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A New Anointing: Spoken Word vs. Written Word – Episode #627

A New Anointing: Spoken Word vs. Written Word

A New Anointing: Spoken Word vs. Written Word
Episode #627

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #625.
Translating a spoken message into the written word while keeping the anointing is a job only the Spirit can do, and in Overcoming Self-hatred, He truly did!

Well, I know personally, I’ve kind of turned in on myself. I mean, you know, talk about autoimmune. Spiritually I’ve had autoimmune. I’ve turned back on myself and hated myself and it is turned around and manifested itself in certain sicknesses and certain conditions and, and this is why this is so powerful because… You know, I wouldn’t have… I don’t know if I would have called it that. I wouldn’t have said, “Oh yeah I, I, you know, have self-hatred.” But it was clear that it was. I was, I was manifesting it, you know. It was… I mean whenever you rail at yourself, call yourself stupid, or, you know, there’s just a litany of ways you can hate yourself. And, “Oh, I’m ugly.” You look in the mirror, “I’m so ugly!” Or every time you forget something you say, “God, you’re so stupid!” Or when you forget to save your document and it gets lost and then you say, “Why are you so stupid?” You know, a lot of stupid talk. Or if you’re a perfectionist and then you just didn’t do it perfect. Boy, that there, you’ll turn on yourself real, real quick.

And I like what you said at the beginning, Martha. You were referencing autoimmune and how it does affect our bodies. We don’t get to go carte blanche into hating our self and not have there be devastating consequences and repercussions. Not only for me and my life but then it affects everybody I’m around. You become a person that you really probably wouldn’t want to be because of self-hatred. You can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself. So I turn around and I start, I start shredding the people that are in my life because of it. This is why this message is so, so powerful.

I was thinking, Jennifer, I was thinking, you know, for them, for people that have been on the CD of the month for years and years and years, why don’t they just go turn around and listen to the CD of the month? And they could, you know. It’s a transcript, isn’t it? But I want to, I definitely want to say that this is so not a transcript. Not only have both of you worked to add so much to it, but Jennifer, you’ve reworked it. You’ve reworked it to present it as a written. And a lot of people will say, “I don’t like audio, I prefer written.” Well, this is ding, ding, ding! You’ve won the prize! This is it. But if, if you have listened to the message all this is gonna do is completely undergird it and reinforce it with this message and it does it in such a totally different way. You’ve literally taken mass chunks and reworked it completely. Tell everybody about that.

Yes, this is, this is… These are not mirror entities. There is a specific anointing in the spoken word when Martha gives a message. And there is another anointing in the written word. And that’s a given across the board. That’s not just in these. That’s Martha’s booklets that she did that were based on salvaging incredible and basic foundational messages that the audio was going on and that we were having difficulty, you know, getting them translated properly. They were hard to hear. And so that’s where the booklet series came from—Knowing God, Loving God, Hearing God. And the anointing is not better. It’s not worse. It’s simply different. It’s just a different anointing.

And I was trying to think of an analogy because I thought sooner or later I’d be talking about this. And the closest I can, I can get to it is that the spoken word, that anointing especially in Martha can operate just as easily in a linear or a non-linear fashion. So imagine jazz or traditional symphonic. So traditional symphonic had certain movements, there’s repetition of themes throughout. It’s a fairly linear piece of music. Jazz, obviously, which a lot of people don’t like because it’s a little bit chaotic, leaps and turns and goes here and then there and doesn’t necessarily have to have one particular theme that’s allowing you to stay in touch with it. It goes where it wants.

And, you know, when Martha’s talking, sometimes her messages are pretty linear. There’s almost a scriptural outline. And she moves, it’s like stepping-stones, boom, boom, boom, and kind of builds and then there’s an end.

But there are other times when the Spirit is whimsical, you know. Not whimsical in the sense of My Little Pony, which a lot of people mistake that word as meaning fantastical. That’s not how I mean it. Whimsical, I mean it in the sense of flexibility; it flits where it will. It is not tied down to a single path.

And this particular message, Overcoming Self-Hatred was a whimsical message. Martha began by addressing us as a Body, as Church. We were having one of our meetings which— I get asked this question all the time, “So when are the days that you have church?” “When the Spirit leads.” And people are really concussed, I’m gonna use that word, because there’s usually a good ten seconds of silence while they try to figure out if I’m a dirty hippy or if I’m for real! (Laughs) Maybe both! (Laughs) But in this case she started out… So there is almost a jazz-like quality of this and it builds and it makes perfect sense and there’s anointing and you’re never lost but you’re on, you’re on a journey, you know. And what works in the spoken word just doesn’t necessarily work in the written word. Very difficult to pull off jazz in written because written by it’s very nature is a linear thing.

People play around with it, you know. You’ll read books where it’s like they open it with “He had just murdered a man”, you know. Oh that’s so edgy! And then the whole thing is finding out, you know, how you got to that point. But that’s about as much as you could play with a book. (Laughs) Story telling is, you know, it is what it is.

So if you’re talking about something like this, it had to be ordered differently. And some things that worked, little two sentence examples and anecdotes and I’ll call them jewels – they are jewels – didn’t make it in here because when they were put down, written, they felt like rabbit trails, you know. Like afterthoughts. They weren’t working with the anointing. They were obscuring the message in the written. Whereas they enhanced it in the spoken. And I don’t know how else to say it but…

So these, these are different entities. Go back and listen to the message by all means; absolutely, if you’re a Message of the Month subscriber, which I encourage everyone to be because, you know, these are jewels.

But the written is, it’s gonna be different and, you know, Martha and I did, we reworked a couple of different chapters and she wanted to add a scripture here and there and so they are in every sense of the word a kind of rebirthing, and a different presentation of Martha’s original revelation.

And, you know, I get pulled in by the Spirit. It’s not like I can sit there and just approach it like it’s grammar, you know. Sometimes that can be maddening because, you know, I will be like I’d really just like to knock out this chapter and then I get sucked in and then the next thing you know I’m having a dealing with the Holy Spirit, I’m repenting of three different things and it’s, you know… I don’t appreciate it but I also can’t argue with Him because He’s in charge. So (Laughs) He messes up my to-do-list quite a few times. But there’s safety in that I think. And for me I would much rather have the Spirit imparting actively to me as I go through it. That’s an assurance to me that the message is intact, that His anointing is there, that His voice isn’t being stripped away; His voice in Martha is a very specific voice.

So yeah, John, I would address that and say, “If you prefer reading, then here’s your chance. And if you’re somebody who’s heard the message, you haven’t heard this!”

Well, then you can have the Kindle book read it to you so that’s kind of cool. But, you know, when you’re speaking, you’re speaking and are influenced and responsive to the audience, to those that are listening. So if, you know, there’s a whole bunch of nodding or amen-ing kind of, you know, you’re leading in that direction, you’re going with that kind of flow. Not that you’re not following the Spirit in it but we influence each other.

And so in this message in particular you were, you were with us. We were a Body message. It was a Body meeting and so you were, you were responding to us and we… There were several points that we broke into just repentance for different things and then you’d take it into this amazing prayer for overcoming which is a complete deliverance of overcoming self-hatred. It, it’s amazing! We were all on the floor. So it’s, there, this message was living and breathing. This message was something and when I edited it, I, you know, I had to take, you know, I had to change it. Even from what, what we heard and what I put out as the Message of the Month were two totally different messages.

Sure enough!

Because, you know, you were there and we were, you know, it was just totally different. So this is actually the, the third rendition of this same message and being rebirthed each time.

And so I, I originally, I… Jennifer reminded me the other day and said, “Do you remember this?” And then I remembered actually taping, where I was sitting, where you were sitting, and then I went, “Oh!” We were all doing a podcast and then I looked over at you and I said, “Oh, no, no. This is, this is the Message of the Month. You just keep going.” You know, because you were looking for input. You were looking for us to join in and I said, “Oh, no, you’ve now taken this… ” You were twenty minutes at least into it and I was like going, “No, no! You’ve just birthed a CD of the Month. How do you like that?”

So that was great and then, you know, but even in that, even though I knew that, there were moments where you were responding to us and we were responding to you. And I just had to cut that out. And then the whole repentance thing! That would just been a mess to listen to. (Laughs) But, you know, thank God people didn’t have to listen to that.

So, so I’m real grateful, I’m real grateful that we’re doing this. I’m real grateful that we’re recovering these messages because I don’t want them to die. I don’t want them to just end. I, I would, you know, if, if there’s another format to do it in, I would want to do it in that because you are talking about gems. This isn’t just, I mean, I’m not being negative here, but this isn’t just Billy Bob just giving up a message that, you know, he’s reading through. This is something that the Spirit has birthed. Now He’s birthed it three times. And there’s a, there’s a power, there’s a super power.

Think about the message, The Great Lie. I mean that has been one of the, the bestselling booklets that you’ve done. That message, we put it in two, at least two series, because I didn’t even know when I was putting them together. It went into two series and I realize, wow, this is, this is, it’s different every time I listen to it. The message is new every single time.

So I don’t want, you know, go on and on about this but I’m just, I’m pretty amazed at it. I’m pretty amazed at the, the leading of the Lord to do this and I really, really hope people will really enjoy it and are blessed by it and I’ve asked people “Please pray! Please pray for this that these messages would get in the hands of openhearted people. People that are open, receptive, and ready for this message. That this is gonna ignite in people’s lives and bring life.” That is, that is my prayer.

A New Anointing: Spoken Word vs. Written Word – Episode #627 – Shulamite Podcast

Translating a spoken message into the written word while keeping the anointing is a job only the Spirit can do, and in Overcoming Self-hatred, He truly did! A living message of the Spirit needs only a hungry heart to receive its impartation before blooming.

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  1. Douglas says:

    I love, love, love this podcast, there is so much worship in this! God chose Scripture, the written word, to communicate Himself to humanity. He chose the “foolishness” of preaching to save hearers (1 Cor. 1:21). He speaks to all humanity, within them and through His creation (Romans 1:19-20). He speaks gently or powerfully. His anointings and His “media” may vary, yet all is One Voice, One incredible, unlimited, pure, higher-than-our-ways Voice! And you are journeying with Him in moving from one way to another, and sharing more of His Voice in recounting that journey. Wonderful!

    1. Bless you for so open-heartedly receiving this Douglas! All I can do is smile. Bless you and love you!

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