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Boundaries of God Versus Schemes of Man – Episode #838

Boundaries of God Versus Schemes of Man

Boundaries of God Versus Schemes of Man
Episode #838

Walk and talk with John Enslow
The schemes may come and go, but ultimately the boundaries of God are set and will do what He is gonna do.

Hey y’all, I am in Canmore, Alberta Canada, visiting my brother Myles for Christmas and New Year’s. He invited me to come up and I had opportunity to utilize some points and stuff so I said, “Why not!” So I came up here and the vistas and the beauty of Canmore is just outstanding!

The first night we came in. I went into my hotel room, it was dark, we had gotten here late and I basically went to bed. I woke up the next morning and I opened up the windows and the windows revealed THAT. And I was like (gasp) oh my gosh and I was just blown away just the view that I was able to see was just amazing. I was like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! So I was excited. I was so excited to be here and to have that opportunity to see these these beautiful Rockies. These are the Rockies in Canada. Who knew that the Canadians had Rockies as well. But they do and my brother Myles reminds me on a regular basis. These, these are all Rockies!

I just want to come to you today. Looking at these majestic mountains, looking at the borders of these mountains, the border of the mountain ranges. It reminded me of the scripture Jeremiah 5:22. It says, “I the Lord define the ocean’s sandy shores as an everlasting boundary that the waters cannot cross. The waves made toss and roar, but they could never pass the boundaries, I set.” So I’ve questioned the Lord on that, because I’ve said often, the boundaries don’t feel set sometimes Lord. Man and the schemes of man and the subterfuge of man’s activities, often feel overwhelming, often feel more in power.  Political systems, financial systems, cultural systems. The wave right now of anti-God, anti-Christian, the wave is coming against us. The political, the financial, the cultural onslaught coming against us seems like it is overtaking the boundaries and borders of God. That we as Christians are being overwhelmed. I felt that.

So I asked the Lord, OK, so tell me.  Can You explain to me about what this is and what’s going on and how are You, Lord over lords and God over gods? And how are the boundaries not pushed when it seems like they are pushed? And I get tremendous security and safety in the fact that I know that He is sovereign. That things happen based on God and that He is overall, and that man is not, and political leaders are not, and financial planners are not the end result. They are not the end of the story. The schemes may come and go, but ultimately God has His say, and God will do what He is gonna do.

So I am looking at all this and I am knowing that I wrote the book Sovereign Touch, and I know that I talk about political systems, I know I talk about cultural systems, I know talk about the abusive man, I know I talk about all these things and I show, how is sovereign touch can bring glory and wonder and majesty out of the roughest and toughest times of our lives. That out of the greatest crisis can come His most awesome glory because He is sovereign. And I’m excited about that.

I was at a church the other day, and I heard a sermon about the season that this pastor believes we’re in. And he says that he believes that we’re in a season of hand-to-hand combat. That we have to be utterly and completely reliant on the Holy Spirit in this moment. I agree completely. And he also says that we have to live as well trained and well disciplined men and women of God. And I agree with that totally. We’ve been prepared for this. There’s been a preparing for a long time, to go through exactly what we’re going through, right this very minute. None of this, none of what is happening changes the plans of God, changes the course of God. It’s like these mountains. So you have these mountains behind me. These mountains behind me and you look at that and they haven’t changed. There may be some shifts but this mountain ranges has been here for eons. As we’ve developed our country, these were here and in the decline of our country these will be here. The Lord is going to be Lord over all, including schemes of man, the plans of man. So the question may be, OK so if all these schemes are happening, do I just have to endure and persevere through the bludgeoning of man? And I don’t believe that’s the case. I don’t believe that that’s what we’re called to do. I believe that were called to be active in our training for reigning and ruling. We are active as ambassadors of Christ. We aren’t on the tail being wagged, we are the head.

Our prayers with our Holy Spirit and our Father, are more powerful than any of the schemes of man. That’s beautiful! That’s absolutely beautiful. We don’t have to fear man. We don’t have to fear his schemes. None of that. This world that He created, we can actively be a part of the solution. We are the head. We are the head because He is Lord. We are the head because He is master. He is God and we follow Him.

Today I’m taking a position in an among all the subterfuge of man all the schemes of man and I’m gonna take an active position, a position of prayer mom, a position of love, a position of power. That’s what we called to  as men and women of God were called to a position of power. I hope you’ll join me in this. I’m really excited about what this pastor was sharing it was dynamic because often we can feel overwhelmed. Often we can feel put upon. But the bludgeoning of man is not the end of the story. I am not called just to endure, just to be, just to just to survive. I’m called to bring in the Kingdom and that’s what I’m gonna do.  I love y’all God bless y’all and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these beautiful scenes.

Boundaries of God Versus Schemes of Man – Episode #838 – Shulamite Podcast

None of what is happening in the schemes of man change the plans of God. The boundaries of God are set as is the course of God. It’s like these mountains, firmly set.

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    I couldn’t help but think of how the Lord set prophets in places to speak His message, sometimes asking, ‘what do you see?’ To clarify. And really, all through the Word, impossible places filled by faiths assignment. So impacting to see His creation mountains stand there, unchanged. Majestic beauty. How we approach the Lord matters. I felt overwhelmed, just as you described, over this onslaught. As i went to pray I put my face in my hands. The Lord said, “uncover your face”. It shocked me awake. Our face tells our position. What is in our heart will shine on our face. It speaks, if we never say a word. It tells where we stand, Who we see. “To be utterly & completely reliant on the Holy Spirit”…how many ways He’s making that clear! “I’m gonna take an active position of prayer, of love, a position of power.” Yes! & amen, to this entire message! So needed.

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