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The Bride is Destined for the Throne – Episode #706

Destined for the Throne

The Bride is Destined for the Throne
Episode #706

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Joan Wentzel

The Bride of Christ is being prepared to reign and rule with Christ. We are destined for the throne and our purpose is to bring in the Kingdom.

Well, today we’re going to have a tiny roundtable and the subject is going to be what school are we in and what are we being prepared for and what is the world about and where does it all end and what’s going to happen?

Just the meaning of life!

Just the meaning…

No big deal!

Right, right.

Just the meaning of life!

The entire…And I have it here to give you. But I got it out of the Bible and from a certain person who has the revelation.

And I’m sure that most everybody that listens to this will remember I’m, I am in the long process of living being ready to write a book about the bride. And it’s been a terrific school that I have been in and, and been through a lot of experiences of all different varieties in the last, well, year and a half or two years. And every one is relevant to seeing and understanding the bride.

Sometime ago I got this, this verse and I believe it’s in 1 Corinthians and it is so astounding and so clear that it has imprinted itself by the Spirit on my heart.

Those who receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Christ Jesus. (Romans 5:17)

That’s incredible. We, we have the opportunity to reign in this life; not control. Control is dictatorship. Control is tyranny. No, we will reign and rule in this life by Christ Jesus.

So it means that if we receive His grace, the abundance of it, and who does, we barely know the meaning of the word grace, and the gift of righteousness that we can be perfect and righteous as a gift that Christ gave to us of His own righteousness.

So by those two things we can reign in life, not in the kingdom of tomorrow, in the, in the heavenly kingdom, but we’ll reign in life, in this life by one Christ Jesus. That represents to me a fascinating mystery and a calling. We are called to rule and reign in this life not by pressure and control, not by human dominion, not by cruel tyranny but by Christ Jesus. In other words we are vessels to give Him the rule in this life and we can experience it.

There’re so many scriptures about this. For one thing “It’s the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.” I always thought that meant the, the blessings of the Kingdom. No, I think He means He’s giving us the Kingdom not for us to own it but to be rulers reigning with Christ on the throne.

“To him that overcometh I will grant to sit with Me on My throne even as I overcame and sat down with My Father in His throne.”

That’s Revelation 3:21. All the seven churches the entire challenge is overcoming in this life as we live it, being victorious in your situations, gaining ground for Christ in your life problems. That’s, that is huge.

And most of us conceive of the kingdom as in the next life in heaven. No, the Kingdom was…Jesus said to that day, two thousand years ago, “The Kingdom is now, the Kingdom is here in your midst.” And the Kingdom requires a King. The key is the King and He was the King in their presence.

But actually God’s plan is something so fantastic. I’ve often said only a child would even buy it. He wants us to rule and reign beside Him. And so when I get into the message of the bride making herself ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb the marriage of the Lamb is simply the marriage that will lead to ruling and reigning on the throne with both the bride and the king.

I Corinthians says, “Do you not know that saints will judge the world?

Don’t you know that we shall judge angels? This is the pledge of what Jesus meant when He said the glory You gave me I have given them.”

So this…To take the Bible at face value is always to be shocked, bewildered, and look, and very ignorant because we don’t, we don’t, the picture’s so big that we can’t begin to take it in. But the facts are written in the Bible.

I’ve spoken before of that I’ve had the privilege of meeting a man called Paul Billheimer. A friend of mine she, he was her spiritual father and so she took me to meet him. And he lived in a cabin in rural Atlanta. And we drove out a long distance to this cabin where he and his wife had gone to live their last days.

I just want to retell one thing. When I went in the living room, his wife was there and she said he is praying for you. He will come out when he’s through praying. We waited, we waited, we chatted. And I thought, “I have never known of anybody to pray that long for me and for my friend.”

So he came out very cordial and he invited me to come back and I never took advantage of that and before he was lifted up and taken to be on TBN as, as a teacher. And his books…He wrote I think about five books.

But as life went on and I read his book Destined for the Throne, I realized his subject was the, the bride of Christ, the power of prayer, the preparation to rule, and the, and the, that we are destined for the throne. I believe he had that revelation more clearly, more committedly, more brilliantly revealed to him than any, any other person’s ever addressed the throne.

And I…As many years went by since I met him and read his book and prayed it and loved it, one day I realized he’s the one who prayed into me his own vision for the bride. Not that I know it like he does. I don’t mean that. I mean he just planted the seed. He imparted something to me of his complete passion for the Son of God and the bride and the Kingdom.

And just to give you his credibility Billy Graham wrote the forward to the book. And Billy Graham said, “Every Christian should study this book prayerfully and apply its principles to life.” Study it and get it. The message is incredible. And then apply it. Meaning live it and live for it. Live for the dream of God that He would have children ruling and reigning conformed to Christ. That’s, that’s God’s great pleasure to  share the throne.

And so when you, when you start talking about this as the believer on the throne, it kind of takes us into a, a surreal place. And this, Paul Billheimer, took it to such a practical ground and so that you could understand it, believe it, and see it.

And it would have to be practical because it’s, it’s something that you’re doing. It’s not something that you’re, you’re necessarily just believing.

Wow, John.

It’s something that you’re doing. He’s preparing you to reign and rule which is a active participation and doing not a simple theology that you’re believing.

Do you remember when Carole had sort of a little vision and she saw that this life is not the life. This life is preparation for the life and that we’re only born when we’re, when we die we’re then born into the life that’s been forming? That’s…I really believe that that, that was from God that she got it because it’s true. We are being prepared in this life. This is not the end. The…It’s not even the beginning. It’s the, it’s the school to prepare you to live. And the school…All the answers are in the book. Whatever God takes you through and shows to you He, He tells you the whole story from beginning to end, how it began, how it ends. He tells you the saints part in it. He tells you how in a hundred different ways.

Ok. “The Lord of host test the righteous and seeing the heart and mind.” (Jeremiah 20:12) He is the Father who oversees the preparation of the bride for His Son and the throne that we’re now seated upon…According to Ephesians we’re seated, and Colossians, we’re seated now on the throne. It’s already accomplished and all the provision for you and me to acquire it is already laid up and, and formed. It’s, it’s amazing. And the president in the scripture…Help me, help me tell it, y’all. Ok, all the ones who ruled a kingdom: Joseph. Joan says Daniel, Noah.

David, Daniel, Solomon.

Uh huh. So there’re quite a number. And so what’s been exciting for me is to look at these characters in terms of their preparation to rule and reign.

You even said Abraham.

Well, in a sense His most successful followers on, on some ground or another always came to rule.

It’s because this is what it’s all about.

This is what it’s all about. Well said.

The whole thing is about the Kingdom. It’s all about the Kingdom. It’s all about ruling in the Kingdom and if you are separating yourself and not ruling in this world, what are you here for? You’re, you’re basically invalidating your purpose. Your purpose is to bring in the Kingdom. Isn’t it? Isn’t that what our…


Our entire purpose here is to bring in the Kingdom.

That’s our prayer. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.”

It’s, it’s in the…

We are responsible…


…to bring it down. And the Kingdom is without end and it is ever increasing. We don’t see it usually. If we understand and have the revelation the kingdom, we can, we can see it in life happening but for the most part the Kingdom’s very hidden, very secret.

And, you know, if, if you’re living insular and isolated…This isn’t a Kiwanis Club. This isn’t a, a secret society that, you know…You, you, you go and you go and you have a little meetings and you benefit yourself and then you leave. This, that’s not what this is about. This, this…Christ’s inheritance is the nations and the way He has the nations is through reigning and ruling.

The Bride is Destined for the Throne – EPISODE #706 – Shulamite Podcast

What school are we in? What are we being prepared for and what is the world about? Where does it all end and what’s going to happen? In today’s podcast we start a new series looking at the meaning of life. Yes that’s right, the meaning of life. Here’s a clue: the bride of Christ, the power of prayer, the preparation to rule, because we’re destined for the throne.

Destined for the Throne is available at LivingChristianBooks.com

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  1. Wanda Zoller says:

    In the Beatitudes, two of the results are in the present tense. The rest of the results are future. Both of the ones that are present tense are for the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs IS the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness for theirs IS the kingdom of heaven. We can experience the kingdom of heaven now!

  2. Helen says:

    Oh my God, take out of me my paltryness. You are All…BE Your flowing in me, constant flow of Love & Life & Light through this wide open heart. You are Lavish! We let Your Lavish giving, being, doing, flowing, pour through. Live Your All-ness in my body presented to Your Lavish Love, Your Reign of Glory!
    Our life problems are not confined to my small world, my current struggle. My ‘bean patch’ has eternal implication. It has a surrounding landscape it touches, to flourishing or depleting. Ours is no earthbound landscape, it’s expansive. Turn in on self & the view is small indeed. We lift our eyes, & His Glory stretches out before us!

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