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Not Maintaining Boundaries in Fear – Episode #876

Not Maintaining Boundaries in Fear

Transform your life by embracing the power of your YES in boundaries rather than a fear-driving NO.

Maintaining Boundaries in Fear
Episode #876

Walk and talk with John Enslow

When we were managing our boundaries with “NO!,” with legalism, with laws, with policing … it’s fear based.

Hey in my last video I was talking about boundaries and I was talking about the power of our YES in boundaries. And today I’m thinking further about that and just looking at that and I’m saying, “Why, why is the power of yes the power of my boundaries and the power of my life and the power to overcome shame?” What I’ve realized is that, when we are managing our boundaries with no, with legalism, with laws, with policing … its fear and fear based is not faith-based and it is destructive, it is life sucking rather than life-giving. So what I’m seeing is that I have incredible power with my yes. I have incredible power to say yes and my no will follow absolutely follow, but it’s not based on fear. It’s not fear centric.

Fear literally crushes, fear isolates, fear diminishes life and light. And the difference between being fear based and faith-based is huge in the power of our choices and our boundaries. And so if you think about it if you’re walking through your world, and you’re looking constantly suspecting and looking and anticipating what dark thing could come around, what dark thing could happen, you’re not enjoying life, you’re not experiencing life, you’re not focused on Christ because you’re so afraid. Boundaries are not huge walls, built against the world to keep you safe and keep you from being hurt. It is literally boundaries are directing conduits so that you can experience life in faith and joy. That you can express and experience your world and have the adventure of life.

So I am discovering a whole bunch of stuff. I’m exploring boundaries in coaching and I am seeing power. I am seeing amazing power happen. I’m seeing amazing life transformation happening. Because one of the things that it’s doing is it’s opening your world and opening your heart so that you can experience an express what life is for you. What life is in God‘s will, and in God‘s choices, and based on your choice.

I know that a lot of people had their choices removed and taken from them as they fought in childhood and teenage years and even young adult years…even older years, we fought to maintain our choices. We fought to maintain our boundaries and they were violated. They were notified they were discounted and we were run over. And so all of a sudden you don’t have the power of your yes because you don’t feel like your yes or no, essentially your choice has no power and that’s just not true.

God gave you free-will. God gave you free-will to literally choose what your life is gonna look like. And you follow Christ in that and you follow the Lord and how He wants to and what He wants to do in your life and follow His will and follow His Spirit and then you engage in actual living…actual life. But it’s the power of Yes. It’s always been the power of Yes. Your yes is hugely powerful for your boundaries for your life experience and for your safety. I want to thank you for listening and I will be back real soon.

Not Maintaining Boundaries in Fear – Episode #876 – Divine Designed Life Podcast

The transformative power of setting boundaries with a faith-based “yes” rather than a fear-driven “no.” Embracing positivity and free will, guided by God’s will, can lead to a more fulfilling and adventurous life, overcoming the isolating effects of fear-based boundaries.

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