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Episode #276 – Announcement!

The hidden life by Martha Kilpatrick

Episode #276

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(J) Well, Shulamite Ministries is very, very pleased to announce the birthing of a new booklet. This has been such a process and a work of delivering this booklet, and it’s now at the printer’s, and we’ll have it available at the conference. And I’m really excited about this because of the revelation that you’re going to bring forth in it is just so key and essential. The “Knowing God”, “Loving God”, and “Hearing God” series is essential, foundational building blocks of the Christian life. And you know I did go through a box of tapes and pulled them together, and it was, I know it was, now I know even further I was led of the Lord in exactly which ones were to go, and which series, and which ones were to represent the essentials. Basically this is the essentials of the Christian life series. And we’re laying this down as a foundation of all the other booklets that are to come. And where the “Loving God” series was really the call to the deeper Christian life; it really woos and draws and shows the hunger and the passion and the desire that is out there of not only hungry believers, but mostly the passion and hunger of the Lord for us in our hearts. Those booklets sum up it so well, the passion of His heart towards us, and how our hearts are completely bombarded with that love-force that we cannot help but being wooed. You can’t help with this tidal wave of love and passion for the Son and for His children and for a Bride. You’re powerless to not respond to the wooing. It, when that comes forth it’s just incredible. And then you go into the “Knowing God” series, and it really says, ok this is really where the rubber meets the road. This is the foundation of what transpires once you do become captured by that great Captor, the awesome Lover, and the Captor. This is what the cost is, and you lay it down through foundations of repentance and separation and removing yourself from your false thoughts of God, and allowing Him to extract you from all your vain suspicions of Him. But you go through this incredible work of being air lifted out of this hellish, sinful, fortress that we’ve built. And then you come to this wonderful series called the “Hearing God” series. And it is; you’ve gone through the wooing.  You’ve gone through the work of the preparation of the heart. And now here you are and He says let Me show you what is in the reward of this deeper Christian life. What have I captured you unto, what have I captured you for? This is where you go, and this is where you have been, and this is… You’ve gone as a forerunner into a tremendous, tremendous life with Him, and you’ve shown us a way.  Ok. The Son has walked you through as a forerunner, and now we can just follow that path, and it’s incredible. It’s so dynamic, because you’re speaking of our entering into the very throne room and chambers with God as our Lover, as our Beloved, as our King, as our Lord, as our Savior, as our Master, and as our God. And you’re showing what the reward of all this extraction was. And you show it to us, and it’s not this grandstand life; it’s the secret life. It’s this life that has so much power than the grandstanding. It’s not a macro-explosion; it’s a micro-explosion that affects ‘macro-ly’. Does that make any sense?
(M) I understand.
(J) It’s a small thing that has such a greater and deeper impact. We see on a regular basis people with broad, big, external, apparent impact in this world, but you’re showing us Who Christ really is, and who His believer really is. And it’s not this grandstanding.  Is that the word?
(M) Absolutely.
(J) It is something that’s small and still and secret. But the impact of those, that smallness is so, so much greater. It’s a flash-in-a-pan if you can get out there in front of the masses and ‘boom’…  The masses are so fickle.  You could impact for a second, but ‘pa-oooo,’ you’ll be gone in the next minute. Ok, this is something that’s so beyond that. This is something that is, the only thing I can think is fundamental change. This is fundamental,  grassroots change that happens under-currently. It doesn’t have to be external, because the external change will happen in a grassroots undercurrent way, because it’s in secret. So I’m, I’m excited. This is the forth in the series of six. The next one I’ve been begging the Lord to release as well by the conference, and I’m praying that that happens because they both go in tandem. They’re both a very tandem word. And then the final booklet (John laughs) is you. I mean it is you, the “Consider The Lilies”. And so, I will be grateful to see the impact of that hidden life comes from. And I will watch it, and I will rejoice in the hidden life and in the impact of the hidden life.
(M) Well, John, it’s embarrassing that you’ve always had the greater vision than I have; you understand these booklets. And I have submitted to you and those who believed in it. And yet it was 25 years ago. And the birthing has been so difficult for me because I’m not in that same place. And I have wanted to somehow bring them into now and now back to then, it has been for me a terrific birthing. Julie sent me something the other day that validated the whole process, thank God. Sparks wrote that, he was quoting that scripture about the steward bringing things out of the old and the new. I think it’s in Matthew. And he said that everything you bring forth must be new and must be fresh; that you cannot bring in the old. I think it’s one of the fallacy’s of a lot of Christendom now, they think we can resurrect the old. It may be the same thing, but it has to be new and fresh. And the Holy Spirit is new every morning.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) So my agony has been to find the re-birth of that foundation that’s old in me. The ecstasy has been the new.
(J) Uhmhmm.
(M) Because He has given two revelations if not more in this booklet that I have never seen.  Until I wrote it, I never saw it. And it’s so holy, and so high, that I’m astonished by it. And it’s a… I’m grateful that God gave you the vision and you the authority over this; and others, Julie and Carole and Don, all of you, Jennifer, have had to help me in prayer and in support to go through this, and literally it is a birthing. And now we, once again we talked about it that way, for “The Secret To Answered Prayer”, but once again it is a celebration now. And I’m in as much wonder of the Lord in it as anybody else could be; because He shared some secrets that I’ve never seen that are precious.
(J) The amazing thing is that we went through each of the booklets, and we’ve talked about it amongst us, and we put some of it on the podcast. I know that the, “The Great Lie”, we were talking about how the message was, you know, having to be re-birthed. But then it wasn’t just a birthing from you, it was a birthing from a Body, that all of us went through the travail of birthing that. And all of us had to have that worked out in our life that it had a fresh anointing behind it. And I think it’s really cool that you originally birthed the message from your own life and from your own, and then you gave it to the Bible study and those that you were teaching.  Ok?  But now it’s a corporate thing, it’s being corporately birthed in that it’s being worked out in each of us, and that each of us have had to go through the birthing pains.  You know?  And we, “The Great Lie” was… I mean every single one of us had to deal with that. And “Decision”, and “Required As Vital”, and “Loved of God”, every one of them has taken our own travail, our own heaving, our own life-birthing to bring it forth with a new anointing. And life is no different. And we’ve been literally heaving over this one for ten or eleven months.
(M) I don’t… I’m not presenting this booklet as anything remotely perfect or even remotely all there is to know. But it, in this, I think the birthing John, it’s been a birthing of Christ into our midst. I have seen for a long time, I don’t think I’ve ever said it because it’s a little bit radical, but the Lord is born in us, into the world, and ah, we are, we carry within the mystery of Christ, and when it comes time for it to be released there is, there is a birthing, and so I, there were things He wanted to say that took an enormous hearing, ah, on top of what has already been heard and lived. And so it has great wonder to me now. I have an enormous wonder over it.

Announcement! – Episode #276 – Shulamite Podcast

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