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Anxiety, Got Me On the Run – Episode #754

Anxiety, Got Me on the Run

Anxiety, Got Me On the Run
Episode #754

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
We’re going to talk about our newest book about overcoming anxiety.

We are gathered here this morning to pray but we’ve got such wonderful things going on. We’ve got two books in the making and John has two in print and that have gone all over the world, really, John. Haven’t your books gone far and wide?


I’m going to expose you on the air.

Ok. Go for it.

No, we’re just excited about your books and are people around the world getting them?

Yeah, they’re going everywhere and it’s really exciting and the sales have kind of waned but the initial sales went out and then the sales have kind of waned and I’ve got some idea in my head about how to get that to bump up.

But we’re going to talk about your new book about anxiety.

Which I know nothing about.

If anybody in this day and age needs that…

I don’t think anybody knows anything about that.

It has radically affected Joan and Jean and I’d like them to introduce your book. It’s going to press perhaps in a month if not sooner.

I have finished John’s manuscript and it has just been so piercing, so deeply convicting, and so eye-opening as to what drives my life, how I live, and I am so grateful for God’s revelation through this.

I always want to think that I’m not a stressful person, I’m not stressed out, however, as one of my lies and John’s book very kindly exposes the lie and the motivation. And I realize that my whole life has been driven by anxiety.

Anxiety, to me, takes many forms; not being enough, not being able to do enough, not being good enough, not being able to live the life I’ve been given, in all honesty; it’s too big; I am not capable. And I think what anxiety zeros in is my complete and utter weakness and inability to live the life I’ve been given.

And yet John is very gracious and he tells his own story and that’s what I love about. I love stories, personally. I learn well through stories myself. And his story is so poignant because he’s honest. And we all know we live in a certain level of anxiety but his honesty about how deep it goes, I’ll say deep and wide, has really impacted me and I have the great desire to divorce anxiety. And for me, John sets it up as it’s that deep, is on that intimate a level. And I am quite excited to be divorced from anxiety. So, thank you, John.

John had asked me if I had finished and I had quite some time before. I just don’t want to give up my copy. (hehehe) I want to because it’s so deep and so wide in me. And I need all the help I can get to get out of it because it’s, it is so deeply part of our lives without our awareness of it, without our identifying it. And to have it blatantly identified and so personally.

John is able to reveal himself and in his revealing himself he reveals me to me. And his work is so outstanding. I can’t say enough about everything that I’ve gotten to read that he’s written.

But he doesn’t leave you without hope that you can’t get out of it, that God can’t heal you of this deep division with yourself. That’s the only way I can describe it. You lose yourself in the anxiety and the life you were created for is gone because you’re deep into this life of anxiety.

And I’m so grateful, John, that you let me read them. It’s just the most marvelous thing and I can’t wait for it to be in print because I know a lot of people who really need this and when I’ve mentioned it to them said, “Oh, please, I need this!” And I said, “Yeah, I bet you do because I need it so desperately.” So desperately to let go of self.

John is so good about teaching us that it’s the self that is in the way of being who you were made to be. Does that make any sense at all?

Um hmm, totally.

Thank you, John.

Do you remember where we originally did the message that this came from? Joan actually told me about the message. She had gone through them. She goes through them periodically and listens and she said, “Y’all need to do a booklet on this. This is awesome. Was it Kiss the Son? Kiss the Son messages that we did in Texas. Not Palestine. It was in Lubbock.

So, anyway we did that message and if you remember…

I remember it.

Oh, you remember it? If you remember I was calling those ladies for the exact same thing. It was a call and it wasn’t like I was saying, “Yo, people over there with that problem with anxiety.” I was like, “Ok, let’s be honest here. This is all of our issue here and we’re all experiencing this.” I think that was in 2004? Does that sound right; 2004 I think it was. And so now we’ve got 2021 and the anxiety level has gone up and up and up. 2020 was one of my most anxious years ever in my entire life. And I guess it didn’t need to be but I think it was supposed to be. It was being influenced so to speak.

Joan also discovered something. I’ll just tell you where I am. I’m dealing with being helpless. I’m anxious over being helpless and I didn’t realize that that was the issue.

Joan brought, found this message by Skip Mullin, very great scholar of the deep meaning of the words in Greek and Hebrew. He says the actual meaning of the word in anxiety means helplessness. Isn’t that why we’re anxious? Aren’t we anxious over the things that we’re helpless about? So that’s what I’m learning to live with and accept.

So, we end up, we’re going to be praying for John’s book. His two books have been the answer to the hour. And this last one about anxiety will be simply more of solution and hope and guidance and power.

So, we’re going to be in prayer for this book and my book is the Won War to show that Satan is defeated forever and ever and a day and he’s part of “It was finished.” His reign and his power was finished on the cross. And we don’t know that. We don’t know the war has been won. We think we have to do it. And we give in in fear to things that are a lie. Satan only has a lie now. That’s all he’s got. And if you can deal with the lies…I’ll show you how to do that…in my book.

We’re going away to write so we covet your prayers and for the power and the energy and unction and words and totally dependent. We are totally dependent nothing in what we’ve got to do; can’t do it. I spread it out, all my chapters on the table and sent a picture of it. I don’t remember who of you got it and somebody said, “Oh, I would cry.” I said, “I do.” Because this mass of things already finished. The book is finished. It’s just a matter of comprehending it and getting it in order.

So, y’all are so wonderful and I thank you so much for being here and being with us and loving us and loving who Jesus is in us and who Jesus is for us.

Anxiety, Got Me On the Run – Episode #754 – Shulamite Podcast

2020 was an anxious year, but there is a solution to overcoming anxiety. John has finished his manuscript and it has just been so piercing.

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  1. Sandy says:

    So many books!! The feast on the table only gets bigger and richer!

    I think of you often, dear family, and the same song always comes to me: “Thank you, for giving to the Lord! I am so glad you gave!”

    Love you all! God bless you always!!

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