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Abandoning to Listen to God’s Message – Episode #748

Abandoning to Listen to God's Message

Abandoning to Listen to God’s Message
Episode #748

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
It’s the Spirit of God that wants to speak His message to me and I am willing to lay it all down for Him.

Ok, so Martha wanted me to do share a little bit of how I came and my goal and how it’s all played out. So, I’m not prepared to do this but I’m just going to run on the seat of my pants, I guess….

So, when I came, I had been listening for years prior good messages, encouraging messages, motivational messages but when I listened to Martha on the tapes that I was given, I realized there was something different. Now I didn’t respond well at first and I listened to the first tape that I was given. Someone basically, you know, we know we all give Martha’s stuff out, we basically dole it out slowly to see the receptivity and then at that point if someone responds and we give more.

So, someone gave me a tape and they said, “Here, see what you think of this.” Everybody knows the struggle I had with it. I picked it up and listened and then I pulled it out and threw it on the ground and said, “Uck!, that’s so heavy, huh?.” And then God told me to pick it back up so I picked it back up, put it back in, started listening. “Uck?, so heavy.”

So, then I stopped listening. God said, “Listen.” So, I listened again and then I was hooked. I realized that I had been fed pablum; called itself the Gospel but it was pablum. It was, it wasn’t infused with Spirit life. It wasn’t, it didn’t resonate in my gut. But the more I listened to Martha’s messages I was saying, “This is so dead on. My spirit responds to this. My spirit knows this is right even if I don’t understand it, I know in my spirit that there is a message here for me and there’s a message for others.”

And so, I listened for two and a half years to these tapes and one of the tapes called me one morning and that was the end of that. Yes, at four in the morning called me, a Florida boy who was not an early riser at that time. And so, I just followed the Lord in this deal. I just followed Him. And I gave my life to the Message that I heard because I said, “This is the Spirit of God that wants to speak to me and I was willing to lay down it all.”

So, I sold my business. I laid it all down because I went everywhere. I went to all the revival meetings. I went to all the seeker friendly churches. I was looking, I was hungry! But this was the message that satisfied my spirit. Sometimes it wasn’t…


No, it wasn’t a fun message. I mean talk about an un-fun message; Chariot of Fire is not a fun message but it is a message of life. It is a life impartation and infusion.

And if you look at the OT and the NT, this isn’t about fun. This isn’t about…


Joy, yeah, exactly. Joy is found in Christ. Happiness is not. And I was given great joy in the message so I gave up everything. And I have literally spent the last at least twenty-five years passionately working to get this message out.

And I was telling her this morning about Paul, I think was Paul or was it Peter that basically said, “We’re Apostles. We can’t be doing the waiting of the tables. We’ve got to get some people to do this.” Was it Paul or Peter? Well, Stephen was the one.

So, and I realized the reason why I do what I do, the reason why I makes the shakes, fix the food, why I do it all…

Do the driving….

Why I do it all, the reason is because I value the message. And I have in the last, it’s been a long time, the last years I have been begging God for a win for this woman. And every trip we’ve gone on I’m saying, “God, please I need a win for this woman. I need a win.” And it’s been debilitating that it hasn’t happened.

How many books…. Cain and Abel…

Yeah. So, you’ve got the Triumph of the Lamb. You have The Better Blood. You have The Bride is Ready. You have the Won War. You have a book about the Spirit, you have a book on the Spirit that’s…There’s a lot of books and these aren’t like little small books. These are tomes. Is that the right word? Huge epic books.

And so, we go on the trips and it’s just been frustrating. It’s just been debilitating and frustrating.

This message that I’m no right now I want us all to read this card and message and I hope I get one back. It’s Hebrews 2:14-15 in the AMPC.

Now I want you to read it with me because this is the most attacked, ravaged effort I’ve ever made to get a book in. And I understand why because this book puts an end to satanic power. This book kills Satan and completely annihilates him and that’s why I’m under such hellish. John keep reminding me and it’s true, I’ve suffered under jealousy all my life but that’s ok because….Let me read this aloud and you look at your card because I want you to get this.

Since, therefore, [these His] children share in flesh and blood [in the physical nature of human beings], He [Himself] in a similar manner partook of the same [nature],

He became human. He was born a human with God as His Father.

that by [going through] death He might bring to nought and make of no effect him who had the power of death—that is, the devil—And also that He might deliver and completely set free all those who through the [haunting] fear of death were held in bondage throughout the whole course of their lives.

Do you see how big that is? I read it for years but when God wanted me to see it, I understood and I’ve searched out all those Greek words; naught, of course means zero. He’s been brought to naught. Satan has been disarmed. Satan has been stripped of every power, every right, every authority and the authority has been given to you and me over Satan. Jesus bestowed that authority before He went to the cross. We have that authority. Why do we see so much evil? Because there’s such a war against this verse that most Christians have never seen that Jesus defeated completely the devil and we don’t practice it.

So, this is what this book is about. I’m showing the truth of this and the power of it and I honestly believe if we could get together and declare that Satan’s power is broken and that authority over Satan has been given to us, we could save this nation in this room right here. We could save everything in our families. We could declare that victory, that absolute, unequivocal, total freedom from the fear of death.

When I began to experience the fear years ago, I understood that everything you fear ultimately is the fear of death. You fear sickness then you fear dying. And so, it goes to the essence of fear because from the Garden Adam and Eve turned over the earth and populous to Satan. That’s what they did when they ate of the forbidden Tree and chose knowledge. To choose knowledge was to say, “I’m above God.” It’s was the satanic temptation. “I’m better a God than God is.” That’s what we are born with. And God has to take that out of all of us and most people don’t even see that they think they’re God. Anytime there’s control it’s saying, “I am God.”

Abandoning to Listen to God’s Message – Episode #748 – Shulamite Podcast

Why do we see so much evil? Because there’s such a war against the message and many Christians have never abandoned to listen and receive it.

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  1. Sue says:

    Thank you, such a timely message and book in these hours of “fear” that is projected on us from every corner of our world, but out GOD…….!!!!!

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