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"Discover God's Dream for Your Life: Embrace His Will Alone!" God's Dream of His Will Alone Episode #866 09/04/2023 Walk and talk...

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"Unveiling Destiny: Embrace God's Plan with 'His Will Alone'" His Will Alone Episode #865 08/26/2023 Walk and talk with John Enslow Well...

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Unveiling God's Will in Shame: A powerful journey of overcoming shame and embracing divine purpose. Discovering His Will in Shame Episode #864...

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Embracing Weakness: Unveiling God's Strength Within Us Through Our Weakness Episode #863 07/27/2023 Walk and talk with John Enslow You know, I...

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Overcoming Shame, Embracing Healing, and Unlocking Your Divine Design Is My Shame Large or Just Loud? Episode #862 07/9/2023 Walk and talk...

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Empathy: The Key to Overcoming Shame and Finding Healing Together Empathy in My Shame Episode #861 07/2/2023 Walk and talk with John...

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Empowering! Discover your divine design and bring down the mindsets and obstructions that stand between you and your God given reality.


Christ-centered messages spoken in a conversational way to make it a pleasure to listen to.


The content applies to actual life and are conveyed in honesty and transparency.


The messages are encouraging and help to dismantle blocks in our way to victory in Christ.

About me



John Enslow is a man of multiplied talents – spiritual, technical, practical, relational and even more, a writer – and he is master of them all. How? John is “a man after God’s own heart, willing to do all the will of God”…with all the passion of his heart.

Why? John’s one ambition is to know Christ in real life. This was his most earnest prayer as a young believer: ‘to be as close to Jesus as possible for all eternity.’ Not only does John know the Lord intimately, he makes Him visible and knowable to us.

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