his outer garment, he leaped up & came to Jesus” He shouted, they shushed, Jesus called, he came…to Jesus! Not ‘impressions’ or ‘impressiveness’… It’s You, Lord Jesus… The students, the woman with the bag of oranges, the dark scruffy man, the director of the school, the watchers & waiters…me… Our mysterious, perplexing, unfathomable, superseding GOD & His way with our hearts. Blessed battering ram of God…He conquered what I could not. Rest: desire fulfilled. JESUS dance of JOY!
    Thank you for letting us share in these messages of LOVE let loose! Yes! Come Holy Spirit!

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