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Episode #303 – A ‘Voice’ for the Unshakable Kingdom

Jesus speaking

A ‘Voice’ for the Unshakable Kingdom
Episode #303

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) You’ve seen recently, John, that people are saying to us, ‘who are you’? Do you remember that?
(J) Uhmhmm, uhmhmm. I actually got it out of a scripture, and then when I saw the scripture I realized that that was actually being spoken to us as a Body. The scripture says, it was in John 1, where verse 20 and 22, yeah where, where basically the Pharisee’s, the Jewish leaders were coming to John the Baptist, and they were saying, you know, “Who are you?” basically. And he flatly denied that He was the Messiah and then they said, “Who are you? Are you Elisha?” And he said, “No.” And they said, “Are you the Prophet?” He said, “No.” “Who are you? Tell us so we can, ah, give an answer to those who send us.” And, “What do you say about yourself?” And I felt like that’s what He was saying, “What do you say about yourself?” Shulamite Ministries, “What so you say about yourself?” Martha Kilpatrick, “What do you say about yourself?” And John replied with a word from Isaiah, “I am a Voice shouting in the wilderness, prepare a straight pathway for the coming of the Lord.” I feel like that’s what this conference is really about.  It’s about a call to make straight the path, because there is a King coming.
(M) Hmhmm.
(J) And John clearly was a member, was a citizen of another Kingdom. He spoke from another Kingdom.  He lived as one from another Kingdom.  He cared nothing about his place here on this earth, and he cared nothing about clothes or house or family or property or position or power or any of that. He didn’t care about any of that. His entire passion that engulfed him as a human, and engulfed him as a spirit, and as a citizen of another Kingdom was to make straight the path, because he said there is One coming, and it’s very soon. And he just pointed that direction and said this is a now moment. And it doesn’t appear that he was dissuaded or discouraged by those that didn’t get it.  He just knew, “I have to do this because this is my calling.  I am the Voice of one calling in the wilderness to make the pathways for the Kingdom of God, for the Lord is coming.” And so I feel like that’s really what.  It’s been a building; you have over the conferences of the last couple of years, you have really been building. If you ever, and I’m amazed at this, most of your stuff, most everything that you do has a through line and a connection. It’s almost like you’re connecting cars in a train, you know? And ok,so the first one was “The Coming One”. And it was a message of hope and preparation for times of trouble and crisis. And you were talking about Who is coming. Everything, everybody was wanting to know what is coming, and you said, let me tell you Who is coming, and then you can get your vision and your focus more easily pinned onto what will bring you peace, and dissuade all the fear and everything like that. After that came “The Body of Christ.” When we face turmoils on all fronts, there is a power available to the Body of Christ. The Church must rise in fullness and manifest the presence of Christ in this crucial hour. In that one you talked about the transcendent believers in the end times. You’ve really been… It’s amazing how you’ve done this, because I know God has really birthed this message through you, but everybody was saying, ‘what, what, what, what, whatz/’  And you talked about the new creation and the Body of Christ, basically, and that there was a transcendent life and fellowship that went outside of and beyond and literally transcended the happenings that were currently going on. And then came “The Last Hour.”  And you said, “Children, it is the last hour.” And basically in 2010 you were calling us to become like little children, and what the requirements were.
(M) Well, I’m glad to know that I did that about the child, because that is the requirement to see the Kingdom, to enter the Kingdom.
(J) And that’s precisely what you did.  You basically said ok, yes, there’s a problem. Let’s look at Who’s coming, not what’s coming. Then you said that there’s a transcendent Kingdom, and there’s a position as the Body. And that, I mean this is so, I mean, we’re talking about usually eight tape series, and I’m boiling it down into a sentence, ok?  So, there’s so much more. But then in “The Last Hour” you talked about the position as a child, that you have to come in as a child, and that the child is vulnerable, and that the child is completely open and susceptible to a Father, not to the situations.
(M) Hmm. Makes me want to go back and listen.
(J) I know. And then in April you come and you did “The Reign Of Grace.” God created men and women to rule on earth.  By sin that rule was lost and darkness reigned. Christ came to recover God’s original intention for humanity that we would reign in this life as kings now and forever. And what was wonderful about this one is that you brought the fact that we are reigning and ruling as new creations, resurrected in the life of the Son when He was resurrected. We are reigning and ruling; we are positionally in Him reigning and ruling now, and that we can bring that reign and rule currently into our life now, as new creations and new creatures. And so, that was a wonderful message because it got our focus off of trying to control.
(M) Well, and the key to ruling and reigning in grace was worship. And there’s a story behind that conference that I’ve wanted to tell those people that came. There’s a very significant story behind that conference that I’m going to tell in this one. But it had to do with the demonstration of that very principle that by worship… Worship is focusing on Him, acknowledging Him, loving Him, bowing to Him, and that takes you to Him so that you bring that rule into practical life. And it’s by grace. You worship, and then you receive the grace. It says, Abraham received the grace or power, as he gave glory to God. But anyway, the next one, this is going to be about worship too, but it will come about in a different way.
(J) So, we’ve gone, and you’ve built a basic train with all these messages, and if you look at the connection between them all, they really do build up on each other. And it’s a message.  You can look at it and see it’s a message that He was bringing. It was a message that radiated His heartbeat toward His children and His Bride. And that’s what I’m excited about because I can’t make myself ready. Like you said at the very beginning, I can say ‘yes’.  I have the grace, because He’s given me the grace to say ‘yes’, but I can’t make myself ready.  I can’t do it. I’ve tried, but I cannot do it. And so, for you to bring me all the way through this process, and then you say, you know, you are in an unshakable Kingdom. The thing that does shake me a little bit is the fact that He said, ok, we’re doing this before the election. Ok, why? Ok God, sure. It doesn’t really matter who’s in that White House. It doesn’t matter who’s in what.
(M) It doesn’t. It really doesn&ssquo;t matter. It’s the establishment of the government, and for several years my passion has been that we would seek the true government that… And that’s what the Kingdom is.  It’s the government that reigns over every government. It obliterates every other control. And to see it and believe it is to live in it. You cannot live in the Kingdom unless you believe it. And you cannot believe it unless it has been revealed to you by revelation, unless you see it. It’s not, to the average believer the Kingdom is not even real. It’s theoretical and future. But the Kingdom can become such a power, such a present reality. And that’s what Jesus wanted it to be. He said, “Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” And then He began to preach the gospel of the Kingdom. And I’ve asked Him for years, “What is the gospel of the Kingdom?” And I pray that He will bring the gospel of the Kingdom in this conference.
(J) Well, I said in the last podcast that this is the gospel, and that basically… What the last podcast did, podcast #301, what it released me of is the pressure and the demand of myself that I would perform what only Christ could perform. And I said you basically, by giving this question and saying, “Do you want Me as much as I want you?” And you released me and you set me free. It was a captive free moment, because of course I don’t, and of course nobody does, because we can’t. And so, I think that you are delivering the gospel, because the resident King that lives within you has, is heralding a message that is crucial, and that is so needful for the Body of Christ, those transcendent believers and the Bride of Christ. Everything that’s coming out of you is Christ-centered, Christ-focused, Kingdom building, and it doesn’t even focus on me.
(M) It doesn’t need you.
(J) It doesn’t need me at all.
(M) The only thing it needs is your ‘yes’.
(J) And that’s amazing. That’s just, He really is God.  It really is about Him.  It really is about His Kingdom.  It really is His plan.  It really is on His mind, not mine. When He gives me His mind, yes, I can say ‘yes’ and fall into it, and go in, and fall in line with Him.
(M) Well, you know you said… I want to go back to John the Baptist a minute, because we sort of feel that the Lord has put us into the pathway of T. Austin Sparks, not to say we’re equal or anything to His brilliance as a Bible scholar he is incredible.  No way. But just simply in this way, we have a testimony and we are to show and publish forth that testimony. The testimony is of Christ. But it’s a testimony of our Body.  What is coming out is a result of Body life. And but what we have is a testimony of Him.  It’s not just words. I wrote… Someone was trying to decide if they could come to the conference from a long way away, and I said, “Well, if you can’t come to the conference, come later,” because there’s a conference going on in the mountains all the time isn’t it, John?
(J) Yeah, yeah.
(M) And so, it’s really, it’s our life of Christ, His faithfulness, His power, His wisdom that He is willing to impart to these little sheep. That is a testimony to the world.  That’s what we are.  We are a corporate voice.
(J) And it’s evident in the podcasts, you know?  It has gone from just you and I, and me just basically sounding board you and questioning you, and drawing out of you, to now it’s a Body-life thing.
(M) Hmhmm.
(J) And though all of our meetings are not in the podcasts, the interaction is, to me, it’s amazing, and it’s life.
(M) Well, it was amazing that morning when the call for the conference… It didn’t come to me, though I knew it was coming.  It came from the Body. And at this time too, it’s a time of writing. I’m writing a series on the Holy Spirit, which I’ll tell about later. But it came about as a commitment of the Body to the will of God. So,  it’s exciting to me for that.
(J) We have a lot actually, going on right now.
(M) Yeah.
(J) A lot being released and a lot of new things that are going to be coming that nobody knows about right now.
(M) (Martha laughs.) So it’s, we will be accessing huge amounts of grace for the weeks to come.
(J) I mean we’re, we’re… (John laughs) The funny thing is that right now, currently, we’re undertaking massive amounts of new, fresh, and huge projects. I mean, these are big projects, and we’re going to be releasing them out in the next couple of weeks, prior probably to even the conference coming out so we can even share about them at that point. But to be getting ready for a conference at the same time is a real…
(M) On top of it all.
(J) Absolutely, to release all this at the same time is all grace.  It’s gotta be, I can tell you.  It’s gotta be all grace.
(M) Well, the Lord told Julie that her difficult property, that it was her playground. And she sort of has called us all to that level, that all of this is a playground. It’s where you find the delight of His word, and His doing, and His power, and His imagination that He’s pouring out on us. He’s pouring out some of the most brilliant things, higher than ever, and they’re stunning and wrenching and magnificent, what He is pouring out. And I have taken that to heart, and when I go to write I wait until it’s time to ‘play’, and then it just, it just flows. I wrote someone, “Well, we were going to do a conference and we’ve all gotten on the water-slide and there’s no controlling it now. The slide has us.” (Martha and John laugh) And its momentum is going to carry us to the end, however it turns out, ohhh.
(J) There’s a lot of ‘weeeeee’! And ‘crrrhhhh’! (John laughs)
(M) But today I have said my ‘yes’, so, my whole-hearted, “I’m in it, I agree, I’m available to You Lord, ‘yes’.”
(J) Well, I’m saying it as well; I am saying it as well, because really, I will not be able to do it without it. And so, I’m inviting anybody who wants to come play with us.
(M) uhhuh.
(J) Because we are all children, and we all need a Papa, and we all are in another Kingdom, and we’re citizens of that other Kingdom.  And so, I’m asking for all the children to come and play in our playground.
(M) Awww. And above all things, it is home for children. It’s a home we can live in now. Wonderful.

A ‘Voice’ for the Unshakable Kingdom – Episode #303 – Shulamite Podcast

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