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Beware of Shame – Episode #853

Beware of Shame

Beware of Shame
Episode #853

Walk and talk with John Enslow
Unveiling the Craftiness of Shame: overcoming the enemy’s tactics of tempting us to own our shame.

Hey, I wanted to do a podcast next to sign because I’m talking about things that we would need to be aware of, reptilian things that we need to be aware of, things that will take us out, things that will hurt us. So thank God I don’t have any of them running around directly right here, but I want to talk to you about some thing of a danger of reality which is shame and overcoming a shame. I am in the current process of writing a book called Overcoming Shame and I am really looking forward to the outcome of this. It is either going to be a book or booklet. I don’t know yet which but I am bringing so many things into it and I’m actually having a number of guys bring testimonies about overcoming shame and overcome shame and process of shame and shames … It’s gonna be really, really wonderful. I’m looking forward to this. But as I was really kind of focusing on this, I was seeing that the enemy is very cunning with shame, and there’s something happened in the garden of Eden with shame. Obviously, the garden was an extremely shaming thing. They were both tricked and willful and went into sin and brought defeat to the entire human race but this is what I’m seeing. One of the things that happened in the garden was Satan came in, and he basically said, “Did God truly say?” And based on that, they made their own conclusions based on the information they had. And what I have found is that shame is one of those areas. That shame essentially is where the enemy will allow you to take data that we receive, and then make and devise a conclusions that crushes and crush our lives and crusher hearts.  The reason why Satan does this, and this is so so crafty, the reason why Satan does this is because if we will own it, if we will take possession of the conclusion and we will literally create it. So say you have some kind of shame that you’re dealing with. You may have some verbiage, some people are talking to you about something that shaming to you but when you take it and you own it and you make the conclusions and you make the statements and you define it yourself…I am ashamed, I am shameful, I am whatever it has a work of creation it’s a faith that we put into it. It’s a faith that takes over our lives and shame is something that can literally take over your life. And the enemy’s quick tactic is to give you ownership of it because then it has more power to create damage in your life. I am blown away. I’m absolutely blown away that the enemy is so crafty and uses this but, hallelujah the Holy Spirit is greater and more powerful to destroy shame in our lives, and crush it as a defeating power, as out of work of destruction in our lives. So as I am facing this whole book on shame, and I’m looking at shame as a topic, I’m seeing that we can fall out of agreement. We don’t have to make the conclusion. We can listen to what the Father says about us which counters the shame. It’s a deep work and it’s a lot of work, but I have found that when we will do that, when we allow God to be the definer of our reality, rather than shame, then we can live in victory, but when we allow shame to be the definer, and when shame is established and stated, and we put faith in it, we’re destroyed. We’re utterly destroyed. I can’t wait for y’all to get your hands on this book or booklet, whatever it’s gonna be. It is going to be powerful. It’s really going to be powerful. I have a lot more to say coming up about that but I just wanted to give you this today and tell you that fall out of agreement with with the shaming things and don’t make the conclusions like Satan would have you do to establish a direction in your life and to cement and solidify the shames in your life by taking ownership of them, and agreeing to what the enemy is saying about you and about who you are. Because as a coach I am working with says, “I am God‘s beloved son, and he is well pleased with me.”so Gos bless y’all! Thank you and I look forward to talking to you again real soon.

Beware of Shame – Episode #853 – DivineDesigned.Life

Exploring the dangers and impact of shame in our lives  and the importance of not not falling for the devil’s temptation to taking ownership of shame.

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  1. Celia says:

    Good post. From my observation a person in deep shame has some sort of distorted filter. You can say the mildest thing in the nicest way possible and suddenly they are doing mental gymnastics and perceive that you are attacking them. They come out spewing and swinging and you’re just standing there shocked and confused because what you said doesn’t match their reality or reaction.
    And often I feel like they aren’t even responding to you, it’s some distant person (usually a parent) that made them feel badly and now they are casting you in that role. They create a script, scene and character that is in a perpetual replay. So many need healing and deliverance from this. I hope your book has solutions because so many are hurting from shame and from trying to interact with people in shame.

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