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Episode #184 – Authority IN The Blood

Bloody cross

Authority IN The Blood
Episode #184

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) But let’s go back to the Blood, because I’ve got some just real… I’m real excited about some things I’m seeing about the Blood. I’m seeing that He’s bringing these things up for the cleansing and for the sense; the sense of being clean that comes from the Blood. And so, God brings up the sin;  Oh, we are too, we don’t want to see it or be guilty of it. We don’t want to deal with it. Something I’ll be talking about on the tape of the month is going to be our refusal to see and hear. We don’t want to see our sin. Everybody hates having to see it in the natural. But to see it is to come to the Blood and to be cleansed and to live clean. I think we have a bloodless Christianity like Booth prophesied. The remedy for sin is to do better, but there is no remedy for sin that leaves you clean except the Blood of Christ. There’s no transformation except the Flesh of Christ. There’s no new Life except in His Flesh. But the Blood prepares us to be cleansed so that the Holy Spirit can fill us ever more and more. And when the Holy Spirit has the control of us, then Christ is manifested. But there’s another part of it that I realized, John. You know, it’s typical in every phase of Christianity to plead the Blood, isn’t it?
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) So, we plead the Blood against the enemy, we plead the Blood over our house, so forth and so on. And we declare the Blood. But I believe that if that Blood is not part of your inner-being, and if that Blood has not been consumed as Christ demanded, or not demanded but offered and commanded, then we have no power in the Blood to declare it. I believe there is an authority that you possess if the Blood is real to you and your real solution. Do you understand?
(J) Oh yeah, I’m seeing it real clear right now.
(M) Oh, good, good, good. You cannot… There is an authority over Satan that is in the Blood, but only if it is your… Jesus said, “If you don’t drink My Blood and eat My Flesh, you have no part with Me.” So if you’re declaring the Blood as a ‘thing’, you have no authority or power over Satan. I understand that warfare is about authority; it’s not about fighting. We choose the One in the battle that has the power of authority, not the power of fighting and declaring and ‘blah-blah-blah’, all that we think is warfare. Warfare is about authority, because authority declares that Satan is defeated, so there is no battle. And to the degree that you access the Blood of Christ for your personal, intimate relationship, for your personal sin, just between you and the Lord, primarily, that you drink His Blood as the solution He’s given for sin, and take His Life as the solution for living, you then have the power and authority of that Blood because the Blood is in you. Also, the New Covenant, which this is the New Covenant in succinct form, God does everything, and you just believe. It’s Hebrews eight and Hebrews ten. God puts His will and His laws in your heart, you can know Him and He can know you, He’s your God and you’re His, and you shall know Him from the least to the greatest of them; every, every human need is solved by the New Covenant, the everlasting Covenant. But that Covenant is ratified by Blood, and intimacy with the Lord is based on the Blood. There can be no greater intimacy than Christ living within you, and your partaking of His Blood and His Flesh. There’s no greater, could not be any greater intimacy. And the Covenant is revealed to you through that intimacy. Psalm 25 in the Amplified says that ‘in the intimate relationship with Christ, He reveals the treasures of the New Covenant’. That’s not an exact quote, but that’s the gist of it. Through intimacy with the Lord you see the Covenant, and once you see the Covenant, that He does everything, and you believe, that’s all you have to do is believe. I was teaching someone about ‘living dead’ yesterday, and we went through a long process and she ‘got it’. And the Lord had been working with her, and she said ok, now how do you do the ‘living dead’? Do you try to remember it, that you’re dead? And it was a wonderful question, but it kind of stumped me for an answer for a minute, then I thought it’s not an effort, it’s a belief.
(J) Hmhmm, hum.
(M) It’s not a remembrance, it’s a belief.
(J) Hmhmm, hmhmm.
(M) And the Holy Spirit will remind you, this is an occasion when you need to remember that you are crucified with Christ and you no longer live. So everything in the New Covenant is given. Everything is given, but you access it, not by the effort to believe it, but by His work in you to believe it. So for me, the Blood keeps flowing. You drink the Blood and it flows through your conscience and your heart and even your physical body, and cleanses you. It cleanses your mind. But the Blood gives you authority to declare the Blood. If the Blood has conquered you, and the Blood has cleansed you, you can give that Blood to the person you forgive. Somehow I want to write it that in giving forgiveness for offenses, you’re actually giving, declaring, and conveying the Blood of Jesus, because on that ground you forgive. On the ground of His Blood you forgive; on the ground of His Blood you are forgiven. The whole realm of forgiveness is really about the Blood. But the forgiveness of the Blood comes into you, then you instinctively, spiritually, naturally, exercise authority on the ground of the Blood.
(J) It’s a faith-life that pleases Him, it’s faith in that Blood, and that is what pleases Him.
(M) Yeah. And it’s faith that the Blood is the answer to cleanse your conscience, and that the Blood of Christ is the flow in the body that keeps us open to each other, linked to each other, bound. But from the partaking of the Blood for your sin, enables you to extend that Blood of Christ to forgive, then you have authority, and then you enjoy the intimacy of the revelation of the Covenant, which is going to be unfolding as many days as we live on this earth.
(J) So is it that I have faith in the Blood to cleanse me from the sin, and then I have the power to extend that Blood, plead that Blood, and only then do I have it, when I have the faith that it has cleansed me?
(M) Yes, when you experience, as we have talked about in some of the past podcasts about the experience of the Life that comes from the Blood. But what happens, John, is that you live in an immunity to Satan, by the Blood. If you have truly allowed the Blood to be your answer, then there’s no… accusation doesn’t come in that much. It’s a fortress, the Blood is a fortress, and the Life of Christ is a refuge.  And so, you live inside a stronghold that is the authority of the Blood over you, in you, through you, with you.

Authority IN The Blood – Episode #184 – Shulamite Podcast

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