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Episode #148 – Morning At His Feet

Shulamite Podcast

Morning At His Feet
Episode #148

with Martha Kilpatrick and John Enslow
Special Guests (Shulamite Body members)

(John gives conference information)
When faced with turmoil on all fronts, there is a power available to the Body of Christ. The church must rise in fullness to manifest the presence of Christ in this crucial hour. We at Shulamite ministries want to invite you to join us for the sequel to our May conference. In “the Coming One” conference Martha gave a message of hope and preparation for times of trouble and crisis. Martha’s current burden is specific to the authority of the transcendent church, the Body of Christ, not limited by time or location. So come fellowship with us in Atlanta, Georgia, October 23rd through the 25th and partake of Christ’s heart to make His Bride ready.

(J) Ok, since you’ve heard the word from the sponsor, and you’re breaking in with a commercial for,through the podcasts, what is your call,and what is your passion?
(M) I think I experienced this morning the passion of the Holy Spirit for His people to hear Christ exalted. And really if I could say so, His passion and weeping and travailing for people to come to the conference. There’s been a holdback that I have known had to do with us as a Body, and that door is open in us, and we have transcended both my problem and the corporate individual difficulties that were just the presence of the ‘old man’. And I think in a new dimension we have gotten rid of the ‘old man’ as a group. And there’s something in me even in the restriction I’ve been in that is mentioned in the definition of transcendence. There has been something in that restriction that has been the release of me. The Lord has diminished me to release me. I guess its John the Baptist saying, “I have decreased so He can increase.” And there’s something in me that is exploding, and just the prayer the Spirit gave me was ‘that my hour has come, I am going to speak’. And I’m released somehow in a new dimension. It is some freedom that has been in me, but God has kept it from being released. So I’m going to the conference. I’ll be there. (Martha laughs) Oh, I’m going to be there. I am so excited about the Lord. And I’m excited about the message, which you all don’t even know, I haven’t told you. It’s a secret. (Martha laughs) So, I knew we had to experience Body Life if we were going to speak about it. And we have, we have not spoken out from it like we’re doing this morning. We haven’t spoken out from our time together, and sharing what… some of the things the Lord did in our prayer time. We have broken through as a Body. I have broken through, the Lord has broken through me to something I think that’s new, and I think it’s true of everyone. So I plead the Blood of Jesus, and I ask the Lord to surround this Body of Christ, and the larger Body of Christ, and those who are called to this conference in two weeks, to surround us with fire; that You would be in the midst of us as a Light, and surrounding us as a fire of protection, because I think it’s a holy thing. The last conference I was amazed and I felt at the end of it that we had be… we had experienced Body Life. That’s not easy to achieve in just a simple meeting of a day and a half or two days. But Body Life happened, and everyone there is just embedded in my heart and in my spirit. We looked at the pictures yesterday, and my heart was wrung out for different ones I could see in the pictures. And ah, I just… that is our Body of Christ; it is already transcendent. It’s transcended space and time. And there were those not present who are participating in that message, that there’s One Who’s Coming.
(J) We… in the last conference you had a real passion and a real burning to get that message out about “The Coming One”. And, so, where is your heart, and where is your spirit about this message that’s coming out of this conference that’s coming October 23rd through the 25th.
(M) Well, I said it was the Body of Christ, the transcendent believers, and I knew that was a little bit prophetic, and not necessarily clear at the moment, but my passion is the transcendence of the church. That we will… as the definition in the dictionary… even the dictionary definition… it’s just a collegiate dictionary… I believe that Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego transcended their day. And that I am so certain that God has specifically placed every person in this end time. It’s the most incredible time of human history. It’s the most, going to be and is the most challenging. For one thing we’re Laodicea, we’re rich, we have everything. In Christendom we have every knowledge, we have the one, two, three formula. And we know all the meanings of the words, and the traditions, and the, you know, the insights of scripture.  We know, but we’re naked, blind, wretched, poor. And the discipline of His love is going to be the necessity in this time. And it may come through external pressure, because we don’t accept it in the private. So my passion is for the Body of Christ to have a vision that we could transcend even as Daniel. That’s what I’ve been on in the Manna. And that in proportion… well, it’s this, this scripture, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord shall raise up a standard against him.” And there will be a flood of transcendent power if we’re capable of receiving it. We’re going to be the light of the world as never before. It’s not possible that darkness should overtake this world before the coming of the Lord without the light being brighter than the darkness. It might not be in the media, or on the news, but the light is going to be that vast. And we’re being readied for it; we just don’t know that’s what it’s about. Does that answer your question? That’s my passion for the Body. But I see the Body; I’m going to explain how I view the Body, that the Body of Christ, the irreducible number is two. If you’ve got one with you, you’re a church. I used to have only one person that traveled with me, and God will always increase church. The church He builds, He will build and increase.
(J) So tell me why if I didn’t come to the last conference, or I came to the last conference and I’m not coming to this conference, why do I need to come?
(M) For a vision. What He said to me this morning is, “If you see, what you see captures you. If you hear, what you hear possesses you.” So all you need to do is see and hear, don’t need to perform, can’t perform. So if there’s any reason to come, I think it emerges as vision of what is possible, to see and hear. I think that there’s no substitute.  See, the Old Testament is really a picture of the New. And Daniel is a book of the end times. It’s the whole complete picture of the transcendence of the believer. And that story is the vision of the possibility, and indeed the provision that God will give.
(J) Well, I know it’s never worth of man or the will of man that compels the spirit of a man, but I’m asking the Spirit of God to compel and to call, a clear call to go out.
(M) I think this time it’s going to take more sacrifice to get there.
(J) It’s certainly taking more sacrifice to put it forth.
(M) Hmhmm, from all of us.
(Jennifer) And this is speaking for me, obviously, if it applies to anybody else, great. Uhmm, the first conference was my first conference with Shulamite. But what I was hearing from people who were responding and saying that they were coming, confirming that they were coming, was that it had been such a long time since the last Shulamite conference. And people were hungry and maybe because of things that were going on, were afraid of what was happening, and the message of ah, “The Coming One” was one that they really wanted to hear, but it was also what they needed, but it was more of what they, they… there was a, a desire in that. And what I’m getting for myself for this one, I know this one is building off that. Except when I say building I mean going deeper, ok. Ah, even deeper than the last one, which was really deep for me. And I can’t say that I’m approaching it with pleasure, with what I think of as ‘whuu-hoo’, goody-goody-goody.”  I don’t have that. I don’t have that. Last time I it was like oh, I can’t wait to see all these people, and what’s the conference going to be like? And ‘bla, bla, bla’. I don’t have that. What I have this time is I feel it’s vital. I feel it’s a need, but it’s not a happy need, it’s more of a, no, this… it’s a requirement, it’s, it’s vital in that sense. I know that you’re going to be talking about a vision that I need to see, that I need to hear, that I need. It’s, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be a joyful gathering, it doesn’t mean that I won’t get there and my spirit won’t explode with joy; I have no idea what will happen. But I feel like there have been obstacles, and that my approach to this is one of… it’s just ‘need’, I need to be fed. And I don’t know what exactly it is that I’m going to hear. I know enough about the message to know that it’s going deeper than, frankly, I want to go, I know that, truly. But it’s not about that. It’s just a need, a need to be fed. I know that I lack something, and this is a vision for church, and the truth is I haven’t known real church until this.
(Julie) I don’t know if this is related or not, but it sure seems to bare witness with what Jen is sharing. The thing that I hear you, Martha, calling for the power, I hear it like this, that the power of the transcendence you’re calling for is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And I’m just seeing that so much in the book of Acts, even like I never have before. But I think as a Body what we’ve experienced right now… I know what I’ve experienced which sounds like others too, is that there is such a requirement of holiness for that outpouring to come. And I know at least for me, it has been a… it is, it is kind of a fear and trembling thing. It is the recognition of a need, and a need of a, of a work of God that yeah, probably if I could escape it, I probably would. But I want to be ready when He returns. And I think that from the experiences we’ve gone through, watching you suffer, and then extended to us as well, it has brought a deeper appreciation of the holiness that is our need to be ready when He returns. And He is coming in, in our group, as  a kind of a sweeping firestorm, and He is earnest, and He is zealous, and He is intent. I am in a certain sense of fear and trembling of how much me, I’ll just speak for me, but as a part of the church I’m not ready. And I do need Him, I need Him to come and do this work. And I don’t even know what it is, so I’m grateful that He’s willing to speak out through this conference. It’s a gracious thing. It is such an opportunity, it’s such a precious, precious thing, that the Lord is willing to speak to His own, and take us through the process of being, being made that Bride without spot or wrinkle.
(M) Well Julie, you’ve caused me to answer John’s question a little better. I really feel like if I, if I got down to the bottom of my own calling and passion, it is to the preparation of the Bride. Sometime ago someone, I don’t even remember who, said what will you give your life for? And instantly, like a snap, I knew what I would give my life for, that I would die for. And it was the… to be the friend of the Bridegroom, and to prepare the Bride, so that there would be so many that would enter that, that Bridal realm for Him, because He deserves such love. And, and I can say that it is a life of laying down my own life for the Bride, and if the bottom of this thing is to prepare the Bride, that would be the passion. And I do have a message that I’m going to present about how to be holy, and how to be… And it’s so simple, and so instantly available that if we fear God exposing something in us, don’t, because everything’s in us. Everything’s in the old man, there’s nothing that isn’t present, that isn’t wretched. But the greater fear and trembling would be to face Him and not be ready. That would be the most fearsome thing. Because He says in,  I think it’s Jude 25, He says and promises absolute commitment to present us holy and without blame in great joy, before His presence when He comes. That is my, that’s my hope.
(J) Remember that vision you had of the, the person that got before the throne and looked back at you and said, ‘you knew’.
(M) Yeah. That was many years ago, but I’ve never recovered from it. I was ah, confronting… Someone was causing trouble in our midst, and people were coming to me, and I would affirm what they saw and send them back to her. And I fell on my face and said, God, this feels like disloyalty, because I’m talking about her, and I’m sending people, I’m affirming the sins, and sending people to confront her; and I just, I just said, please, please, this feels like disloyalty. And all of a sudden I had a vision and she was before God in that final moment of facing Him, literally. And she turned and looked at me with an expression… He was confronting her about her flaws, and it was horrible. And she turned to me with this look on her face that I could read as though it was a book. And her look was ‘you knew this, and you didn’t tell me? How could you do that? How could you not love me enough to tell me, and get me ready for this?’ And I’ve really never recovered from that. It’s true of all of us. That, that thing, that day of standing before Him and being accountable, and being scrutinized by those eyes of flaming fire, as Revelation, is a awesome thing; but it can be done, it can be solved now. And the commitment to the Bride is the commitment to her purity and spotless holiness. And it’s possible. What we think is, looking at me, I think it’s impossible. But it’s not about looking at me. The Holy Spirit is our preparation, assigned the seal of our inheritance; He is the seal that He guarantees, He’s the guarantee. So all of this is going to come out in the conference, I don’t want to speak it now. See you there!

Morning At His Feet – Episode #148 – Shulamite Podcast

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