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Episode #337 – Actual Kingdom

Sunlight coming through clouds in mountains

Actual Kingdom
Episode #337
May 26, 2013

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Carole Nelson

(Carole) Martha I’d like for you to somehow go back over it in view of what John just said. Because you, you commented several times that it wasn’t so much us going out and, and walking on the ground, and that every place we set our feet belonged to Him; but if you could re-expound on that, because it was higher than that.
(M) Many years ago Carole when we were in Russia, we were on the sidewalk and you stopped me; it was one evening. We were just walking around the town, the three of us. And you said you saw that where we walked the principle of Jezebel was displaced. And I could not begin to take that in. I believed you, because I could tell that the Lord had given it to you, but I couldn’t take it in. I think on this trip so many years later, how many years, almost twenty, I began to see it; it’s just the presence of Christ in, in His Kingship. The key is to stay under the King. And I think what we are learning is going to be crucial for the future. That’s why, I think it’s why the Lord is having us tell it, is we have to be so confident that we are absolutely sacrificially given to Him; willing to give up anybody, anything, that He wants, so that His Lordship and His Kingship is our secret place. And in that it’s like being in a bubble. We felt we were at loss, many times we weren’t, we felt many times like we were having a wreck but we didn’t have a wreck. But I think what I’m seeing that I can hardly put into words is that it’s the actual presence of Jesus Christ in a vessel; it’s actual, the Kingdom is actual. Jesus was walking those streets, Jesus was ordering from the menu; Jesus was talking to the couple from Scotland. His, it’s hard to imagine that the Jesus Christ we read about and know is actually here right now He’s present. And He’s in, it’s almost like I don’t know if this is right or not, but it’s almost like it is up to us literally to bring the Kingdom to earth by being in the Kingdom. It’s as if that is our calling. And if we don’t do it He will lose. He has made us so involved in His agenda that He is dependent on us; not as much, but He is dependent on us for the, the Testimony, the Testimony of Jesus is much bigger than saying what you know about Him. The Testimony of Jesus is the actual presence of Him in His Lordship. Without His Lordship He’s not present. So it depends on us. And that….
(Carole) It does, and I’m thinking about what you just said because as the Lord continues to prove that in and through you, that is what you carry. The Kingdom goes forth; is I am getting that, because that’s what I’m seeing, that as you walk without even saying a word, or maybe you do or you don’t, if, if the Holy Spirit leads you to. But that reality then is manifested through you, because that is Kingdom. So that’s what I learned Martha to go back and… (Martha speaks in background.) Yes you did, go back and tell it because I was feeling that when you were telling what the Lord had shown you about Himself, that as you, as He plants that in you as in your foundation, He does that, He walks you through until it’s done. That that is when you walk everything that opposes that is dispelled.
(M) Because there is only One King, there’s only one Kingdom, there’s only one government. The rest of it… And one of the things I wrote in one booklet, I’d have to find it but I said, “There is one government; every other government is an illusion. It is a passing temporary speck of temporary power, but there is one government and if we recognize that we will be safe inside that government. But I want to say something about John’s moving. Always on trips, John moves by a very natural, not big deal and not making much of it and not saying anything about it, he moves by the instincts of his spirit. And so we will be in a place and logically I’ll think we should do this, and he will instinctively say no, it’s over here. And ah, that is an amazing, amazing quality of the Kingdom because, I think it comes from his sense of responsibility for us, when he travels he’s very aware of his responsibility for me and for you and for whoever’s there. I don’t know what transaction he makes with the Lord in secret, but he moves so instinctively, and knows where we should go even if it doesn’t seem sometimes logical. Over to you John.
(J) Well I’m thinking, and this is something that I’m seeing now because I didn’t see it then. But I’m seeing it now. Ok, our, our trip through the Vatican with Fredericka, I wrote my dear friend who got us connected with this tour group that set this up. So our path through the, the Vatican, I think was a picture of our entire trip, ok. And this is what I wrote to my friend and to the owner of the company and to the guide Fredericka. I said that the three of us that were, that were traveling through the Vatican with her; it was a private tour that met, we bypassed the entire massive line of hour-long, hours-long people five deep all the way around the Vatican City, uhmm, to get into the museum. We literally went to a café, had a Latte’ and went straight in. Uhmm, and so it was divine, I said I wouldn’t have waited in that line, ah, but we just literally were ushered straight in and ushered straight all around the Vatican. And what I wrote as a response is I said I felt like we were in a insulated bubble. And I was unaffected by the crowds of people, the throngs of people, that we were completely in a bubble, and that we were brought straight through. And I felt like it was the three of us and our tour guide Fredericka, that we were in the Vatican alone. I wasn’t aware of the throngs of people even though they were bumping up against us it was like we were in a bubble. And she would talk to us, we were interacting with each other and there was literally throngs of people all around us but we were not involved with them. We weren’t even aware of them. And she would walk us straight up. What’s the, the statue? Pietá? Ok, she walked us straight up to the front of that thing; throngs of people; walked us straight up to the front of it. Then she said, “John, you need to take pictures right here because this you’ll get without the glare.” I got several; I mean I just kept on clicking because it was so absolutely amazingly beautiful. But she brought us straight to the front; we were uninvolved with all the people and right to the front. I had front row seat for this statue for as long as I wanted it, and then, and then off we went to the next thing. And it was the entire, all of the Vatican was exactly like that; we went right to where we needed to be. With that one, the one with the struggle and the strain of that man, wonderful famous statue, I’ve seen it several places and she walked us straight up to the front of it and then gave us complete access to that thing. I took several gazillion pictures of it and it was like this is amazing. And she showed us the intricate aspects and how you can make marble have expression and emotion and, and all this, and it was amazing. And every single place that we went in the Vatican that we were supposed to see, we had front-row seats, by our self; and time, as much time as we wanted. And even in the Sistine Chapel, which was horrible because of these guards screaming, “Silence, stop taking pictures, silence, silence, silence!” (John yells it.) I was like ok, really people? We had, we had the opportunity to sit on the side, look up at the Sistine, then we crossed the, crossed the throngs of people that were moving like cattle and we were able to sit on the other side and look at it, we were able to spend as much time as we wanted. And I believe that that is our life; that is the life in the Kingdom, that you are literally insulated in a bubble. And you are unaffected; if you will stop sticking your head out of the bubble and focusing on everything that’s going on on the outside. I didn’t care about anybody else in that place. There was nobody in that place but the three of us and her. And ah, and I think that that’s where we can live. That’s the immunity that you have for years looked for; you’ve said where’s the immunity in the Kingdom. I think this is it. I think there’s an immunity where you are literally because you’re not focused on the outside of it, you’re not focused on what’s going on around, you’re not focused yourself, you’re just in this, in this moment, there we go with “Get Along With God”, living in the moment. You’re insulated in a, a bubble; contained in Him in the Kingdom. And He ushers you through. You know it’s not like the people didn’t get in front of my pictures occasionally; it’s not like they weren’t there, but I wasn’t affected by them, I wasn’t, I wasn’t being annihilated by the soulishness of everything that was going on. I was, I was, I mean she would, we would really, we were walking, at one point we were walking, there were hundreds of people. We were all, four of us, we were all talking and being literally carried by this sea of people and we were, I mean I was like saying, this is odd, because all four of us were having this conversation and we were fine with everything that was going on; but we were being carried by this sea of people, by this mass. And, and ah, and I wasn’t aware of anyone that was around us; it was just us. And she made it… Ok now, she is a highly trained skilled professional in doing this, because she’s an amazing historian. But she, she gets it; she gets how to take people through there. And she’s obviously done it a lot because there was nobody but us. There was nobody but us. And I don’t know, I’ve never been on a tour that is ever made that way. I may have…
(M) She had two things John, she took authority, but she was the ultimate servant. She was aware of my age even if I didn’t say anything. She wanted to be sure I was able to go down steps. She was very kind to me and she was very precious to Carole, and she was just a magnificent servant in a, in a realm that was utterly strange to us and completely foreign. And you know, we, we, she just moved; she was a magnificent person aside from being a guide. We fell, we think we fell in love with each other. And so we invited her to come. But she glided through that thing with such poise. And ah, but very personal, it was amazing, she was amazingly personal.
(Carole) Talking, it was, it was true when we went to see the Pietá, she didn’t push her way through anything. It’s like, it’s like it parted; it’s like, seriously, it’s like it parted around her. I was, I was kind of stunned by it.
(M) She had confident authority, and the humility of a servant. It was exquisitely beautiful.

Actual Kingdom – Episode #337 – Shulamite Podcast

2 Responses

  1. John Enslow says:

    P from Maine, this experience was a ministry to me. I am always involved and aware of my surroundings and people. But the Father wanted to show me something quite apart from my living reality. I certainly don’t want to communicate that I didn’t care about the throngs of people but I did want to share an experience that God conveyed to us, especially me. I believe He wanted to give me an object lesson of walking and being aware of only Him and what He is on, rather than the countless distractions that bombard us daily. It is the “single eye” spoken of in Matthew 6:22. “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light.” Thank you for sharing my enthusiasm for the Lord’s object lesson. A microcosm for the macrocosm.

  2. Pauline says:

    How amazing! It’s really possible! (what you were relating to John: the bubble effect). Just hearing about your gracious guide…ways as if being parted for you all; the access you had, despite the throngs of people to unlimited time to view and take pictures of magnificent scenes, statues, etc. – without being affected–and relating it all to the Kingdom, because of (I suppose) no distractions; intimate interaction. Not meaning to be trite, but I’m going to keep this in mind when I make my ‘trip’ to Walmart next week with my husband (hardly a comparison but, for now, it’s my reality). That was awesome…thank you all and bless you!

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