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Men Meeting for Brotherhood and Connection – Episode #846

Men Meeting for Brotherhood and Connection

Men Meeting for Brotherhood and Connection
Episode #846

Walk and talk with John Enslow
Men connecting with their design and they’re doing it in community and  brotherhood.

Hey guys, I just want to tell you about something that just happened this past weekend. I had a group of eight men that came in from all over the States and we met for an amazing time of fellowship and of connection. It was so deeply powerful. It was so moving because not only did you have brotherhood. Not only did you have connection. Not only did you have affirmation, but we saw the Holy Spirit move. Charles Carrin has been asking me and said, “Listen, allow the ministry to be confirmed with signs and wonders. Don’t let it just be a word ministry. And I totally agree with that. I love the Holy Spirit. I love the Holy Spirit moving, and I was able to witness some pretty amazing things where the Holy Spirit was just moving among the men, and we did some deep work in the hearts, and the fruit that has come out of that that they are telling me it’s just been outstanding. I’m absolutely loving with the Lord has done.

I would love to be able to do this kind of meeting every, three or four months. I think it would be absolutely powerful because I feel like men are looking for some direction, they’re looking for some purpose, there looking for their design. And there’s so many things that are telling us that we are not connected with our design. That we are separated from our design and I am witnessing men connecting with their design and they’re doing it in community and  brotherhood. That to me is super powerful and super amazing.

I’ve had several of the guys that basically have said, “I want to tell you what this meant to me. What this spoke to me, what this conveyed to me. The affirmation alone, the connection, and the power of the Holy Spirit just to be able to transform lives, and to change lives has been deeply moving.

I know in my last podcast I talk about Lance Wallnau and his words, those deeply powerful words about convergence, and I am looking, and witnessing, and I am seeing those men that are wanting to experience the convergence of their life. They’re wanting to experience the divine design, discover the design, and to come into that design and really shine, shine for Him and allow His life to be lived through them. It’s absolutely powerful. So this message is not really revelatory, this message is more of a testimony of just what I am witnessing and what I’m viewing, and what I’m seeing. And the meetings were beyond anything that I thought it could even happen and there is a unity and there’s a brotherhood and there was fun and there was a connection and we were able to be men we were able to have fun we were able to enjoy together but then there was a deep work, healing hearts, healing deep wounds, healing concepts of our self, and who we have believed that we are, and how we face our world. Because we’re looking at it through our view and we’re not actually living the reality of who we are.

These men were encircled around each other, and speaking into one another their perspective on these men’s divine design.  Each man did it individually, and every man spoke individually to that man. It was outstanding because we can become so myopic and see only the small little detail, and then just be wrapped up in our self that we can’t see the big picture, but when your brother will come up alongside of you and say, “This is not the way this is, you are this, this is who the Lord is made you to be.” It’s beautiful and it was powerful and it made me so hungry to experience this over and over with the just beautiful men, who are looking to enter into their divine design, their spiritual DNA, the creation of God, is created them to be, and to experience and express His life l, and allow that life to impact dynamically families, friends, relatives, and coworkers. Everyone that we walk around, we can impact those people, because we enter into our purpose. We enter into our divine purpose and then we were able to see that purpose realized.

So this was an aspect that I really enjoyed witnessing and I could see it transpire and transform lives. So to connect with brothers and bring affirmation to brothers, it was beautiful. It was life-changing. It was dynamic and so I will be doing this again. I’m looking to do this as many times as much as need be. And I’m going just utterly dependent on the Holy Spirit to move. Utterly transfixed on Him and His movement, and depending on Him, but I’m going in for the expectation and faith, that what I am looking to achieve and to see happen will happen because it’s His desire. It’s His design and it’s His purpose. He longs for us to enter into our actual reality who He is and from there we are launched into the divine reality of Christ in us , the hope of glory, and if we affect the world. That’s what we need!

We need men that are connecting with their design so that they can transform the world that is so damaged and so broken. So I thank you for listening. I thank you for just celebrating with me what the Lord is doing and I ask for your prayers because I would like to see this happen, one life at a time, changing lives so we can witness Him without the hindrances without the metal boundaries and borders that we can put up with fear, unbelief past wounds. And we can enter into His true purpose bless you. I love you I appreciate you and I’ll be back soon.

Men Meeting for Brotherhood and Connection – Episode #846 – Divine Designed Life

This time with these men was beyond anything that I thought it could be — brotherhood, connection and healing concepts we believe of our self.

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