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Experience Abundant Life in Sovereignty – Episode #769

Experience Abundant Life in Sovereignty

Experience Abundant Life in Sovereignty
Episode #769

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest Joan Wentzel and Jacquelyn Nawrocki

This the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #767
You will never experience the abundant life unless you know sovereignty.

If you don’t have sovereignty as the core and as the base, you can’t experience any of the other stuff. You have to know that He is Lord of the world and life and your life or you will never experience the exchanged life.

And really, you’ll never actually experience the true love of God. Because just like Jacquelyn said I have to know He’s sovereign to experience… You love the actual personhood of God. When I’m loving someone, I’m not loving an aspect of them; I love the person. True love is the whole person.

And so, in order to make peace with God and engage in that sovereignty I have to love Him as sovereign; the whole person. I have to accept Him, His choices in my life. Everything He’s done in my life I have to accept that. I have to receive that as from Him and then I can truly love God; then I can experience His exchanged life; then I can live in the abundant life. You can’t have any of that if you are not embracing sovereignty. You will never experience the abundant life unless you know sovereignty.

You can be loved, absolutely you can be loved because God loves us regardless; God loved us in our sin. But you are not going to experience that divine, intimate encounter with God without experiencing His sovereignty, His sovereign touch. You have to know His sovereign touch and bow to that sovereign touch.

And as Jacquelyn said it solves every problem.

It does. He’s boss.

He is boss. And He is in control.

He is in charge. Yes, He is absolutely

I think that it’s so wonderful that Jacquelyn said you can’t explain it because it is a touch; it is a literal God coming down and touching your life in a way you can’t get to this on your own. You cannot reason your way to sovereignty; you can’t wrangle your way to sovereignty. It is truly a touch that God brings if you are honest enough to say “God, I’m in crisis about this. My real crisis is that You are God and I am not.” That’s my real crisis. And that’s for all of us if we get down to it.

And sovereignty always brings the issue of authority in and you can’t accept any authority if you don’t see that He’s sovereign. So, I thought it was beautiful the way Jacquelyn put it. It is a touch that He brings to you. You can’t explain it. It’s just He brings it and then all of life turns on that; your entire life changes in seeing He is sovereign and seeing the wonderfulness of His sovereignty.

I’m wondering if we could say it’s an impartation?

John writes in his book:

“In All and Only, God showed me His sovereign hand over everything.”

Was that not an impartation? In order to receive an impartation, you have to be under authority, under His authority.

Because sovereignty is about His authority although we didn’t say that. It’s true what Jacquelyn said that you can’t teach anybody sovereignty. You could live it before them or pray for people to get; that part of impartation. Because it cannot be proved by logic. Logic does not cover God’s ways. He alone knows what logic is into. But we cannot reason our way into faith about sovereignty. It’s really a revelation. You can ask for it, you can seek it and read and wait and pray and you will have it. He wants you to know Him as God is God.

Many times I’ve written this in a lot of places: “Our real struggle with life is that God is God.” This is something I wrote a long time ago: Something has happened in the world. Jesus Christ has come as God and humanity has gone berserk.

I’m so touch and so grateful. I love the subject of the sovereignty of God. I’m so touched that everyone here as caught the vision of who He really is. He is really God. Hello! Surprise! And we don’t council Him, we don’t make His decisions for Him. We have influence over Him. We have great appeals in the scriptures especially in the OT and promises in the NT that you can ask Him and many stories where He changed.

But the whole real issue of it is that I have to give up wanting to be God and trying to be God by effort so that I am not interfering with what God is really doing for us and Himself. So, I don’t want to get in His way as much as I have all my life by thinking what I could explain to Him that He should be doing. And that’s not faith in a sovereign God. But that’s how we are; we typically want, really, want to tell God what to do and what to give me.

But to know Him as sovereign I am going to say in radical terms it’s ecstasy, it’s life at its peak and highest point to know the God who really is God. If you can be touched by Him and draw close enough to Him that could touch His will then He touches you, you have found destiny and life and you will never be the same. Amen.

If we could possibly look at sovereignty as something just so wonderful it means that everything will be solved; it means that God is in charge and I’m not vulnerable; I’m not touchable, I’m not killable, I’m not even defeatable because God is my sovereign friend and Beloved. To love Him in His sovereignty rejoices His heart.

John writes about pain and bitterness:

“I know the following words will burn as they rub against the presence of bitterness but here we go. Only faith and surrender accept sovereignty—faith that God is God and that His character is impeccable. He is love, even in our pain. He is holy, even in our troubles. His Will and Purpose is perfect, despite my objections.”

I believe that only in believing and accepting in His sovereignty can our pain and wounds be healed because our pain and wounds have a purpose in God.

There is a verse I may not quote it accurately.

The Lord wounds and the Lord heals.

Can I just mention de Caussade’s book one more time then I won’t mention it until the next podcast; until tomorrow. We have a large stock of it. de Caussade gives the pathway of surrender and then he brings the ecstasy of obedience. So, to read this book is to be encouraged that to give up your will and your way and yourself and die is fruitful for you; good for you. I don’t go anywhere without Pierre de Caussade. He was a Catholic monk but he really learned the secret of knowing God and that is surrender to His will.

John writes:

“God receives His children as a Father. He is trustworthy with my pains. He can make of difficult circumstance eternal reward and wipe away every tear from my eye. He is SOVEREIGN over us all.”

Unless we know that God is sovereign, we cannot receive Him as our Abba.

John goes on to say:

“Out of what I call needless pain, He can form destiny and eternity. Master Craftsman, Forger from Fire, God is Beloved with a High Purpose in mind. He’s not afraid of my railings, or accusing tone, but stillness and relinquishment is met with kindness and friendship.”

The words are not from you, John, they came from the Spirit, but it is you. You let the beauty of the Lord come through, John. That doesn’t always come through with a man. David wanted to behold the beauty of the Lord. What do you know that makes you say it that way?

I love to watch videos of people that have died and gone to heaven. And this woman she was very ordinary looking; not beautiful or articulate or anything. But she died and went and she said, I couldn’t possibly repeat it but she said He was so wonderful. And He came toward her and she said, “I don’t know whether we both ran but all of a sudden He was holding her in His arms and she said, “I have never known His love. I realized I’ve always loved Him but I didn’t know He loved me and that I was His believed and that He loved me hugely. I was sent back to earth to tell. I’ve never felt worthy of His love or God’s love and it’s not about worthy. It doesn’t matter. He loves you no matter what. And His love is overwhelming.”

Experience Abundant Life in Sovereignty – Episode #769 – Shulamite Podcast

You are not going to experience that divine, intimate encounter with God without experiencing His sovereignty, His sovereign touch.

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  1. Rosemary Lokers says:

    This podcast is so rich. The Holy Spirit has spoken to me through it. I just bless you all for the TRUTH that speaks through you.

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